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July 5, 20


7/5 - Algobay aground in St. Lawrence River - Murray Blancher

Algobay just minutes after grounding

BBC Rio Grande approaching Algobay


Algobay aground at Ironside Island

The river was very hazy this morning hard to get a good shot these were all taken with a 200 mm lens.

7/5 - Algobay aground off Indian Chief Island.
- Viktor Kaczkowski

7/4 - Algobay aground in the St. Lawrence River -

7/5 - Detroit River traffic - Mike Nicholls

American Integrity unloading at Zug Island.

Stern view

Tug Demolen and barge Veler at U.S. Corps of Engineers Dock, Fort Wayne



Tug Victorious and barge John J Carrick at Sterling Fuel Dock.

Victorious stern view

Tug Everlast and barge Norman Mc Leod at Warner Mistersky's Dock.


Norman Mc Leod

Wind turbines at the old Consol Fuel Dock in Windsor.

Federal Power (Cyprus) unloading at the Morterm Dock in Windsor.

Medemborg (Holland) in Ojibway Anchorage.

Stern view

Thalassa Desgagnes upbound above Fighting Island Light

Stern view

Peter R Cresswell upbound off Bob-Lo Island.

Stern view

Clinton downbound in the Amherstburg Channel.


Cuyahoga upbound at the Livingstone crossing


7/5 - Ships transiting the St. Mary's River in the Sailor's Encampment, Johnson's Point area during the Canada Day, 4th of July weekend.- Scott McLellan

Frontenac upbound at Johnson's Point.

Canadian Progress upbound at Johnson's Point

Paul R Tregurtha upbound at Johnson's Point.

Saltwater ship Antikeri upbound at the Dark Hole.

Lee A Tregurtha upbound having just passed Coyle Point

Robert S Pierson turning at Johnson's Point with a cargo for Essar Steel.

Tim S Dool approaching Johnson's Point.

J W Shelley upbound after completing the turn at Johnson's Point

7/5 - July 4th traffic in the St. Marys River
- Herm Klein

Tim S Dool up bound below nine mile point

Tim S Dool stern

Charles M Beeghly down bound below Moon Island

Herbert C Jackson below the Rock Cut

J W Shelley up bound at Mission Point

7/5 - Canada Day in Port Dover
- Shannon Vary


Harry Purvis

Heave Ho

Lef Dover



7/5 - Kaye E. Barker at the Lower Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick

Sunrise arrival

Moving inside the harbor

Backing in to the Shiras Dock

Stern view, unloading stone

7/5 - Charles M Beeghly entering Two Harbors on June 15
- Ben Larson

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