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June 6, 20

BBC Mississippi passing Mariatown- Ron Beaupre
1-bbcmiss-05-06-10-rb-004.jpg (59170 bytes)
Another load from Becancour to Menominee.
2-bbcmiss-05-06-10-rb-005.jpg (74712 bytes)      

Tug Victorious and John J. Carrick christening
1--Carrick---6-4-2010--ULS.jpg (68279 bytes) 2-Victorious--6-4-2004---ULS.jpg (70221 bytes) 3-Victorious-6-4-2010-ULS.jpg (90824 bytes)    

Saguenay made its first trip down bound through the locks Saturday afternoon -
 Herm Klein
1-SAD-6-5-10-HK.jpg (59309 bytes)
Saguenay down at Mission Point
2-SAB-6-5-10-HK.jpg (61143 bytes) 3-SAS-6-5-10-HK.jpg (43195 bytes)
Saguenay stack and nameboard
4-SAX-6-5-10-HK.jpg (77274 bytes)  

Kaye E. Barker loading ore at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_keb_6_1_10_rb.jpg (99575 bytes)        

Port Huron / Marine Mart weekend
Roger LeLievre
AmCentury-6510rl-1.jpg (47316 bytes)
American Century downbound, with Canadian Transfer unloading on the Canadian side.
Barker-Kaye-E-6410rl-1.jpg (64515 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker upbound on Friday.
Barker-Kaye-E-6410rl-2.jpg (62068 bytes)
Barker, stern view.
Boat-Model-6510rl-2.jpg (63488 bytes)
Boat modeler Tom Douglas with his replica Great Lakes lumber hooker Huron Brave.
Boat-Models-6510rl-1.jpg (65367 bytes)
Watching the radio-controlled boats outside the Marine Mart.
CanTransfer-6410rl-1.jpg (63479 bytes)
Canadian Transfer turns in the river before docking Friday. Algoeast is in the background.
Federal-Pendant-6510rl-1.jpg (63532 bytes)
Saltwater vessel Federal Pendant upbound.
Maumee-6510rl-1.jpg (50240 bytes)
Two classics, Maumee and Canadian Transfer.
Maumee-6510rl-2.jpg (77960 bytes)
Maumee downbound, geese upbound.
Quebecois-6510rl-1.jpg (57752 bytes)
Montrealais upbound.
Quebecois-Huron-Belle-6410rl.jpg (56953 bytes)
Pilot boat Huron Belle zooms past the Quebecois.
Quebecois-Photog-RL-6510.jpg (61210 bytes)
Photographers line up to shoot Quebecois.
Quebecois-Transfer-sterns-6510rl-1.jpg (47836 bytes)
A pair of diamonds Upper Lakes vessels pass.
zclown.jpg (64077 bytes)
Even a clown showed up at the Marine Mart.

ug Jacklyn tied up with her spud barge at the old Hanna Furnace docks on the Union Ship Canal - Brian W.
Jacklyn-6-4-10-BW.jpg (93239 bytes)        

MCT Arcturus at Brockville's Hardy Park on Friday morning upbound -  Dave Bessant
1-MCTArcturus-06-04-10-WDB.jpg (101520 bytes)
Mega Chemical Tankers MCT Arcturus passing Blockhouse Island at Brockville
2-MCTArcturus-06-04-10-WDB.jpg (148568 bytes)
MCT Arcturus passing Hardy Park at Brockville
3-MCTArcturus-06-04-10-WDB.jpg (71260 bytes)
Stern view

Cedarglen going through the lock at Iroquois on Thursday - Dave Bessant
1-Cedarglen-06-03-10-WDB.jpg (38099 bytes)
Cedarglen bow-on approaching Iroquois from Morrisburg up bound
2-Cedarglen-06-03-10-WDB.jpg (44703 bytes)
Starting her turn
3-Cedarglen-06-03-10-WDB.jpg (78287 bytes)
Cedarglen passing the old Galop canal
4-Cedarglen-06-03-10-WDB.jpg (62876 bytes)
Lined up for entry
5-Cedarglen-06-03-10-WDB.jpg (80892 bytes)
Along the quay
6-Cedarglen-06-03-10-WDB.jpg (93478 bytes)
Entering the lock
7-Cedarglen-06-03-10-WDB.jpg (107974 bytes)
Many hatches are open
8-Cedarglen-06-03-10-WDB.jpg (81090 bytes)
Water on the decks and draining out all along the starboard side
9-Cedarglen-06-03-10-WDB.jpg (87653 bytes)
Crewmen watching clearances
10-Cedarglen-06-03-10-WDB.jpg (68125 bytes)
Rudder and wash
11-Cedarglen-06-03-10-WDB.jpg (74734 bytes)
Bridge wing removed for loading at Marquette
12-Cedarglen-06-03-10-WDB.jpg (99751 bytes) 13-Cedarglen-06-03-10-WDB.jpg (122666 bytes) 14-Cedarglen-06-03-10-WDB.jpg (117861 bytes)
Leaving the lock

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