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June 14, 20

Saturday's Diamond Jack Wyandotte Cruises - Rich Nicholls
1-Demolen-06-12-10-RN.jpg (67594 bytes) 2-Jane-Ann-IV-06-12-10-RN.jpg (77484 bytes) 3-CBC-1253-06-12-10-RN.jpg (61123 bytes) 4-John-Francis-06-12-10-RN.jpg (86659 bytes) 5-Helene-06-12-10-RN.jpg (89344 bytes)
6-Columbia-06-12-10.jpg (111316 bytes) 7-Ste-Claire-06-12-10-RN.jpg (93301 bytes) 8-Ste-Claire-06-12-10-RN.jpg (93282 bytes) 9-Stephen-B.-Roman-06-12-10-RN.jpg (62686 bytes) 10-Stephen-B.-Roman-06-12-10-RN.jpg (66560 bytes)
11-Buckthorn-06-12-10-RN.jpg (107071 bytes) 12--St-Marys-Cement-II-06-12-10-RN.jpg (63509 bytes)      

Rebecca Lynn and barge A-397 Sunday headed down the Black Rock Canal for the Marathon Asphalt dock in Tonawanda - Brian W.
1-Rebecca-Lynn-6-13-10-BW.jpg (89199 bytes)
Gearing mechanism used to remove the bridge locks and allow the CN RR Harbor Draw bridge to swing open for the Rebecca Lynn-A-397 tug-barge.
2-Rebecca-Lynn-6-13-10-BW.jpg (119813 bytes)
With one toot on the air whistle, the Harbor Draw bridge is starting to open for the tug-barge to pass.
3-Rebecca-Lynn-6-13-10-BW.jpg (120069 bytes)
Canadian Pacific freight train coming into Buffalo from Canada stopping short of the signals on Squaw Island as the bridge tender is about to open the span in front of the train. 
5-Rebecca-Lynn-6-13-10-BW.jpg (125766 bytes)
The bow of the A-397 is passing the center support pinion for the Harbor Draw as crew men call out the barge's position via radio back to the captain in the tug.
6-Rebecca-Lynn-6-13-10-BW.jpg (102033 bytes)
Tug in the notch of her barge and passing abeam of the center of the draw.
7-Rebecca-Lynn-6-13-10-BW.jpg (121205 bytes)
Detailed view of the tug's pushing gear and the fendering around the bow when she is in "push mode".
8-Rebecca-Lynn-6-13-10-BW.jpg (111499 bytes)
The tug and barge clear of the swing bridge and lining up to enter the Black Rock Lock.
9-Rebecca-Lynn-6-13-10-BW.jpg (101757 bytes)
The CP freight train has the clear signal to cross off Squaw Island and into Buffalo now that the bridge is back in the locked position.
10-Rebecca-Lynn-6-13-10-BW.jpg (72665 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn-A-397 are being lowered in the Black Rock Lock.
11-Rebecca-Lynn-6-13-10-BW.jpg (91740 bytes)
Lower gates are now open and the tug-barge unit is getting underway from the lock.
12-Rebecca-Lynn-6-13-10-BW.jpg (105160 bytes)
Tug is just clearing the lower gates and the barge is coming free of the lock chamber.
13-Rebecca-Lynn-6-13-10-BW.jpg (66170 bytes)
The Rebecca Lynn-A-397 is now heading out into the Tonawanda Channel of the Niagara River. Rebellion Tug & Barge's Shenendoah is tied up to the right at the old Buffalo Smelting Works plant.

 Welland Canal -
Eric Holmes
1-BBCmiss-06-13-10-eh.jpg (67283 bytes)
BBC Mississippi close up.
2-BBCmiss-06-13-10-eh.jpg (90436 bytes)
BBC Mississippi under Bridge 5 downbound.
3-BBCmiss-06-13-10-eh.jpg (53403 bytes)
Stern view.

 Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-fanfare-13-06-10-rb.jpg (42890 bytes)
Beluga Fanfare in the St. Lawrence Seaway below Cardinal.
2-fanfare-13-06-10-rb.jpg (52446 bytes)
She is on her first trip into the Lakes.

 Tuscarora at Iroquois and Beluga Fanfare at Maitland Sunday evening
- Dave Bessant
1-Tuscarora-06-13-10-WDB.jpg (75310 bytes)
Tuscarora bow
2-Tuscarora-06-13-10-WDB.jpg (78532 bytes)
 Tuscarora flagged in Monrovia
3-Tuscarora-06-13-10-WDB.jpg (64061 bytes)
Accommodations and stack with no markings
4-Tuscarora-06-13-10-WDB.jpg (90665 bytes)
Exiting the lock at Iroquois
5-Tuscarora-06-13-10-WDB.jpg (82129 bytes)
Heading for Morrisburg
6-Tuscarora-06-13-10-WDB.jpg (87093 bytes)
7-Tuscarora-06-13-10-WDB.jpg (76233 bytes)
With the lock in the foreground
8-BelugaFanfare-06-13-10-WDB.jpg (96657 bytes)
Beluga Fanfare when we caught up to her at Maitland ( upbound )

Isa (westbound to Burns Harbor) and BBC Mississippi (eastbound to  Becancour) passed each other in the Straits of Mackinac June 11
- Fred Stone
b734036.jpg (83069 bytes) b734046.jpg (93776 bytes) b734055.jpg (62982 bytes)    

Historical Perspectives -
Twin Ports from the mid 80's to early 90's - Glenn Blaszkiewicz
Socrates-06-13-10-GHB.jpg (66414 bytes)
The salt water ship Socrates dragged her anchors in a November 1985 storm and washed up on Park Point, Duluth. The ship proved to be stuck good as it took over a week to free her. Many attempts to free her by using every available tug in the Twin Ports harbor failed to free her. In the end, a dredge was brought in to dig a trench along side her to set her free.
Foy-06-13-10-GHB.jpg (75794 bytes)
 Very rare trip of a 1,000 footer to the Fraser Shipyards in Superior. The Lewis Wilson Foy had very little clearance under the Blatnik Bridge.
1-LTregurtha-06-13-10-GHB.jpg (76417 bytes)
William Clay Ford becoming the Lee A. Tregurtha at Fraser Shipyard in Superior.
2-LTregurtha-06-13-10-GHB.jpg (42696 bytes)
Close up of the sandblasted bow showing parts of the words "Cliffs Shipping Co" and her old saltwater name "USS Chiwawa" showing.
GeorgianBay--6-13-10-GHB.jpg (48195 bytes)
Georgian Bay rotting away in Thunder Bay, ON.
Willowglen-06-13-10-GHB.jpg (61905 bytes)
 Willowglen made making a rare appearance at Harvest States #2 in Superior.
HSteinbrenner-06-13-10-GHB.jpg (60847 bytes)
Henry Steinbrenner loading at Harvest States #2 in Superior.
Clymer-06-13-10-GHB.jpg (57970 bytes)
Irvin L. Clymer in the Duluth harbor about to pass under the Blatnik Bridge.
Beeghley-06-13-10-GHB.jpg (43701 bytes)
 Charles M. Beeghly taken at the Duluth Port Terminal on April 19th, 1984. She had hit been caught sidewise in the Superior entry on the 17th as she was departing on her first trip of the season. This photo is after shipyard workers had cut away part of the damage as they repair her.

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