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July 1, 20

Detroit Traffic - Mike Nicholls
KAMINISTIQUAb01063010mn.jpg (46532 bytes)
Kaministiqua downbound off the Rouge Short-Cut Canal.
KAMINISTIQUAs08063010mn.jpg (43857 bytes) ORSULAb11063010mn.jpg (53029 bytes)
Orsula (Marshall Islands) unloading at Nicholson's Detroit.
ORSULAs10063010mn.jpg (55208 bytes) MCKEESONSb14063010mn.jpg (56918 bytes)
Mc Kee Sons Invincible at Sterling Fuel.
MCKEESONSs16063010mn.jpg (54907 bytes) INVINCIBLEs15063010mn.jpg (101703 bytes) MEDEMBORGb21063010mn.jpg (55802 bytes)
Medemborg (Holland) unloading at the old Consol Fuel Dock in Windsor.
MEDEMBORGs23063010mn.jpg (50096 bytes) MARITIMETRADERb25063010mn.jpg (44341 bytes)
Maritime Trader downbound in the Fighting Island Channel.
MARITIMETRADERs27063010mn.jpg (47815 bytes)        

Point Edward/Sarnia/Port Huron traffic -  Marc Dease
1-cuya-6-23-10-a-md.jpg (45211 bytes)
Cuyahoga downbound above 1 & 2 with a load of stone for Sarnia.
2-cuya-6-2310-b-md.jpg (63206 bytes)
Making the Red-D-Mix dock.
3-cmb-6-24-10-a-md.jpg (70106 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly up bound at Port Huron.
4-cmb-6-24-10-b-md.jpg (100443 bytes)
Under the Bluewater Bridges.
5-amar-6-24-10-a-md.jpg (69236 bytes)
Algomarine down bound at Port Huron.
6-amar-6-24-10-b-md.jpg (91388 bytes)
Stern view.
7-mont-6-26-10-md.jpg (38517 bytes)
 Montrealais downbound at 1 & 2. 
8-away-6-28-10-md.jpg (39673 bytes)
Algoway above 1 & 2.
9-miss-6-28-10-a-md.jpg (43636 bytes)
Mississagi down bound above 1 & 2.
10-miss-6-28-10-b-md.jpg (82770 bytes)
Backing into the Government dock. 
11-arep-6-29-10-md.jpg (66758 bytes)
American Republic down bound at Black River.
12-ojib-6-29-10-md.jpg (55999 bytes)
Ojibway up bound at Black River.
13-cant-6-29-10-a-md.jpg (44417 bytes)
Canadian Transfer in the north slip at Point Edward.
14-cant-6-29-10-b-md.jpg (38905 bytes)
Wide view.

South Chicago Wednesday Morning -
Lou Gerard
DSC_0295_11055.jpg (85211 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly coming up Calumet River passing under CN bridge about 6:30 am.
DSC_0312_11072.jpg (64819 bytes)
Beeghly approaching 95th St. bridge.
DSC_0322_11082.jpg (96760 bytes)
Removing hatch covers.
DSC_0336_11094.jpg (85734 bytes)
After clearing 95th St. approaching 5 Bridges.
DSC_0339_11097.jpg (210546 bytes)
Beeghly clearing 5 bridges and Skyway. 6.
DSC_0352_11110.jpg (77718 bytes)
Approaching 100th St. with friends.
DSC_0361_11119.jpg (75823 bytes)
Beeghly approaching her destination of KCBX.
DSC_0376_11134.jpg (83026 bytes)
Docking at KCBX.

Toledo Docks
- Bob Vincent
1-Saginaw-6-29-10-bv.jpg (81216 bytes)
Saginaw coming in
2-Saginaw-6-29-10-bv.jpg (83532 bytes)
Just starting to make its turn by using its bow thruster 
3-Saginaw-6-29-10-bv.jpg (78187 bytes)
Backing under the ship loader
4-Saginaw-6-29-10-bv.jpg (89982 bytes)
Another look
5-Saginaw-6-29-10-bv.jpg (110477 bytes)
Looking at one the telescoping hatch open
6-Saginaw-6-29-10-bv.jpg (77388 bytes)
Loading for Algoma Essar
7-AHuron-6-30-10-bv.jpg (41040 bytes)
Atlantic Huron unloading ore from Seven Islands
8-AHuron-6-30-10-bv.jpg (76866 bytes)
Another look

Welland canal June 28
- Michel Gosselin
1-songa-6-28-10-mg.jpg (59334 bytes)
Songa Opal just left lock 1
2-songa-6-28-10-mg.jpg (54267 bytes)
Stern view
3-fede-6-28-10-mg.jpg (76130 bytes)
Federal Seto just left lock 2
4-fede-6-28-10-mg.jpg (63338 bytes)
Stern view
5-cana-6-28-10-mg.jpg (59286 bytes)
Stern view of Canadian Provider as she's leaving lock 4 east
6-cana-6-28-10-mg.jpg (48940 bytes)
Bow view

