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June 8, 20

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-spru-6-02-10-a-md.jpg (83912 bytes)
Spruceglen taking on a load at the elevator.
2-spru-6-02-10-b-md.jpg (35890 bytes)
Night falls.
3-spru-6-03-10-c-md.jpg (60791 bytes)
A few cosmetic touch ups.
4-miss-6-04-10-a-md.jpg (63009 bytes)
Mississagi arrives in the north slip at Point Edward for repairs.
5-miss-6-04-10-b-md.jpg (63446 bytes)
Threatening skies.
6-miss-6-04-10-c-md.jpg (42478 bytes)
Storm clouds building and moving north.
7-miss-6-04-10-d-md.jpg (44762 bytes)
 Crane alongside placing machinery on deck.
8-miss-6-04-10-e-md.jpg (46600 bytes)
Still undergoing repairs.

American Mariner in Buffalo -
Brian W.
1-American-Mariner-6-7-10.jpg (96003 bytes)
Mariner at the General Mills Frontier Elevator on the City Ship Canal.
2-American-Mariner-6-7-10.jpg (86772 bytes)
Shifting back slightly as the boom is being removed from the hopper after unloading wheat for two days.
3-American-Mariner-6-7-10.jpg (213620 bytes)
The largest vessel and the smallest vie for room in the Buffalo River as some goslings are getting their first look at the Mariner.
4-American-Mariner-6-7-10.jpg (78475 bytes)
Mariner is now backing away from the City Ship Canal, coming under the Buffalo Skyway Bridge, and is heading into the Watson Basin.
5-American-Mariner-6-7-10.jpg (91543 bytes)
Turning through the North End of the Waston Basin and is now starting to line up for the Buffalo River Entrance Channel.
6-American-Mariner-6-7-10.jpg (100131 bytes)
Picture perfect sunset is casting a warm glow over the waterfront and the Mariner Monday night.
7-American-Mariner-6-7-10.jpg (87487 bytes)
The ship is so big, and so close that there is not much of an angle to shoot a photo as she backs past the missile cruiser USS Little Rock in the Buffalo River.

American Mariner arrives in Buffalo Saturday night -
Charles Dowd
01-American-Mariner-06-05-10-cd.jpg (17702 bytes)
Entering the Port of Buffalo inner harbor
02-American-Mariner-06-05-10-cd.jpg (49090 bytes)
Entering the Buffalo River with Coast Guard base in background and marina to the right
03-American-Mariner-06-05-10-cd.jpg (60598 bytes)
In the turning basin heading for General Mills/Frontier elevator
04-American-Mariner-06-05-10-cd.jpg (48165 bytes)
Arriving at the dock
05-American-Mariner-06-05-10-cd.jpg (39632 bytes)
Boom into unload port on elevator
06-American-Mariner-06-05-10-cd.jpg (68678 bytes)
The hopper
7-USS-Little_Rock-06-05-10-cd.jpg (55477 bytes)
The USS Little Rock

Kaministiqua at Morrisburg and Simano at Prescott Monday morning - Dave Bessant
1-Kaministiqua-06-07-10-WDB.jpg (90231 bytes)
Kaministiqua downbound at Morrisburg
2-Kaministiqua-06-07-10-WDB.jpg (58661 bytes)
Close up
3-Simano-06-07-10-WDB.jpg (76326 bytes)
Simano approaching Prescott, upbound
4-Simano-06-07-10-WDB.jpg (54919 bytes)
5-Simano-06-07-10-WDB.jpg (87862 bytes)
Simano passing the lighthouse at the end of the quay at Prescott

Port Huron on Saturday
- Lou Gerard
DSC_0859.jpg (66130 bytes)
 Downbpund Philip R. Clarke meeting upbound Mississagi at Vantage Point.
DSC_0893.jpg (47793 bytes)
 Montealais upbound At Port Huron
DSC_0928.jpg (91037 bytes)
 Canadian Transfer upbound at Blue Water bridge
DSC_0925.jpg (68894 bytes)
Forward detail of Canadian Transfer

Joyce L. VanEnkevort and Great Lakes Trader at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_gltjlv_6_2_10_rb.jpg (61387 bytes)
Unloading stone into the hopper at sunset

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