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June 16 - 17, 20

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock - Bob Vincent
1-McKeeSons-6-15-10-bv.jpg (79292 bytes)
McKee Sons loading for Essar Algoma
2-McKeeSons-6-15-10-bv.jpg (81555 bytes)
another view
3-McKeeSons-6-15-10-bv.jpg (110876 bytes) 4-Invincible-6-15-10-bv.jpg (90675 bytes)
Tug Invincible
5-Invincible-6-15-10-bv.jpg (70049 bytes)
6-FieldPusher-6-15-10-bv.jpg (154832 bytes)
 Field Pusher bring coal to the pig hole
7-PigPusher-6-15-10-bv.jpg (114040 bytes)
Pig Pusher spotting two cars at the pig hole
8-CarCutter-6-15-10-bv.jpg (109457 bytes)
Car cutter cutting two cars for the pig pusher man to spot at the pig hole
9-PigHole-6-15-10-bv.jpg (109864 bytes)
Cars at the pig hole, mechanical pig taking two cars up to the dumper
10-BelugaFanfare-6-15-10-bv.jpg (57858 bytes)
Beluga Fanfare heading for Midwest Terminal Toledo International Dock

Army Corp of Engineers' Tug Billmaier and Barge H.J. Schwartz in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_corpmqt6_14_10_rb.jpg (135259 bytes)
Scenic view at the Upper Harbor
2_corpmqt6_14_10_rb.jpg (115935 bytes)
Close-up view working on the Upper Harbor breakwall

Brockville and Prescott -
Dave Bessant
1-Algobay-06-15-10-WDB.jpg (57845 bytes)
Algobay just past Hudson's Point, west of Brockville, upbound
2-AlgobayQuebecois-06-15-10-WDB.jpg (56470 bytes)
Algobay meeting Quebecois
3-AlgobayQuebecois-06-15-10-WDB.jpg (64958 bytes)
Quebecois and Algobay close up
4-AlgobayQuebecois-06-15-10-WDB.jpg (66884 bytes) 5-Quebecois-06-15-10-WDB.jpg (69452 bytes)
Quebecois off Hudson's Point
6-Bounty-06-15-10-WDB.jpg (56597 bytes)
Bounty approaching the Prescott Ogdensburg Bridge, could see her masts all the way down the Galop Canal
7-Bounty-06-15-10-WDB.jpg (116703 bytes)
Coming under the bridge.
8-Bounty-06-15-10-WDB.jpg (87436 bytes)
Bounty, now seen to be green
9-Bounty-06-15-10-WDB.jpg (84261 bytes)
Bounty is headed for Toronto for the Great Lakes United Tall Ships Challenge. Roald Amundsen and Europa are also scheduled,

Soo -
Scott Smith
101_0771.jpg (104498 bytes) 101_0775.jpg (76157 bytes)
Roger Blough downbound 5-12
101_0781.jpg (80066 bytes) 101_0782.jpg (78607 bytes) 101_0791.jpg (46189 bytes)
 Upbound 5-15
101_1082.jpg (113652 bytes)
Calloway downbound 5-31
101_1074.jpg (93626 bytes)      

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