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June 28 , 20

Traffic at Hamilton - John McCreery
1-Federal-Shimanto-6-25-10-jm.jpg (70491 bytes)
Federal Shimanto approach to the Burlington Piers
2-Federal-Shimanto-6-25-10-jm.jpg (86725 bytes)
Another view
3-Federal-Shimanto-6-25-10-jm.jpg (102381 bytes)
Entering at Hamilton for pier 14
4-Federal-Shimanto-6-25-10-jm.jpg (123334 bytes)
Another stern view
5-Jackman-6-25-10-jm.jpg (40498 bytes)
Captain Henry Jackman off the Burlington Piers
6-Shelley-6-25-10-jm.jpg (66836 bytes)
J W Shelley arriving from Quebec City
7-Shelley-6-25-10-jm.jpg (68526 bytes)
At the piers
8-Shelley-6-25-10-jm.jpg (63234 bytes)
Headed to pier 22 to lay up until mid July at which time she will shift to pier 25 to load a grain cargo
10-Shelley-6-25-10-jm.jpg (115023 bytes)
Darkness falls

Buffalo, N.Y. -
Brian W.
1-Rebecca-Lynn-6-26-10-BW.jpg (148660 bytes)
 Ferry St. Bridge on the Black Rock Canal being raised for the passage of the tug-barge Rebecca Lynn - A-397.
2-Rebecca-Lynn-6-26-10-BW.jpg (112244 bytes)
Passing through the draw at Ferry St.
3-Rebecca-Lynn-6-26-10-BW.jpg (100955 bytes)
Close up on the tug reveals some paint work going on. The yellow color seemed to be underlying Andrie's blue and white scheme and may be a reminder of some older look she had in a previous life?
4-Rebecca-Lynn-6-26-10-BW.jpg (65219 bytes)
The Lynn - A-397 combo is clear of the draw at Ferry St. She is now headed downbound on the canal for the CN RR Harbor Draw Bridge and Black Rock Lock
1-American-Mariner-6-26-10-BW.jpg (52298 bytes)
American Mariner inbound at the Buffalo River Entrance Channel and passing the Main Light.
2-American-Mariner-6-26-10-BW.jpg (62496 bytes)
Mariner turning to Starboard and entering the Watson Basin.
3-American-Mariner-6-26-10-BW.jpg (55692 bytes)
Mariner is inside the Watson Basin and now passing the guided missile cruiser USS Little Rock as she lines up for the City Ship Canal entrance. General Mills can be seen to the far right.
4-American-Mariner-6-26-10-BW.jpg (65100 bytes)
Under the Buffalo Skyway Bridge and just about to touch up on the dock at the Frontier Elevator.
5-American-Mariner-6-26-10-BW.jpg (38233 bytes)
The massive bow of the Mariner is being coaxed into the dock by use of the thruster to line up alongside.
6-American-Mariner-6-26-10-BW.jpg (77940 bytes)
Close clearance of the radar and radio antennas of the Mariner to the Skyway Bridge as they ease on in for General Mills.
7-American-Mariner-6-26-10-BW.jpg (95598 bytes)
The Erie County Sheriff's Marine Unit is alongside and running interference for the Mariner as she arrives due to the presence of so many pleasure craft on a warm Saturday evening in Buffalo Harbor.
8-American-Mariner-6-26-10-BW.jpg (74543 bytes)
Unloading boom being raised up to the grain hopper at the Frontier as the ship slowly moves forward down the dock.  

Welland canal traffic June 26 -
Michel Gosselin
1-mar-6-26-10-mg.jpg (54459 bytes)
Marida Mulberry is above lock 7
2-mar-6-26-10-mg.jpg (43713 bytes)
about to enter lock 7
3-sagi-6-26-10-mg.jpg (87381 bytes)
Saginaw passing by Bridge 4
4-sagi-6-26-10-mg.jpg (69073 bytes)
About to enter lock 2

Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey
1-mississagi-6-27-10-ts-a.jpg (58642 bytes)
Mississagi inbound at Smith Park in Essexville
2-mississagi-6-27-10-ts-b.jpg (65010 bytes)
Another view
3-mississagi-6-27-10-ts-c.jpg (73115 bytes)
Stern view at the Lake States Railway Bridge

Port Huron Sunday -
Galen Witham
1-ojibway-6-27-10-grw.jpg (82465 bytes)
Ojibway makes her way out of the fog, downbound, with a beautiful Chriscraft speed boat proceeding ahead.
2.-Ojibway-6-27-10-grw.jpg (76074 bytes)
Ojibway makes the turn under the Bluewater Bridge.
3.-ojibway-6-27-10-grw.jpg (99172 bytes)
Ojibway heads for the Black River.
4.-cd-leader-6-27-10-grw.jpg (50291 bytes)
Canadian Provider downbound
5.-cd-leader-6-27-10-grw.jpg (87004 bytes)
Canadian Provider heading for the Black River.
6.-gott-6-27-10-grw.jpg (68249 bytes)
Head on view of the Edgar B. Speer.
7.gott-6-27-10-grw.jpg (73315 bytes)
The Speer, swings to port under the Bluewater Bridge.
8.-gott-6-27-10-grw.jpg (102189 bytes)
Downbound for the Black River.
9.-am-int-6-27-10-grw.jpg (56512 bytes)
American Integrity under the Bluewater Bridge.
10.-am-int-6-27-10-grw.jpg (74338 bytes)
And a final view of the Integrity, downbound.

Marida Mulberry at Prescott Sunday -
Dave Bessant
1-MaridaMulberry-06-27-10-WDB.jpg (53110 bytes)
Marida Mulberry downbound at Prescott
2-MaridaMulberry-06-27-10-WDB.jpg (65970 bytes) 3-MaridaMulberry-06-27-10-WDB.jpg (66063 bytes)
5-MaridaMulberry-06-27-10-WDB.jpg (55799 bytes)
Heading towards Cardinal and further
7-MaridaMulberry-06-27-10-WDB.jpg (40558 bytes)
Stern with pleasure vessels

Rebecca Lynn pushing a barge up the St. Lawrence past Hamilton Island near Cornwall, Ont. June 20 -
Norman Peters
1-Rebecca-Lynn-June-20-2010-NLP.jpg (103582 bytes)        

HMS Bounty at the Port of Rochester, New York June 27 -
Richard Cooper
HMS-BountyDD-6-10-Panorama.jpg (65467 bytes)        

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