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Soo Gathering 20
10 Gallery Part II

Soo Gathering  - Dave Wobser
Engineer's Day
1-Soo-2010.jpg (102537 bytes)
Group photo under the porch of the Lock Visitors Center
2-Soo-2010.jpg (105625 bytes)
Sam Lund entering the MacArhtur Lock down bound.
3-Soo-2010.jpg (72831 bytes)
Sam Laud exiting the Mac Lock
4-Soo-2010.jpg (42864 bytes)
Sam Laud meets Philip R. Clarke below the locks.
5-Soo-2010.jpg (68975 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke sliding the wall into the Poe Lock.
6-Soo-2010.jpg (82983 bytes)
Sign on Clarke's boarding ladder
7-Soo-2010.jpg (77437 bytes)
Clarke's pilothouse crew checking out the spectators
8-Soo-2010.jpg (110008 bytes)
Clarke stern view
9-Soo-2010.jpg (70519 bytes)
Tug Nancy Anne heading into the Poe with the Clarke, followed by Joe Thompson and Charles M. Beeghly
10-Soo-2010.jpg (79073 bytes)
Nancy Anne sliding by the Clarke into the Poe.
11-Soo-2010.jpg (79431 bytes)
Joe Thompson and Joe, Jr. heading into the MacArthur Lock.
12-Soo-2010.jpg (71199 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly waiting for the Clarke to clear the Poe.
13-Soo-2010.jpg (82678 bytes)
Beeghly's steward grilling chicken on the fan tail.
14-Soo-2010.jpg (73888 bytes)
In the Poe Lock board Le Voyageur on the Boatnerd Cruise
15-Soo-2010.jpg (112371 bytes)
More interested Boatnerds
16-Soo-2010.jpg (90874 bytes)
Dinner is served in the lower deck.
17-Soo-2010.jpg (83801 bytes)
Algomarine downbound entering the MacArthur Lock.
18-Soo-2010.jpg (65779 bytes)
Peter R. Cresswell waiting for the Algomarine to clear the Mac Lock.
19-Soo-2010.jpg (122538 bytes)
Checking out the various artifacts at Purvis salvage yard.
20-Soo-2010.jpg (55869 bytes)
Maritime Trader upbound in Soo Harbor.
21-Soo-2010.jpg (60943 bytes)
Stern view
Saturday traffic
1-Soo-6-26-10-djw.jpg (53710 bytes)
Ojibway downbound at Mission Point.
2-Soo-6-26-10-djw.jpg (88452 bytes)
Edgar B. Speer following the Ojibway.
3-Soo-6-26-10-djw.jpg (37674 bytes)
Speer's engine room crew checking out Mission Point crowd.
4-Soo-6-26-10-djw.jpg (77644 bytes)
Speer stern view
5-Soo-6-26-10-djw.jpg (100654 bytes)
American Integrity rounding Mission Point
6-Soo-6-26-10-djw.jpg (73572 bytes)
Integrity stern view
7-Soo-6-26-10-djw.jpg (78288 bytes)
Canadian Provider approaching Mission Point
8-Soo-6-26-10-djw.jpg (44202 bytes)
Wave and a salute from the pilothouse.
9-Soo-6-26-10-djw.jpg (95311 bytes)
Provider stern view
10-Soo-6-26-10-djw.jpg (76723 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson at Mission Point
11-Soo-6-26-10-djw.jpg (75725 bytes)
Stern view of the Pierson
12-Soo-6-26-10-djw.jpg (64008 bytes)
Spruceglen up bound in late afternoon.
13-Soo-6-26-10-djw.jpg (58171 bytes)
Joseph L. Block downbound above the locks at sunset.
Sunday traffic
1-Soo-6-27-10-djw.jpg (58119 bytes)
 Burns Harbor starting down bound after being fog bound at the locks for several hours.
2-Soo-6-27-10-djw.jpg (62396 bytes)
Burns Harbor stern view
3-Soo-6-27-10-djw.jpg (83291 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort appearing out of the overnight fog after several hours at anchor.
4-Soo-6-27-10-djw.jpg (77617 bytes)
Cort stern view
5-Soo-6-27-10-djw.jpg (75860 bytes)
Dorothy Ann Pathfinder up above Mission Point.
6-Soo-6-27-10-djw.jpg (66987 bytes)
Presque Isle leaving the Poe Lock downbound.
7-S00-6-27-10-djw.jpg (62422 bytes)
Supply boat Ojibway with 'two lifts' in the rain for Presque Isle

Soo Gathering -
Glenn Blaszkiewicz
1-CMBeeghly-06-25-10-GHB.jpg (71287 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly
2-CMBeeghly-06-25-10-GHB.jpg (83660 bytes) 1-PRClarke-06-25-10-GHB.jpg (71690 bytes)
Phillip R. Clarke
2-PRClarke-06-25-10-GHB.jpg (81702 bytes) 1-Ojibway-06-26-10-GHB1.jpg (70137 bytes)
2-Ojibway-06-26-10-GHB1.jpg (166437 bytes) 3-Ojibway-06-26-10-GHB1.jpg (76856 bytes) 1-CProvider-06-26-10-GHB.jpg (75545 bytes)
Canadian Provider
2-CProvider-06-26-10-GHB.jpg (57497 bytes) Andrew-06-26-10-GHB.jpg (119667 bytes)
Andrew Constans taking on the Clyde's "Big C" Challenge

LeVoyageur June 25 -  Julie Christiansen
4-LeVoyageur.jpg (87400 bytes)        

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