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June 12, 20

South Chicago Thursday - Lou Gerard
DSC_0027_3340.jpg (74755 bytes)
Manitowoc in Calumet Harbor outbound to Lake.
DSC_0031_3344.jpg (77708 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger at Lake Calumet terminal
DSC_0045_3356.jpg (67030 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke in Calumet Harbor baking into Calumet River
DSC_0052_3363.jpg (97529 bytes)
Clarke backing under CN bridge

DSC_0161_3472.jpg (71728 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger outbound clearing Torrance Ave. and abandoned C&WI RR bridges
DSC_0181_3492.jpg (71113 bytes)
Challenger taking bend east of Torrance Ave.
DSC_0189_3500.jpg (60880 bytes)
Approaching 106th St. Bridge
DSC_0230_3541.jpg (72766 bytes)
Passing Clarke at KCBX approaching 100th St.
DSC_0250_3561.jpg (93284 bytes)
 St. Marys Challenger clearing 5 bridges coming up to 95th St.
 DSC_0263_3574.jpg (114880 bytes)
Still steamin'
St. Marys Challenger showing she is indeed a Steamer.
DSC_0277_3588.jpg (219543 bytes)
Challenger about to pass through 92nd St. Bridge
DSC_0286_3597.jpg (63122 bytes)
Clear of CN bridge heading out to lake.

Mesabi Miner at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_mm_6_9_10_rb.jpg (83674 bytes)
Stern view with ore dock locomotives
2_mm_6_9_10_rb.jpg (88071 bytes)
Unloading coal at sunset

Birchglen arrived in Escanaba on a stormy Friday -
Lee Rowe
BirchglenLR061110_01.jpg (55849 bytes)
Arriving at the dock, taken from the city.
BirchglenLR061110_06.jpg (56778 bytes)
 Getting ready to load, hatches open.

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock Toledo
- Bob Vincent
1-Calumet-6-10-10-bv.jpg (75367 bytes)
Calumet under the coal machine
2-Calumet-6-10-10-bv.jpg (64191 bytes)
 Look at the boom and aft deck housing
3-Calumet-6-10-10-bv.jpg (77101 bytes)
Loading for Saginaw

 Brockville and Iroquois Thursday -
Dave Bessant
1-Kaministiqua-06-10-10-WDB.jpg (71224 bytes)
Kaministiqua upbound in the Galop Canal
2-Futura-06-10-10-WDB.jpg (89791 bytes)
Futura based in Finland downbound across from Galop Lane just before the lock at Iroquois
3-Futura-06-10-10-WDB.jpg (71228 bytes)
Futura stern
4-Futura-06-10-10-WDB.jpg (95263 bytes)
Approaching the Lock
5-Futura-06-10-10-WDB.jpg (61500 bytes)
So many lights
6-Futura-06-10-10-WDB.jpg (141152 bytes) 7-Futura-06-10-10-WDB.jpg (73538 bytes)
Osprey nest building with the builders plaque below to the left
8-Futura-06-10-10-WDB.jpg (94872 bytes)
Futura exiting
9-Futura-06-10-10-WDB.jpg (81509 bytes) 10-Futura-06-10-10-WDB.jpg (79665 bytes)
11-Futura-06-10-10-WDB.jpg (57012 bytes) 12-Kaministiqua-06-10-10-WDB.jpg (73436 bytes)
Catching up to Kaministiqua at The Oakland Cemetery in Brockville

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