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May 31, 20

Milwaukee Sunday - Lou Gerard
DSC_0281_493.jpg (49778 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger coming into Milwaukee Harbor
DSC_0293_505.jpg (71499 bytes)
Passing early morning fisherman
DSC_0299_511.jpg (71265 bytes)
Steaming under Interstate 794 bridge
DSC_0328_540.jpg (57159 bytes)
Passing Alpena at the inner harbor
DSC_0354_566.jpg (68389 bytes)
The Challenger coming up the Kinnickinnic River passing Skipper Bud's Marina
DSC_0403_615.jpg (130877 bytes)
Crew activity near pilot house while preparing to dock.
DSC_0413_625.jpg (69253 bytes)
DSC_0602_807.jpg (67177 bytes)
Algoway passing boatwatchers at lighthouse
DSC_0642_847.jpg (87909 bytes)
Algoway passing Alpena in the inner harbor
DSC_0659_864.jpg (75645 bytes)
Another view of Algoway passing Alpena
DSC_0664_869.jpg (68514 bytes)
Alpena looking good at Jones Island.

Sunday afternoon at the Prescott Ogdensburg International Bridge
-Dave Bessant
1-Algocape-05-30-10-WDB.jpg (100897 bytes)
Algocape just having passed under the bridge upbound
2-Algocape-05-30-10-WDB.jpg (95991 bytes)
Algocape closer
3-Algocape-05-30-10-WDB.jpg (86512 bytes)
Stern view almost at Dupont
4-ThalassaDesgagnes-05-30-10-WDB.jpg (83867 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes under the bridge with an older runabout in the foreground
5-ThalassaDesgagnes-05-30-10-WDB.jpg (85795 bytes)
Just coming out from under the bridge
6-ThalassaDesgagnes-05-30-10-WDB.jpg (102142 bytes)
Downbound too

Saginaw made its first trip to the Soo since the unloading boom was repaired after collapsing a few weeks ago -
Herm Klein
1-SAG-5-30-10-HK.jpg (76473 bytes) 2-SAUL-5-30-10-HK.jpg (90998 bytes) 3-SAX-5-30-10-HK.jpg (65359 bytes)    

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-mani-5-29-10-ts-a.jpg (46012 bytes)
Manitowoc unloading at Bay City Wirt
2-mani-5-29-10-ts-b.jpg (69456 bytes)
Another view

Calumet unloading at Ontario Stone in Cleveland -
Dave Beach
Calumet-5-30-10-db.jpg (85164 bytes)        

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