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July 6-7, 20


7/7 - Algobay passing Boldt Castle right before grounding
- Larry Breon

7/7 - Two vessels unloading coal in Marquette on the same night last Friday
- Rod Burdick

. H. Lee White at the Lower Harbor

Charles M. Beeghly at the Upper Harbor

7/7 Recent visitors to Marquette - Lee Rowe

Charles M Beeghly in Marquette July 3.

Lee A Tregurtha July 4.

Manitowoc July 6.

7/6 - Algobay aground in St. Lawrence River northwest of Chippewa Point, NY
-Fritz Hager

Algobay pointed northwest, about 300 yards outside the Seaway channel between Dark Island (Singer Castle) and Indian Chief Island.

Close-up of bulbous bow with depth markings showing about 15 feet of hull under the bow. The stern markings show 27'. The chart shows a 9' shoal and surrounding 15-25' depths just under the #1-2 cargo holds.

Bow-on view of both hooks down. The starboard side anchor chain runs under the hull. Surface and underwater terrain in the immediate area is solid but mostly smooth, gently undulating granite.

Two Algobay crewmembers in a 17' craft with 20 HP engine make for Chippewa Bay, NY boat launch, about 2 miles, in order "to pick up an inspector" of some unsaid capacity and purpose. Other crewmembers suggested the plan is to pull Algobay off the shoal on Tuesday using multiple tugs.

View looking east of the Algobay aground off Indian Chief Island, with the Seaway channel, perpendicular to the boat, and Chippewa Point, NY in the background.

7/6 - Algolake at CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock - Bob Vincent

Loader operator's view of the top of the boom

Side view of boom

Looking forward

Looking aft

Putting the boom out with a inboard bank

Right pedal-trimmer goes counter clockwise, left pedal-trimmer goes clockwise, middle pedal- radio, communication

Another view

Loading for Hamilton

7/6 - The tall ships parade of Sail in Toronto on July 4
.- Michel Gosselin

Redhead at Redpath dock

Police launch

Wm Lyon Mackenzie starting the Parade of Sail





Pathfinder, Algontario and Commodore Straits


Appledore V


Denis Sullivan

Empire Sandy


Roald Amundsen



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