Diezeborg upbound at Crossover Island -
Murray Blancher
1-Diezeborg-06-30-10-mb-.jpg (73268 bytes) 2-Diezeborg-30-06-10-.jpg (66207 bytes)      

Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-songaopal-29-06-10-rb.jpg (90293 bytes)
Songa Opal in Iroquois Lock.
2-songaopal-29-06-10-rb.jpg (63403 bytes)
Departing the lock. Her destination was listed as Key West.
3-fedasahi-30-06-10-rb.jpg (75651 bytes)
Federal Asahi sails past Mariatown.
4-avataq-30-06-10-rb.jpg (83549 bytes)
Avataq is changing pilots in Iroquois Lock.
5-avataq-30-06-2010-rb.jpg (83806 bytes)
Avataq heading down the river at Iroquois.
6-avataq-30-06-10-rb.jpg (81635 bytes)
Making the turn below the lock.

Sam Laud upbound to Mittal passing Cleveland Fire Station 21 and the fire boat Anthony J. Celebreeze -
Dave Beach
SLaud-6-30-10-DB.jpg (83217 bytes)        

St Clair River Yachts Wednesday -
Bruce Hurd
101_0196.jpg (82940 bytes)
Cracker Bay
101_0198.jpg (83424 bytes)
 The Reef Chief
101_0201.jpg (83161 bytes)
Cappy's Caper

Wednesday traffic at the Soo
- Dave Wobser
1-Soo-6-30-2010-djw.jpg (74753 bytes)
Tug Zeus and barge Jos. F. Deegan loaded with 360 steel coils headed for Chicago.
2-Soo-6-30-2010-djw.jpg (58994 bytes)
Corps of Engineers tug Whitefish Bay pushing the barge Nicolet down river to the spoil disposal area near Six Mile.
3-Soo-6-30-2010-djw.jpg (91752 bytes)
Whitefish Bay closeup
4-Soo-6-30-2010-djw.jpg (59724 bytes)
Joyce L. VanEnkevort and Great Lakes Trader downbound at Mission Point
5-Soo-6-30-2010-djw.jpg (78510 bytes)
Interesting thruster label on the barge
6-Soo-6-30-2010-djw.jpg (64544 bytes)
Joyce L. profile
7-Soo-6-30-2010-djw.jpg (59800 bytes)
Spruceglen downbound
8-Soo-6-30-2010-djw.jpg (64699 bytes)
 Accommodations block profile
9-Soo-6-30-2010-djw.jpg (87396 bytes)
Note containers on each side of the stack. This may be part of an experimental scrubber system.
10-Soo-6-30-2010-djw.jpg (67851 bytes)
Spruceglen meeting the upbound Algosar below Mission Point.
11-Soo-6-30-2010-djw.jpg (93427 bytes)
Algosar (Ex-Gemini)
12-Soo-6-30-2010-djw.jpg (72421 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha downbound
13-Soo-6-30-2010-djw.jpg (88897 bytes)
Crew storing supplies that were received from the supply boat Ojibway
14-Soo-6-30-2010-djw.jpg (77230 bytes)
Lee A. stern view
15-Soo-6-30-2010-djw.jpg (54007 bytes)
Lee A. passing Four Mile Park

Detroit River -
Joseph Bantau
Algosea-5-5-08-jb.jpg.jpg (53519 bytes)
Algosea upbound Detroit River near Grassy Island in 2008
Atlantic-Erie-4-18-08-jb1.jpg.jpg (59800 bytes)
Atlantic Erie Upbound near Grassy Island in April of 2008
Atlantic-Erie1-4-18-08-jb.jpg.jpg (65518 bytes) BBC-Delaware-4-18-08-jb.jpg.jpg (75305 bytes)
BBC Delaware docked in Windsor -2008
BBC-Elbe-6-17-08-jb.jpg.jpg (79783 bytes)
BBC Elbe upbound near Grassy Island  -2008
BBC-Elbe-and-Eider-6-17-08-jb.jpg.jpg (63996 bytes)
BBC Elbe and Eider pass near Grassy Island - 2008
BBC-India-4-18-08-jb.jpg.jpg (68754 bytes)
BBC India docked in Windsor Ontario. -2008
BBC-Korea2-4-18-08-jb.jpg.jpg (66515 bytes)
BBC Korea gets makeover and becomes Atlantic Pendant while docked in Windsor-2008
BBC-Korea1-4-18-08-jb.jpg.jpg (85158 bytes) BBC-Korea-4-18-08-jb.jpg.jpg (96708 bytes)
BBC-Rosario-4-18-08-jb.jpg.jpg (92022 bytes)
BBC Rosario loaded with Wind Mill parts while in Windsor, Ontario-2008
Burns-Harbor-4-18-08-jb.jpg.jpg (68726 bytes)
Burns Harbor Downbound near Grassy Island - 2008
Burns-Harbor--BBC-Delaware-4-18-08-jb.jpg.jpg (274216 bytes)
Burns Harbor passes BBC Delaware downbound Detroit River near Grassy Island. -2008

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