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June 1 , 20

BoatNerd / Marine Historical Society of Detroit cruise photos - Roger Lelievre
1-AmerRepublic-RL.jpg (49057 bytes)
Our first boat of the day, American Republic, with the American Mariner in the background.
2-AmerRepublic-RL.jpg (63898 bytes)
 Stern view of the Republic with the Detroit skyline in the background.
3-Ojibway-RL.jpg (69196 bytes)
Ojibway downbound for Windsor.
4-Ojibway-RL..jpg (52399 bytes)
Ojibway hits the wake of a passing small craft.
5-Upper-Deck-RL..jpg (62955 bytes)
Passengers enjoy the sunny weather on the upper deck.
6-Victorious-RL.jpg (49644 bytes)
Tug Victorious, mated with John J. Carrick, near Sarnia.
7-Songa-Falcon-RL.jpg (62342 bytes)
Saltwater tanker Songa Falcon.
8-Anderson-AM-RL.jpg (44932 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson below the Blue Water bridges.
9-Anderson-AM-RL.jpg (58153 bytes)
Anderson, stern view.
10-Algocanada-RL.jpg (62778 bytes)
Laid-up Algocanada at Sarnia.
11-Algolake-RL.jpg (59959 bytes)
Algolake below Port Huron.
12-Algolake-RL.jpg (71798 bytes)
Algolake passing museum ship Huron.
13-Huron-Belle-RL.jpg (72052 bytes)
Pilot boat Huron Belle in lower Lake Huron.
14-BBC-Greenland.jpg (65877 bytes)
BBC Greenland downbound.
15-Captains-Algolake-RL.jpg (49534 bytes)
Captains Mike Nicholls (left) and Bill Hoey of the Diamond Belle.
17-Raffle-Tix-RL.jpg (74771 bytes)
Jim Gallant sells BoatNerd raffle tickets on board.
18-Ft-Gratiot-Algolake-RL.jpg (73883 bytes)
Fort Gratiot light
19-Saguenay-RL.jpg (49466 bytes)
Saguenay fueling at Sarnia before heading to Lake Superior.
20-DIamond-Belle-RL.jpg (89248 bytes)
Diamond Belle docked at the St. Clair Inn, where the passengers enjoyed
a tasty buffet dinner.
21-Pride-of-Michigan-RL.jpg (62942 bytes)
Sea cadet training vessel Pride of Michigan.
22-Cape-Hurd-RL.jpg (95056 bytes)
CCGS Cape Hurd
23-Small-BoatRL.jpg (96526 bytes)
We enjoyed the greetings of many small boaters.
24-State-of-Michigan-RL.jpg (70973 bytes)
Great Lakes Maritime Academy Training ship State of Michigan.
25-Algosar-RL.jpg (60321 bytes)
Upbound Algosar in the St. Clair Flats.
26-St-CLair-Crib-LIght-RL.jpg (33564 bytes)
St. Clair Crib Light
27.-Jackson-HC-RL.jpg (63887 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson upbound above Belle Isle.
28-Jackson-stern-RL.jpg (59443 bytes)
Jackson, stern view.
29-Kaministiqua-RL.jpg (44192 bytes)
Incredibly, the boats kept coming. Night falls as Kaministiqua heads upbound.
30-Kaministiqua-RL.jpg (30212 bytes)
Kaministiqua, stern view.
31-Detroit-night.jpg (29762 bytes)
Renaissance Center glimmers as we head to our dock.

Muskegon Sunday -
Jeff & Greg Barber
1-ALGORAILl-05-30-10-GB.jpg (63772 bytes)
Algorail at the salt dock
2-ALGORAIL-05-30-10-GB.jpg (56234 bytes)
Algorail unloading salt
3-ALGORAIL-05-30-10-GB.jpg (67243 bytes)
Backing away from the dock
4-ALGORAIL-05-30-10-GB.jpg (63896 bytes)
Turning headed for Muskegon Lake and Lake Michigan

Roger Blough in Two Harbors
- Rod Burdick
1_rblough5_29_10_rb.jpg (132949 bytes)
Loading ore at the CN shiploader

Birchglen between Brockville and Prescott - all hazy shots in what has been said is the smoke from the forest fires up in the Gatineau, north of Ottawa -  Dave Bessant
1-Birchglen-31-05-10-WDB.jpg (75512 bytes)
Birchglen stern view, just east of Brockville downbound
2-Birchglen-05-31-10-WDB.jpg (67888 bytes)
Birchglen passing the town of Prescott, which is a few miles west of the Port of Prescott and the Elevators
3-Birchglen-05-31-10-WDB.jpg (107404 bytes)
Birchglen passing us as we walk on the Sentier Patrimonial Riverain which means the Heritage River Trail, Prescott is known as the Fort Town and Fort Wellington is located there. A representation of a soldier from those times is on the sign beside Birchglen.
4-Birchglen-05-31-10-WDB.jpg (87629 bytes)
Birchglen closer up in the haze
5-Birchglen-05-31-10-WDB.jpg (82542 bytes)
6-Birchglen-05-31-10-WDB.jpg (52903 bytes)
Heading to the Prescott Ogdensburg International bridge with the remnants of the Ferry docks in the foreground.

Straits of Mackinac -
Lee Rowe
FedMiramichiLR052810_07.jpg (88003 bytes)
 Federal Miraichi heading for the bridge.
ManisteeLR053010_17.jpg (81185 bytes)
Manistee through the bridge
AmSpiritLR053010_09.jpg (69077 bytes)
American  Spirit approaching the bridge

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