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June 7, 20

American Mariner unloading in Buffalo - Brian W.
1-American-Mariner-6-6-10-BW.jpg (76488 bytes)
Bow of the American Mariner as seen from the foot of Michigan St. and taking up most of the good water in the canal.  
2-American-Mariner-6-6-10-BW.jpg (58782 bytes)
Mariner sitting in the Buffalo Ship Canal, unloading at General Mill's Frontier Elevator.
3-American-Mariner-6-6-10-BW.jpg (52748 bytes)
Superstructure framed by the support pier of the Buffalo Skyway Bridge.
4-American-Mariner-6-6-10-BW.jpg (81308 bytes)
You can clearly see how close the upper antenna rigging and radars of the ship are to the Buffalo Skyway Bridge. Not only is length and depth an issue in the tight confines of the Buffalo River/City Ship Canal, but air draft must also be considered.  
5-American-Mariner-6-6-10-BW.jpg (66759 bytes)
View down the reach of the City Ship Canal above the Skyway Bridge all the way down to the Great Northern (Mutual) Elevator with the Mariner unloading at the Frontier Elevator.

Fairport, Ohio -
Rob Hunter
1-JHThompson-6-5-10-RH.jpg (61956 bytes)
 Saturday the Joseph H Thompson unloaded stone in Fairport Harbor, Ohio
2-JHThompson-6-5-10-RH.jpg (86379 bytes) 3-JHThompson-6-5-10.jpg (67761 bytes) 4-JHThompson-6-5-10-RH.jpg (129377 bytes) 1-Cuyahoga-6-6-10-RH.jpg (88193 bytes)
 Sunday morning, the Cuyahoga arrived in Fairport Harbor under threatening skies to take on sand stored riverside. Shoreline loaders and front-end loaders were used to load the sand into the holds.
2-Cuyahoga-6-6-10-RH.jpg (91492 bytes) 3-Cuyahoga-6-6-10-RH.jpg (53701 bytes) 4-Cuyahoga-6-6-10-RH.jpg (88190 bytes)    

Alpena in Calumet River Sunday afternoon
- Lou Gerard
DSC_0947.jpg (64226 bytes)
Alpena in Calumet Harbor entering Calumet River.
DSC_0952.jpg (111220 bytes)
Steaming under CN bridge
DSC_0993.jpg (134978 bytes)
Approaching 100th St. Bridge after clearing 5 bridges.
DSC_0974.jpg (89462 bytes)
Coming up to 95th St. bridge.


DSC_1019.jpg (78383 bytes)
Alpena going through 106th St. Bridge.
DSC_1021.jpg (89299 bytes)
Going through bend at 106th St.
DSC_1031.jpg (70239 bytes)
Cleared of 106th St. and heading for Wisconsin Steel Bend

Iroquois Lock -
Murray Blancher
1-Federal-Miramichi-06-06-10-mb-.jpg (111799 bytes)
Federal Miramichi downbound in Iroquois Lock
2-Federal-Miramichi-06-06-10-mb-.jpg (101535 bytes)
Federal Miramichi exiting the Iroquois lock into the fog covering the river
3-Isa-06-06-10-mb-.jpg (43379 bytes)
 Isa upbound at Mariatown
4-Isa-06-06-10-mb-.jpg (97868 bytes)
Isa on the wall entering Iroquois Lock
5-Isa-06-06-10-mb-.jpg (100394 bytes)
Isa exiting Iroquois lock

Federal Miramichi at Iroquois Sunday morning in the pouring rain - Dave Bessant
1-FederalMiramichi-06-06-10-WDB.jpg (68985 bytes)
Federal Miramichi entering the lock (down-bound)
2-FederalMiramichi-06-06-10-WDB.jpg (109591 bytes)
Bow and crewman
3-FederalMiramichi-06-06-10-WDB.jpg (70424 bytes)
Accommodations and flag on the side
4-FederalMiramichi-06-06-10-WDB.jpg (85870 bytes)
Almost in
5-FederalMiramichi-06-06-10-WDB.jpg (83499 bytes)
Federal Miramichi within the lock
6-FederalMiramichi-06-06-10-WDB.jpg (85999 bytes)
Viewed from the lockmaster's house with the road bridge not yet raised
7-Sod-06-06-10-WDB.jpg (157873 bytes)
Just up the road while shipchasing, a sod roofed home. You do not see to many of these and in the rain, it must be heavy!

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