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Keweenaw Star Lighthouse Trip - May 2010


Day 1

1-Keweenaw-Star.jpg (55608 bytes)
Keweenaw Star at Marquette, with the old ore dock in the background.
2-Marquette-Light.jpg (89844 bytes)
Marquette Lighthouse
2-Pathfinder.jpg (60458 bytes)
Pathfinder/Dorothy Ann head for Marquette. This is an unusually calm day on Lake Superior.
3-Dorothy-Ann.jpg (65621 bytes)
Waving at the Pathfinder/Dorothy Ann.
4-Great-Lakes-Trader.jpg (52798 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader approaching.
5-Great-Lakes-Trader-2.jpg (53063 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader poses for pictures.
6-Great-Lakes-Trader-wake.jpg (72365 bytes)
We leave the Great Lakes Trader astern.
7-Grand-Island-1.jpg (71264 bytes)
Grand Island light.
8-Grand-Island-2.jpg (132039 bytes)
Grand Island light closeup.
8-Grand-Island-3.jpg (49842 bytes)
Keweenaw Star leaves Grand Island astern.
9-Au-Sable.jpg (50717 bytes)
Au Sable light
10-Shipwreck.jpg (64995 bytes)
Shipwreck just under the surface off Au Sable light.
11-Crisp-Point.jpg (79597 bytes)
Crisp Point light
12-Algowood-Jackson.jpg (53361 bytes)
Algowood meets Herbert C. Jackson
13-Whitefish-Point.jpg (57472 bytes)
Whitefish Point light
14-Ile-Parisienne.jpg (67679 bytes)
Lighthouse at Ile Parisienne. Note the beaver-shaped weathervane on top.
14-Gros-Cap.jpg (56820 bytes)
Gros Cap
15-Indiana-Harbor.jpg (70582 bytes)
Indiana Harbor upbound
15-Light-26-2-52010.jpg (60400 bytes)
Light 26 in the upper St. Marys River.
16-Indiana-Harbor-St-Clair.jpg (94781 bytes)
Indiana Harbor meets fleetmate St. Clair.
17-Under-the-Bridge.jpg (107802 bytes)
Arriving at the locks, we pass under the International and railway bridges
18-Tregurtha-Paul.jpg (47072 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha on the Poe Lock Pier.
19-Nancy-Ann.jpg (97489 bytes)
Tug Nancy Anne in the lower harbor.

Day 2

1-General.jpg (88541 bytes)
Tug General in Soo Harbor.
2-Island-Queen-V.jpg (84024 bytes)
Island Queen V in the floating drydock.
3cTom,-Joe.jpg (65379 bytes)
 Tom and Joe share lighthouse stories.
4-Burns-Harb-Lee-A.jpg (58524 bytes)
Burns Harbor and Lee A. Tregurtha in Mud Lake.
4-Tregurtha,-Lee-A.jpg (56162 bytes)
5-Lighthouse-cottage.jpg (145108 bytes)
 Former Round Island light, turned into a luxury cottage and now for sale for around $3 million.
6-Sherwin-Atkinson.jpg (93889 bytes)
John Sherwin, Arthur K. Atkinson in long-term layup at the old  DeTour Coal Dock.
7-SHerwin-John.jpg (64060 bytes)
John Sherwin
8-Harriman.jpg (138963 bytes)
Conversion to a cottage continues for the bow of Lewis G. Harriman. Note the fresh paint on the superstructure.
8-Pipe-Island.jpg (99482 bytes)
Pipe Island range
9-Pathfinder.jpg (50632 bytes)
Passing the Pathfinder.
10-Detour-Reef.jpg (46614 bytes)
DeTour Reef Light, with the Pathfinder passing.
10-Photogs.jpg (41277 bytes) 11-Burgers.jpg (78308 bytes)
Kraig and Jason Funkey, who co-own Keweenaw Excursions (along with their dad, Fred) grill burgers in the Straits.
12-Martins-Reef.jpg (60554 bytes)
Martins Reef Light
13-Relaxin-on-Deck.jpg (81625 bytes)
 Relaxing on deck.
14-Binoc-Guys.jpg (53276 bytes)
Breaking out the binoculars
15-Blough-Roger-1.jpg (55040 bytes)
Roger Blough and the Round Island Light.
16-Blough-Roger-2.jpg (69604 bytes)
Blough, with Mackinac Island's Grand Hotel in the background.
17-Star-Line.jpg (98205 bytes)
Star Line ferries Marquette II and Joliet leave Mackinac Island.
18-Marquette-II.jpg (82095 bytes)
Marquette II in front of the Grand Hotel.
19-Mac-Bridge.jpg (80033 bytes)
Mackinaw Bridge falls astern.
20-Kuber-Lewis.jpg (59704 bytes)
Lewis J. Kuber in the the Straits.
21-White-Shoal.jpg (31021 bytes)
Photographers focus on White Shoal lighthouse.
22-White-Shoal-2.jpg (33255 bytes)
White Shoal light, 20 miles west of Mackinac Bridge.
24-Skilagalee.jpg (47887 bytes)
Skillagalee Island lighthouse.
24-Wendy-Anne.jpg (42142 bytes)
Tug Wendy Anne leaves Charlevoix, headed for Beaver Island.

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