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June 4, 20

Menominee, Mich. Thursday - Dick Lund
1-Mau-06-03-10-dl.jpg (55608 bytes)
Maumee arrives at Menominee Paper Co. around 3 a.m. on Thursday
2-Mau-06-03-10-dl.jpg (68917 bytes)
The lines are run ashore and the boom is swinging out
3-Mau-06-03-10-dl.jpg (73810 bytes)
Around 6 a.m., the ship is still unloading
4-Mau-06-03-10-dl.jpg (78232 bytes)
Ground-level view as they finish unloading
5-Mau-06-03-10-dl.jpg (89793 bytes)
Backing out of the inner harbor around 7:30 a.m.
6-Mau-06-03-10-dl.jpg (65015 bytes)
Backing out of the Menominee River in bright sunlight
7-Mau-06-03-10-dl.jpg (77740 bytes)
Turning around beyond Menominee North Pier Lighthouse

Commission of the Asphalt tanker John J. Carrick and the tug Victorious in Toronto Thursday
 - John van der Doe
Toronto-3-June-2010-(3).jpg (82364 bytes) Toronto-3-June-2010-(2).jpg (66422 bytes) Toronto-3-June-2010-(7).jpg (79004 bytes) Toronto-3-June-2010-(10).jpg (73118 bytes) Toronto-3-June-2010-(11).jpg (58736 bytes)
Toronto-3-June-2010-(13).jpg (57443 bytes) Toronto-3-June-2010-(14).jpg (103726 bytes) Toronto-3-June-2010-(15).jpg (110990 bytes) Toronto-3-June-2010-(16).jpg (66940 bytes) Toronto-3-June-2010-(17).jpg (49468 bytes)

Lay-Ups in Superior, Wisconsin
- Rod Burdick
1_avict_5_30_10_rb.jpg (129384 bytes)
American Victory
2_aecelr_5_30_10_rb.jpg (133465 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius and Edward L. Ryerson

Alpena, Mich. Thursday -
Ben & Chanda McClain
invmtw-6-3-10-BCM-01.jpg (90457 bytes)
Samuel de Champlain with barge Innovation and Manitowoc in the bay
invmtw-6-3-10-BCM-02.jpg (83965 bytes)

Tug Prentiss Brown Photos -
Peter Groh
1-PBrown-1-14-2010-pg.jpg (67469 bytes)
Tug Prentiss Brown tied up at the St. Marys terminal in Milwaukee. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. January 14, 2010.
2-PBrown-4-9-2010-pg.jpg (195797 bytes)
St. Marys Conquest and Tug Prentiss Brown docked at the St. Marys terminal in Manitowoc. Manitowoc, Wisconsin. April 9, 2010.

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