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May 29, 20

St. Marys River photos this week - Roger LeLievre
Algolake.jpg (37604 bytes)
Algolake upbound at Nine Mile.
Amer-Republic-RL.jpg (60739 bytes)
American Republic heads for Lake Superior.
Block,-Joe-Flags-RL.jpg (41999 bytes)
Joseph L. Block flies plenty of flags.
Block,-Joe-RL.jpg (47176 bytes)
Joseph L. Block, stern view.
Burns-Harbor-RL.jpg (42234 bytes)
Burns Harbor
CSL-Niagara-RL.jpg (60226 bytes)
CSL Niagara
Desgagnes,-Catherine-RL.jpg (45929 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes
Frontenac-RL.jpg (45561 bytes)
Gott,-Edwin-RL.jpg (50906 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott
Gottt-Speer-RL.jpg (43443 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott, Edgar B. Speer meet.
Joe-Van-rl.jpg (69076 bytes)
Durocher tug Joe Van heads up to the Soo.
Mesabi-Miner-RL.jpg (40612 bytes)
Mesabi Miner
Michipicoten-RL.jpg (58831 bytes)
Presque-Isle-RL.jpg (82352 bytes)
Presque Isle at Mission Point
Speer,-Edgar-RL.jpg (44096 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer checked down awaiting space at the locks.
Thompson-JH-RL.jpg (54661 bytes)
Joseph H. Thompson
Zeus-RL.jpg (52737 bytes)
Tug Zeus

Cote-Ste-Catherine Lock -
Roland Van Bulck
04CSLAssi-20100518rvb.jpg (58108 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine downbound
05-CSLAssi-2010-05-18.jpg (111124 bytes)
Assiniboine CSC wharf
03--CSLAssiniboine20100518rvb.jpg (80515 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine leaving CSC lock
01-Birchglen20100519rvb.jpg (84920 bytes)
Birchglen downbound
02Birchglen20100519rvb.jpg (63162 bytes)
 Birchglen passing CSC wharf
06--Birchglen20100519rvb.jpg (61307 bytes)
Birchglen bow
07--Can_Ent.20100521rvb.jpg (45601 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise upbound after CSC lock
06CanEnt-20100521rvb.jpg (65599 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise upbound
01_saguenay20100527RVB.jpg (106711 bytes)
Saguenay on its first voyage under Canadian Flag. Leaving the Cote-Ste-Catherine Lock.
02_saguenay20100527RVB.jpg (91112 bytes)
Upbound after the CSC Lock
03_saguenay20100527RVB.jpg (80114 bytes)
New port of registry, Montreal.

Alpena -
Ben & Chanda McClain
Missg-5-28-10-BCM-01.jpg (67272 bytes)
Mississagi coming in
Missg-5-28-10-BCM-02.jpg (78338 bytes) Missg-5-28-10-BCM-03.jpg (67107 bytes)
Crewman ready to land
Missg-5-28-10-BCM-04.jpg (88298 bytes)
Unloading salt
Missg-5-28-10-BCM-05.jpg (61069 bytes)
Calumet leaving
Missg-5-28-10-BCM-06.jpg (75582 bytes) Missg-5-28-10-BCM-07.jpg (91661 bytes)
Backing out of the river

Port of Hamilton
- John McCreery
1-SongaFalcon-5-27-10-jm.jpg (89827 bytes)
Songa Falcon arriving with 10,200 tons of liquid urea
2-SongaFalcon-5-27-10-jm.jpg (75536 bytes)
Another view
3-SongaFalcon-5-27-10-jm.jpg (87196 bytes)
Close up
4-SongaFalcon-5-27-10-jm.jpg (83340 bytes)
Stern view inbound Burlington piers
5-SongaFalcon-5-27-10-jm.jpg (85677 bytes)
Heading to unload at Eastport
6-OmniRichelieu-5-27-10-jm.jpg (110326 bytes)
Omni Richelieu outbound
7-FederalDanube-5-27-10-jm.jpg (88484 bytes)
Federal Danube at pier 14
8-FedDanube-5-27-10-jm.jpg (103777 bytes)
Stern view
9-FedDanube-5-27-10-jm.jpg (202914 bytes)
Another angle

