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May 23, 20

Friday the St. Marys Challenger steamed up the Calumet River to the St. Marys Cement Terminal on Lake Calumet - Peter Groh
1-smc-1-21-10-pg.jpg (69019 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger lining for the 106th street bridge at South Chicago.
2-smc-1-21-10-pg.jpg (54323 bytes)
Passing through Wisconsin Steel bend.
3-smc-1-21-10-pg.jpg (139678 bytes)
Lining for the Torrence Ave. bridge.
4-smc-1-21-10-pg.jpg (63873 bytes)
Rounding the corner at the St. Marys Cement terminal on Lake Calumet.
5-smc-1-21-10-pg.jpg (101493 bytes)
Docking at the terminal.

Soo Saturday -
 Roger LeLievre
BBC-Greenland-52210rl.jpg (55092 bytes)
BBC Greenland upbound.
Can-Provider-52210rl..jpg (61948 bytes)
Canadian Provider entering the Rock Cut.
Can-Provider-52210rl.jpg (107254 bytes)
Stern view shows the long-abandoned USCG lookout station at the Rock Cut.
Can-Transport-52210rl..jpg (73843 bytes)
Big boat and small. Sun comes out in the evening for Canadian Transport.

Point Edward -  Marc Dease
1-jdl-5-20-10-a-md.jpg (52741 bytes)
John D. Leitch heads into Lake Huron.
2-jdl-5-20-10-b-md.jpg (33361 bytes)
About to meet fleetmate Canadian Transport.
3-prc-5-20-10-a-md.jpg (48369 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell follows the Leitch.
4-prc-5-20-10-b-md.jpg (40897 bytes)
Making the turn.
5-prc-5-20-10-c-md.jpg (40359 bytes)
View from the hill.
6-cant-5-20-10-a-md.jpg (32245 bytes)
Making the turn down bound.
7-cant-5-20-10-b-md.jpg (45377 bytes)
Below 1 & 2.
8-cant-5-20-10-c-md.jpg (24449 bytes)
Colours change quickly as the sun sinks.

Escanaba -
Lee Rowe
JBlockSpruceglenLR052210_18.jpg (86079 bytes)
Joseph L Block and Spruceglen at the dock.
WSykesLR052210_04.jpg (52340 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes at the Reiss Dock.
WSykesEKobasicLR052210_01.jpg (112792 bytes)
Sykes bow and the Erika Kobasic

Birchglen upbound at Blockhouse Island Brockville, Ont. Murray Blancher
1-Birchglen-05-22-10-mb-.jpg (48647 bytes) 2-Birchglen-05-22-10-mb-.jpg (73029 bytes)      

Roger Blough upbound at Johnson's Point Friday -
 Jerry Masson
Johnsons-Pt_1.jpg (66333 bytes)        

Prince Edward County
- John McCreery
1-Leanic-5-15-10-jm.jpg (134485 bytes)
Leanic in the harbour at Point Traverse, Prince Edward County
2-Halton-5-15-10-jm.jpg (125261 bytes)
Tug Halton at Point Traverse
3-Halton-5-15-10-jm.jpg (131382 bytes)
Stern view
4-Halton-Leanic-5-15-10-jm.jpg (90509 bytes)
Halton and Leanic
5-Quinte-Loyalist-5-14-10-jm.jpg (113380 bytes)
Ferry Quinte Loyalist headed for Glenora
6-Quinte-Loyalist-5-15-10.jpg (110891 bytes)
Another view
7-Glenora-Quinte-5-17-10-jm.jpg (99684 bytes)
Ferry Glenora not yet in service
8-C07125ON-5-17-10-jm.jpg (76974 bytes)
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources C07125ON - a fish tug without a name

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