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June 30, 20

South Chicago Monday and Tuesday - Lou Gerard
DSC_0927_10674.jpg (78275 bytes)
Atlantic Erie loading at Beemsterboer's, from 106th St. bridge.
DSC_0931_10678.jpg (63499 bytes)
Another view of Atlantic Erie loading
DSC_0977_10721.jpg (73492 bytes)
 John J. Boland loading at KCBX on Tuesday morning with a Selvick tug passing.

Monday Soo traffic - Dave Wobser 
1-Soo-6-28-2010-djw.jpg (71009 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. upbound at Mission Point.
2-S00-6-28-2010-djw.jpg (88650 bytes)
 Joseph. H. Thompson and Jr. downbound.
3-Soo-6-28-2010-djw.jpg (100481 bytes)
Closeup of Joe, Jr.
4-Soo-6-28-2010-djw.jpg (67812 bytes)
 Indiana Harbor downbound
5-Soo-6-28-2010-djw.jpg (90407 bytes)
Stern view
6-Soo-6-28-2010-djw.jpg (66889 bytes)
Quebecois rounding Mission Point
7-Soo-6-28-2010-djw.jpg (79730 bytes)
Stern view
8-Soo-6-28-2010-djw.jpg (68967 bytes)
Tug Zeus pushing barge Robert F. Deegan
9-Soo-6-28-2010-djw.jpg (77467 bytes)
Tug Zeus
10-Soo-6-28-2010-djw.jpg (77296 bytes)
Algosoo upbound
11-Soo-6-28-2010-djw.jpg (71418 bytes)
Algosoo stern view
12-Soo-6-28-2010-djw.jpg (85299 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway up bound in the early evening.

Mesabi Miner in Marquette
- Luke Archer
1-MesabiMiner-6-27-10-la.jpg (72381 bytes)
Mesabi Miner backing into position at the LS&I ore dock to unload coal.
2-MesabiMiner-6-27-10.jpg (78414 bytes)
Wide view of the Miner with gulls.
3-MesabiMiner-6-27-10-la.jpg (101993 bytes)
Mesabi Miner at the dock

Green Bay
- Scott Best
1-JGMunson-06-26-10-sb.jpg (68594 bytes)
John G Munson heads up through the Main St Bridge in downtown Green Bay Saturday evening heading to C Reiss coal.
1-KEB-06-29-10-sb.jpg (66519 bytes)
Kaye E Barker inbound Green Bay at Grassy Island.
2-KEB-06-29-10-sb.jpg (64462 bytes)
Into the slip at FRD and ready to unload.

Cedarglen in Lorain Tuesday
- Dave Beach
Cedarglen-6-29-10-db.jpg (79284 bytes)        

Maumee in Cleveland Monday - Paul Magyar
1-MAUMEE-6-28-10-pm.jpg (76219 bytes)        

Buffalo -
Rob Wolcott
1-English-R-6-26-10-rw.jpg.jpg (84124 bytes)
Bow of the English River from the Buffalo River
2-English-R-6-26-10-rw.jpg.jpg (80057 bytes)
Side shot of the English River and all of the equipment used to load/unload her cargo.
3-English-R-6-26-10-rw.jpg.jpg (108931 bytes)
Stern shot of the English River from the Ohio St. bridge.
4-American-M-6-26-10-rw.jpg.jpg (52786 bytes)
The American Mariner as she enters the Buffalo River.
5-American-M-6-26-10-rw.jpg.jpg (39853 bytes)
American Mariner passing the Buffalo light house.
6-American-M-6-26-10-rw.jpg.jpg (73486 bytes)
American Mariner from a rare angle on the Buffalo River lining up with the City Ship canal.
7-American-M-6-26-10-rw.jpg.jpg (78655 bytes)
Peeking out behind the elevator the Mariner makes her way up to General Mills
8-American-M-6-26-10-rw.jpg.jpg (67412 bytes)
Lined up with the dock she slowly proceeds.
9-American-M-6-26-10-rw.jpg.jpg (53664 bytes)
Dropping off another line handler so they can begin to tie up.
10-American-M-6-26-10-rw.jpg.jpg (51661 bytes)
Pouring on a little power to make the dock.
11-American-M-6-26-10-rw.jpg.jpg (59864 bytes)
Boom out, ready to position it up to the hopper.
12-American-M-6-26-10-rw.jpg.jpg (59271 bytes)
The little guy in the raft to the left of the Mariner made the Sheriffs earn their pay on this day. He was followed in by the Sheriffs and told not to get so close to the docking Mariner.
13-American-M-6-26-10-rw.jpg.jpg (96195 bytes)
The Erie County Sheriff patrol boat
14-Rebecca-Lynn-6-26-10-rw.jpg.jpg (41758 bytes)
The tug Rebecca Lynn pours on the power as she exits the Black Rock Lock.
15-Rebecca-Lynn-6-26-10-rw.jpg.jpg (78246 bytes)
The Rebecca Lynn and A-397 head into a beautiful dusk on the Niagara River.

