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June 11, 20

Detroit River - Michael Turnquist
Calumet-at-Windsor-1.jpg (115692 bytes) Calumet-at-Windsor-2.jpg (62074 bytes) Calumet-at-Windsor-3.jpg (84289 bytes) Canadien-Provider-at-Windsor.jpg (88994 bytes) BBC-Mississippi-at-Windsor.jpg (93753 bytes)
Robert-S-Pierson-at-Windsor.jpg (109579 bytes)        

Soo Thursday Morning -
Herm Klein
1-BBCSU-6-10-10-HK.jpg (73528 bytes)
BBC Sweden up bound at Mission Point
2-BBCB-6-10-10-HK.jpg (67660 bytes) 3-BBCU-6-10-10-HK.jpg (87683 bytes) 4-STMI-6-10-10-HK.jpg (67100 bytes)
State of Michigan leaves the Carbide Dock
5-STMU-6-10-10-HK.jpg (77512 bytes)
State of Michigan with a deck cargo of a dozen or more bicycles

Soo Locks June 7-10
- Tom Wilmes
IMG_8122.jpg (53923 bytes)
Walter J McCarthy Jr upbound at Mission Point
IMG_8358.jpg (89302 bytes)
Algoosoo upbound at International Bridge
IMG_8494.jpg (82984 bytes)
Cedarglen downbound at West Pier
IMG_8361.jpg (94695 bytes)
Arthur M Anderson entering Poe Lock
IMG_8456.jpg (95499 bytes)
Edwin H Gott leaving Poe Lock
IMG_8331.jpg (63982 bytes)
Walter J McCarthy Jr passing Capt. Henry Jackman at West Pier
IMG_8262.jpg (90442 bytes)
Cort entering Poe Lock

Mariatown, Ont. -
Ron Beaupre
1-alexia-10-06-10-rb.jpg (69249 bytes)
Alexia has a large hull on her deck.
2-alexia-10-06-10-rb.jpg (69724 bytes)
She is heading for Sturgeon Bay.

Furura off Bronte, Ont. -
Grad Dewar
DSC_0178.jpg (76944 bytes)        

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