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June 26, 20

South Chicago Friday - Lou Gerard
DSC_0785_7146.jpg (150215 bytes)
Tug Steven Selvick at 92nd St. heading out to Lake Michigan.
DSC_0792_7150.jpg (82657 bytes)
John J. Munson backing under CN bridge
DSC_0803_7161.jpg (75316 bytes)
John G. Munson approaching 95th st.
DSC_0806_7164.jpg (180877 bytes)
Crew on stern radioing instructions to Pilot House.
DSC_0818_7176.jpg (81878 bytes)
Crew working controls from Pilothouse wing while a passenger enjoys the view.
DSC_0845_7203.jpg (80671 bytes)
Munson at 95th St. waiting as NS bridge goes up.
DSC_0864_7222.jpg (124684 bytes)
Munson backing through 5 Bridges
DSC_0886_7244.jpg (87763 bytes)
Passing 100th St. east Bridgetenders tower.
DSC_0892_7250.jpg (66451 bytes)
Munson past 100th St. preparing to dock at KCBX.
DSC_0899_7257.jpg (99699 bytes)
Munson docking at KCBX.

Alpena unloading cement at the Lafarge Terminal
- Paul Magyar
(1)-ALPENA-6-25-10-PM-044.jpg (81746 bytes)        

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-klynn-6-25-10-ts-a.jpg (55938 bytes)
 Kathy Lynn downbound at Smith Park in Essexville
2-klynn-6-25-10-ts-b.jpg (72605 bytes)
Another view
3-tenacious-6-25-10-ts-a.jpg (65147 bytes)
Tenacious downbound at Smith Park in Essexville
4-tenacious-6-25-10-ts-b.jpg (79603 bytes)
Another view

Recent Seaway Traffic -
Dave Bessant
1-Spruceglen-06-23-10-WDB.jpg (49986 bytes)
Spruceglen in the evening upbound through the lock at Iroquois Wednesday
2-Algocape-06-24-10-WDB.jpg (70563 bytes)
Algocape downbound at Maitland, Thursday
3-Algocape-06-24-10-WDB.jpg (92339 bytes)
Algocape side view
4-JDLeitch-06-25-10-WDB.jpg (71118 bytes)
John D Leitch just off Blockhouse Island at Brockville Friday afternoon
5-JDLeitch-06-25-10-WDB.jpg (75301 bytes)
Bow section and part of self unloading equipment
6-JDLeitch-06-25-10-WDB.jpg (68721 bytes)
Looking through the engine room all the way over to Morristown on the other side of the river
7-JDLeitch-06-25-10-WDB.jpg (108832 bytes)
Into the Brockville narrows with kayakers
8-CanadianEmpress-06-25-10-WDB.jpg (86522 bytes)
Canadian Empress coming into Brockville for the night
9-CanadianEmpress-06-25-10-WDB.jpg (78496 bytes)
Close up with kite flyers, while saluting with her steam whistle
10-CanadianEmpress-06-25-10-WDB.jpg (86523 bytes)
Around the point opposite Hardy Park
11-CanadianEmpress-06-25-10-WDB.jpg (83374 bytes)
Bow thruster to maneuver
12-CanadianEmpress-06-25-10-WDB.jpg (113067 bytes)
Almost positioned
13-CanadianEmpress-06-25-10-WDB.jpg (37301 bytes)
Controls from the outside upper deck

Detroit River - June 2010 -
 J. Bantau
algorail-6-12-10-jb.jpg.jpg (49836 bytes) algorail1-6-12-10-jb.jpg.jpg (57270 bytes) algorail2-6-12-10-jb.jpg.jpg (69132 bytes) americanrepublic1-6-12-10-jb.jpg.jpg (72303 bytes) americanrepublic-6-12-10-jb.jpg.jpg (65504 bytes)
BBCMississippi-6-12-10-jb.jpg.jpg (60390 bytes) BBCMississippi1-6-12-10-jb.jpg.jpg (84752 bytes)
BBCMississippi2-6-12-10-jb.jpg.jpg (64599 bytes)

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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