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June 9, 20

CSX Toledo Docks - Bob Vincent
1-CSLNiagara-6-8-10-bv.jpg (87644 bytes)
CSL Niagara unloading iron ore at Torco
2-CSLNiagara-6-8-10-bv.jpg (79164 bytes)
Unloading ore from Port Cartier
3-CSLNiagara-6-8-10-bv.jpg (85679 bytes)
Taking a part load of coal before leaving Toledo
4-CSLNiagara-6-8-10-bv.jpg (83979 bytes)
another view

Atlantic Huron at South Chicago on Tuesday
- Lou Gerard
DSC_0020_2313.jpg (72019 bytes)
Atlantic Huron loading at KCBX on a rainy Tuesday afternoon.
DSC_0022_2315.jpg (67407 bytes)
Another view of Atlantic Huron at KCBX.

McKee Sons unloads at Cleveland, Ohio -
Thomas Seiler
McKee-Sons-06-07-10-TS.jpg (49200 bytes)
 Seen here unloading rock on the Cuyahoga River, the McKee Sons is almost ready to depart Cleveland, Ohio to get another load of rock at Marblehead.

Songa Jade gets her turn at Iroquois Lock after Kaministiqua departs -
Ron Beaupre 
1-songjade-07-06-10-rb.jpg (72973 bytes) 2-songajade-07-06-10-rb.jpg (81090 bytes)
Songa Jade is visiting the Lakes for the first time

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