Recent Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick 
1_sag_6_21_10_rb.jpg (110233 bytes)
Saginaw arriving
2_da_path_6_23_10_rb.jpg (91011 bytes)
Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder waiting to load more ore on a foggy afternoon

Recent Detroit Traffic -
Mike Nicholls
RICHELIEUb03062110mn.jpg (38176 bytes)
Richelieu upbound at Fighting Island North Light.
RICHELIEUs11062110mn.jpg (39126 bytes) SAGUENAYRICHELIEUp13062110m.jpg (44590 bytes) SAGUENAYb15062110mn.jpg (40490 bytes)
Saguenay downbound off Zug Island.
SAGUENAYs21062110mn.jpg (36771 bytes)
MARTINPAULRTHONb23062110mn.jpg (42197 bytes)
Rt Hon Paul J Martin downbound at the Ambassador Bridge.
MARTINPAULRTHONs27062110mn.jpg (55597 bytes) fireworksbarges29062110mn.jpg (63756 bytes)
Detroit fireworks barges.
fireworksbarge28062110mn.jpg (71042 bytes) OJIBWAYb31062110mn.jpg (46476 bytes)
Ojibway at the ADM Dock in Windsor.
TITANs37062110mn.jpg (40098 bytes)
Tug Titan at Detroit.
TITANb35062110mn.jpg (37765 bytes) BBCMAINEb12062310mn.jpg (44287 bytes)
BBC Maine off Nicholson's Ecorse.
BBCMAINEb04062310mn.jpg (37709 bytes) BBCMAINEb15062310mn.jpg (40246 bytes)
BBCMAINEb01062310mn.jpg (49725 bytes) HOEYCAROLYNs10062310mn.jpg (48401 bytes)
Tug Carolyn Hoey assisting BBC Maine into Nicholson's.
HOEYCAROLYNb11062310mn.jpg (50927 bytes) CBC1253b17062310mn.jpg (40681 bytes)
Barge CBC 1253 with tanks for the Marathon Refinery.
BOLANDJOHNJb20062310mn.jpg (42148 bytes)
John J Boland downbound off Belanger Park
CARRICKJOHNJb06062510mn.jpg (41541 bytes)
John J Carrick and tug Victorious loading at the Marathon Refinery in the Rouge River.
CARRICKJOHNJs01062510mn.jpg (46592 bytes) VICTORIOUSs02062510mn.jpg (51625 bytes) VICTORIOUSb03062510mn.jpg (50128 bytes) FRANCISJOHNsdd03062610mn.jpg (74539 bytes)
Tug John Francis on Nicholson's Drydock.
ALGOMARINEs01062710mn.jpg (40911 bytes)
Algomarine upbound off Nicholon's Ecorse.
LAUDSAMb03062710mn.jpg (34447 bytes)
Sam Laud upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
LAUDSAMs05062710mn.jpg (38122 bytes) BBCMAINEb05062410mn.jpg (49691 bytes)
BBC Maine at Nicholson's Ecorse.
BBCMAINEs16062310mn.jpg (43107 bytes)
MARITIMETRADERs07062410mn.jpg (44888 bytes)
Maritime Trader upbound off Nicholson's.
CARRICKJOHNJb10062410mn.jpg (47825 bytes)
John J Carrick in Ojibway Anchorage.
ALGOSOOb09062410mn.jpg (29871 bytes)
Algosoo downbound off Mama Juda Shoal.
ALGOSOOs10062510mn.jpg (32436 bytes)  

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