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July 9 - 10, 20

South Chicago - Lou Gerard
CSC_0160_11471.jpg (78429 bytes)
St Marys Challenger unloading at Lake Calumet terminal.
DSC_0185_11496.jpg (73562 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger passing through 106th St. bridge outbound.
DSC_0206_11517.jpg (79663 bytes)
Challenger passing Philip R. Clarke at KCBX.
DSC_0244_11555.jpg (98417 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger clearing 5 bridges approaching 95th St.
DSC_0278_11589.jpg (64663 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke departing KCBX.
 DSC_0307_11618.jpg (112072 bytes)
Clarke coming through 5 bridges.
DSC_0336_11647.jpg (89428 bytes)
Making the bend approaching 92nd St. in nice light.
DSC_0356_11667.jpg (84917 bytes)
Clarke meeting Diezeborg at North American Terminal
DSC_0364_11675.jpg (100631 bytes)
Clarke passing under CN bridge
DSC_0396_11707.jpg (80188 bytes)
Clarke meeting the Wilfred Sykes in Calumet Harbor
DSC_0432_11743.jpg (95010 bytes)
Tug Steven Selvick towing Sykes under CN Bridge
DSC_0441_11752.jpg (47397 bytes)
Wilfred Sykes clear of 92nd St. with passing thunderstorm in distance.
DSC_0452_11763.jpg (39546 bytes)
Sykes waiting for 95th st. bridge under storm clouds at 8:30 pm

Marquette, Mich. -  Luke Archer
1-HCJackson-7-8-10-la.jpg (85647 bytes)
 Herbert C. Jackson arriving at the ore dock using the bow thruster.
2-HCJackson-7-8-10-la.jpg (84330 bytes)
Bow close up
3-HCJackson-7-8-10-la.jpg (68862 bytes)
Jackson making her way along the dock wall.
4-HCJackson-7-8-10-la.jpg (73816 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson stack detail with the 425 and 300 Leslie Tyfon steam whistles.
5-HCJackson-7-8-10-la.jpg (75944 bytes)
Jackson’s boom swung out to make room for the loading process.
6-HCJackson-7-8-10-la.jpg (85584 bytes)
Head on reflection as daylight fades.
7-HCJackson-7-8-10-la.jpg (54381 bytes)
Loading will continue as night falls.

Marquette, Mich. - Lee Rowe
HCJacksonLR07081001.jpg (100217 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson unloading stone at the Shiras Dock.
HCJacksonLR07081008.jpg (101260 bytes)
Jackson loading ore at the upper harbor.

Iroquois Lock - Ron Beaupre
1-ironmaster-08-07-10-rb.jpg (52057 bytes)
Barge Ironmaster loaded with quartzite from Long Pond entering Iroquois Lock.
2-ironmaster-08-07-10-rb.jpg (74006 bytes)
Reliance pushing from behind. They are bound for Hamilton.

Wilfred Sykes in Holland, Mich. - Kevin Hirdes
Wilfred-Sykes-7-9-10-1.jpg (63007 bytes) Wilfred-Sykes-7-9-10-2.jpg (82637 bytes) Wilfred-Sykes-7-9-10-3.jpg (85280 bytes)    

Sarnia July 7 - Dave Noordhoff
1-Limnos-7-7-10-dn.jpg (155090 bytes)
 Limnos upbound under the Blue Water Bridge
2-Limnos-7-7-10-dn.jpg (120519 bytes) 3-Limnos-7-7-10-dn.jpg (75958 bytes) 4-Ptregurtha-7-7-10-dn.jpg (83607 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha downbound
5-Ptregurtha-7-7-10-dn.jpg (86968 bytes)
6-Ptregurtha-7-7-10-dn.jpg (76792 bytes) 7-Ptregurtha-7-7-10-dn.jpg (93144 bytes)      

Mariatown -
Ron Beaupre
1-algosea-07-07-10-rb.jpg (45950 bytes)
Algosea passing Mariatown on her way to New York city.
2-bluebill-07-07-10-rb.jpg (56550 bytes)
 Bluebill heads up the river at Mariatown.
3-bluebill-07-07-10-rb.jpg (61262 bytes)
Bluebill has a load of sugar for Toronto.

Manitowoc at the Upper Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_manit_7_6_10_rb.jpg (94250 bytes)
First visit of the season

Marquette and Washburn
- Roger Lelievre
Jackson-Mqt-7810rl.jpg (77377 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson backs past the old ore dock ad into the Shiras plant in Marquette Thursday.
Mystery-tug.jpg (76437 bytes)
Mystery tug at Washburn, Wis.

Detroit River -
Joseph Bantau
MCT-Arcturus1--6-7-10-jb.jpg.jpg (100949 bytes) MCT-Arcturus-06-7-10-jb.jpg.jpg (74788 bytes) American-Century-7-3-10-jb.jpg (42795 bytes) PaulR-Tregurtha-7-3-10.jpg (49700 bytes) Medemborg-7-4-10-jb.jpg (45587 bytes)
Antikeri1-7-3-10-jb.jpg (58146 bytes) Antikeri2-7-3-10-jb.jpg (81467 bytes) Antikeri-Medemborg-7-3-10-jb.jpg (88976 bytes) Jette-Theresa3-6-28-10-jb.jpg (84129 bytes) Jette-Theresa1-6-28-10-jb.jpg (86814 bytes)

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