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June 15, 20

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-miss-6-10-10-a-md.jpg (65656 bytes)
 Mississagi in the north slip at Point Edward.
2-miss-6-10-10-b-md.jpg (63507 bytes)
Removing temporary deck machinery.
3-miss-6-10-10-c-md.jpg (54993 bytes)
 Night time wide view.
4-miss-6-10-10-d-md.jpg (56614 bytes)
Close up.
5-mich-6-13-10-a-md.jpg (55636 bytes)
Michipicoten in the north slip at Point Edward.
6-mich-6-13-10-b-md.jpg (45009 bytes)
Ominous sky.
7-mich-6-13-10-c-md.jpg (61511 bytes)
A few geese glide by.
8-mich-6-13-10-d-md.jpg (48510 bytes)
Night view.
9-dool-6-13-10-a-md.jpg (48026 bytes)
Tim S. Dool at the government dock in Sarnia.
10-dool-6-13-10-b-md.jpg (53919 bytes)
 Wide view, Tim S Dool at the government dock while the Cuyahoga takes on a load at the elevator.
11-dool-6-13-10-c-md.jpg (49267 bytes)
Tim S. Dool night shot.
12-cuya-6-13-10-a-md.jpg (67609 bytes)
Cuyahoga loading at the elevator.
13-cuya-6-13-10-b-md.jpg (41147 bytes)
 Wide view, Cuyahoga and Tim S. Dool.

Milwaukee, Wis. June 12 -
Peter Groh
1-SMC-6-14-10-pg.jpg (47479 bytes)
Challenger arriving at Milwaukee's outer harbor
2-SMC-6-14-10-pg.jpg (58952 bytes) 3-SMC-6-14-10-pg.jpg (84458 bytes)
Challenger arriving at at the St. Marys Cement Terminal
4-SMC-6-14-10-pg.jpg (54648 bytes) 5-SMC-6-14-10-pg.jpg (90062 bytes)

Marblehead, Ohio -
Don Lee
1-path-joe-6-13-10-dsl.jpg (46815 bytes)
 Thompson backs out while Pathfinder swings around to line up on the dock. View from Kelleys Island ferry dock parking lot.
2-path-joe-6-13-10-dsl.jpg (33444 bytes)
Thompson's clear and Pathfinder heads in. View from the curve on Route 163.
3-joe-6-13-10-dsl.jpg (42451 bytes)
Thompson heads east, about to pass the south shore of Kelleys Island. View from Marblehead Lighthouse.
4-joe-6-13-10-dsl.jpg (43216 bytes)
Deck lights showing on the Joe Jr., Thompson heads east on Lake Erie. View from Marblehead Lighthouse.
5-fishboat-6-13-10-dsl.jpg (30270 bytes)
The work day done, a fishing boat heads back into Sandusky Bay. View from Marblehead Lighthouse.

Herbert C. Jackson at the Lower Harbor in Marquette to unload stone
- Rod Burdick
1_hcj_6_13_10_rb.jpg (58877 bytes)
Backing in to the Shiras Dock
2_hcj_6_13_10_rb.jpg (58900 bytes)
Scenic view

Fairlift sails past Mariatown on her way down the river
- Ron Beaupre
1-fairlift-14-06-10-rb.jpg (61489 bytes)        

Brockville to Iroquois -
Dave Bessant
1-Fairlift-06-14-10-WDB.jpg (86692 bytes)
Fairlift out of Willemstad downbound at Prescott
2-Fairlift-06-14-10-WDB.jpg (47096 bytes)
Fairlift in the bright sunlight
3-Fairlift-06-14-10-WDB.jpg (59766 bytes)
Fairlift heading for the bridge in front of the Windmill  (Battle of the Windmill 1838)
4-Fairlift-06-14-10-WDB.jpg (107038 bytes)
Entering the lock at Iroquois
5-Fairlift-06-14-10-WDB.jpg (95533 bytes)
6-Fairlift-06-14-10-WDB.jpg (79852 bytes)
Stern view
7-Fairlift-06-14-10-WDB.jpg (63179 bytes)
Heading for Morrisburg, quite a wake
8-Missouriborg-06-14-10-WDB.jpg (66785 bytes)
Missouriborg just east of Brockville
9-Missouriborg-06-14-10-WDB.jpg (59804 bytes)
Missouriborg side view
10-Haleeslockview-06--14-10-WDB.jpg (72659 bytes)
Updating the info board at Iroquois

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