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May 21, 20

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-mani-5-20-10-ts-a.jpg (76900 bytes)
Manitowoc upbound at the Essexville Range Lights
2-mani-5-20-10-ts-b.jpg (77377 bytes)
Stern view
3-mani-5-20-10-ts-c.jpg (81953 bytes)
Unloading at Bay City Wirt
4-saginaw-5-20-10-ts-a.jpg (86543 bytes)
Saginaw upbound clear of the Lake State Railway Bridge
5-saginaw-5-20-10-ts-b.jpg (90730 bytes)
Stern view just past Bay City Wirt
6-saginaw-5-20-10-ts-c.jpg (69704 bytes)
Saginaw coming past Manitowoc at Bay City Wirt
7-saginaw-5-20-10-ts-d.jpg (72716 bytes)
Along side - Look at the different style sterns
8-saginaw-5-20-10-ts-e.jpg (65084 bytes)
Saginaw clear of Manitowoc headed to the Buena Vista Dock

Saginaw River
- Stephen Hause
1-Saginaw-5-20-10-sh.jpg (77464 bytes)
Saginaw upbound at Cheboyganing Creek Thursday afternoon on her first visit to her namesake river since May 2004.
2-Saginaw-5-20-10-sh.jpg (91706 bytes)
Closeup of bow.
3-Manitowoc-05-20-10-sh.jpg (78729 bytes)
Manitowoc outbound at Zilwaukee at dusk on Thursday evening, passing Saginaw at Buena Vista Dock.
4-Manitowoc-05-20-10-sh.jpg (97619 bytes)
Closer view.
5-Manitowoc-05-20-10-sh.jpg (103316 bytes)
Outbound at I-75 Bridge.

Toledo Docks
- Bob Vincent
1-RHPMartin-5-19-10-bv.jpg (34188 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul Martin in Toledo shipping channel just before making the turn into CSX Torco Ore Dock
2-RHPMartin-5-19-10-bv.jpg (93052 bytes)
Unloading iron ore (IOC) from Seven Islands
3-RHPMartin-5-19-10-bv.jpg (131957 bytes)
Unloading boom
4-RHPMartin-5-19-10-bv.jpg (84339 bytes)
Bow view
5-RHPMartin-5-20-10-bv.jpg (75321 bytes)
After unloading at Torco, shifted over to CSX Presque Isle for a part coal load.
6-RHPMartin-5-20-10-bv.jpg (74167 bytes)
Heading for Buffalo, final destination is Nanticoke, ON.
7-HLWhite-5-20-10-bv.jpg (34361 bytes)
H. Lee White unloading iron ore (Tilden) from Marquette
8-HLWhite-5-20-10-bv.jpg (67745 bytes)
Another view
9-HLWhite-5-20-10-bv.jpg (52630 bytes)
Another view

Kaye E. Barker Thursday at Fraser Shipyard -
Glenn Blaszkiewicz
1-KBarker-05-20-10-GHB.jpg (100749 bytes)
 Freshly painted and ready to go.
2-KBarker-05-20-10-GHB.jpg (86963 bytes)      

Lee A. Tregurtha at the Upper Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_lat_5_18_10_rb.jpg (114930 bytes)
View from the breakwall

Keweenaw Star stopping at the Soo on the first half of the two day lighthouse cruise ending in Charlevoix - Herm Klein
1-BPKS-5-20-10-HK.jpg (101129 bytes)
Keweenaw Star passes the Paul R Tregurtha as she enters the Poe Lock.
2-KSHar-5-20-10-HK.jpg (134727 bytes)
Keweenaw Star in Soo Harbor.
3-MDoc-5-20-10-HK.jpg (78676 bytes)
Keweenaw Star makes the dock down from the Valley Camp.

Robert S. Pierson in Manitowoc unloading at the Budwiser Elevator -
Scott Best
1-RobertSPierson-05-20-10-sb.jpg (78979 bytes)
Unloading in Downtown Manitowoc.
2-RobertSPierson-05-20-10-sb.jpg (83334 bytes)
Stern view
3-RobertSPierson-05-20-10-sb.jpg (85475 bytes)
Close up at the dock.

Duluth -
Mike Sipper
April-2010-625.jpg (116318 bytes)
Tug Minnesota coming to assist Federal Polaris.
April-2010-637.jpg (89187 bytes)
Federal Polaris leaving the Duluth / Superior harbor.

 Maumee unloading in Ashtabula - Bob Frisby
PICT8934.jpg (63413 bytes) PICT8936.jpg (81663 bytes) PICT8937.jpg (78343 bytes) PICT8939.jpg (67328 bytes) PICT8941.jpg (82458 bytes)
PICT8943.jpg (63360 bytes) PICT8944.jpg (53431 bytes) PICT8945.jpg (66400 bytes) PICT8952.jpg (71749 bytes) PICT8954.jpg (79181 bytes)
PICT8946.jpg (81807 bytes) PICT8948.jpg (64897 bytes) PICT8949.jpg (83202 bytes) PICT8951.jpg (60100 bytes) PICT8957.jpg (67963 bytes)

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