Tregurtha up and down the St Clair River
- John McCreery
1-LeeA-5-23-10-jm.jpg (54118 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha making her turn off Lake Huron
2-LeeA-5-23-10-jm.jpg (79169 bytes)
Downbound from Marquette for the Rouge
3-LeeA-5-23-10-jm.jpg (64816 bytes)
Port side
4-LeeA-5-23-10-jm.jpg (73124 bytes)
Aimed at the river mouth
5-LeeA-5-23-10-jm.jpg (76149 bytes)
Canadian flag flying from the port side downbound - they reverse it to starboard upbound so it's always on the Canadian side of the river
6-LeeA-5-24-10-jm.jpg (40900 bytes)
Upbound at Walpole Island the next morning
7-LeeA-5-24-10-jm.jpg (57338 bytes)
Bow on
8-LeeA-5-24-10-jm.jpg (76498 bytes)
In ballast
9-LeeA-5-24-10-jm.jpg (57462 bytes)
Headed back to Marquette
10-LeeA-5-24-10-jm.jpg (74852 bytes)
Notice the Canadian flag now on the starboard side

Calumet River Thursday -
Lou Gerard 
IMG_5609.jpg (67061 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly backing toward the 100th St. bridge after leaving KCBX
IMG_5617.jpg (95706 bytes)
From 100th St Charles M. Beeghly backing toward the 5 bridges.
IMG_5627.jpg (104225 bytes)
Beeghly backing under EJ&E bridge.
IMG_5630.jpg (73579 bytes)
Beeghly in Calumet Harbor after turning around.
IMG_5634.jpg (107763 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger passes under the EJ&E bridge
IMG_5637.jpg (87522 bytes)
Challenger going through the 95th St. bridge
IMG_5641.jpg (117025 bytes)
Waiting for rail traffic to clear at the 5 bridges
IMG_5643.jpg (119598 bytes)
Challenger approaching 100th St.
IMG_5647.jpg (105854 bytes)
Challenger taking the bend at the 106th St. bridge

Brockville Thursday - Dave Bessant
1-Flinterstream-05-27-10-WDB.jpg (92989 bytes)
Flinterstream upbound at Lily Bay just west of Brockville
2-Algoeast-05-27-10-WDB.jpg (97489 bytes)
Algoeast approaching Blockhouse Island, Brockville westbound (upbound)
3-Algoeast-05-27-10-WDB.jpg (125246 bytes) 4-Algoeast-05-27-10-WDB.jpg (68137 bytes) 5-Algoeast-05-27-10-WDB.jpg (74381 bytes)
6-Tuscarora-05-27-10-WDB.jpg (92532 bytes)
Tuscarora upbound way west of Brockville heading towards Singer Castle

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-pm41-5-28-10-ts-a.jpg (80025 bytes)
Undaunted - Pere Marquette 41 upbound at Cass Avenue
2-pm41-5-28-10-ts-b.jpg (96473 bytes)
Tug close up
3-pm41-5-28-10-ts-c.jpg (96220 bytes)
Stern view

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-lacvan-28-05-10-rb.jpg (109343 bytes)
Lac Vancouver leads the tow into Iroquois Lock
2-sandra-28-05-10-rb.jpg (136483 bytes)
Sandra Mary follows behind.
3-tow-28-05-10-rb.jpg (111910 bytes)
The barges, Pitts No. 1, Pitts No.2, Derrick No. 3 are towed to the south east tie wall below Iroquois Lock.

Cedarglen in Escanaba
- Rod Burdick
1_cglen_5_26_10_rb.jpg (93429 bytes)
Secured at the CN ore dock

Isadora downbound - Mary Tallant
isadora.jpg (75227 bytes)        

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