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July 11, 20

Algobay drydocked at 4 p.m. Saturday  - Al Howard
Algobay-7.10.2010-ah-a.jpg (82208 bytes) Algobay-7.10.2010-ah-b.jpg (92066 bytes) Algobay-7.10.2010-ah-c.jpg (79036 bytes) Seahound-7.10.2010.ah-a.jpg (105491 bytes) Ecosse-7.10.2010-ah-a.jpg (101049 bytes)
Algobay-7.10.2010-ah-d.jpg (56952 bytes) Algobay-7.10.2010-ah-e.jpg (79754 bytes) Algobay-7.10.2010-ah-f.jpg (95729 bytes)    

St. Marys Challenger at Grand Haven, Michigan -
Sam Parker
Greenville-037.jpg (78295 bytes) Greenville-039.jpg (81479 bytes) Greenville-046.jpg (88667 bytes)    

Paul H. Townsend
- Ben & Chanda McClain
Ptownsd-7-10-10-BCM-03.jpg (84424 bytes)
Paul H. Townsend laid up in Muskegon
Ptownsd-7-10-10-BCM-02.jpg (101691 bytes) Ptownsd-7-10-10-BCM-04.jpg (98045 bytes)
USS LST 393 docked in Muskegon
Ptownsd-7-10-10-BCM-01.jpg (48535 bytes)
Holland Lighthouse

St. Clair River -
Ron Piskor
1-maumee-7-10-10-rp.jpg.jpg (169143 bytes)
Paddling across the St.Clair River as the Maumee approaches.
2-maumee-7-10-10-rp.jpg.jpg (95844 bytes)
Maumee upbound and loaded above Stag Island heading for Milwaukee.
3-maumee-7-10-10-rp.jpg.jpg (146911 bytes)
Broadside to the Maumee from my California longboard Aloha!

Recent Marquette Activity
- Rod Burdick
1_keb_7_6_10_rb.jpg (84877 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker arriving at the Upper Harbor
2_hcj_7_8_10_rb.jpg (92234 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson unloading stone at the Lower Harbor

Fairport Harbor and Cleveland
- Bob Hunter
1-Manistee-7-10-10-RH.jpg (120300 bytes)
Manistee taking on salt at the Morton Dock in Fairport Harbor, Ohio.
2-Manistee-7-10-10-RH.jpg (126269 bytes)
The photos were shot from a WWII bomber, a B-17.
3.WGMather-7-10-10-RH.jpg (110421 bytes)
William G Mather at the Great Lakes Science Center in downtown Cleveland.
4-TallShips-7-10-10-RH.jpg (79520 bytes)
Tall Ships Festival in Cleveland.

- Wayne Brown
1-Misasagi-7-9-10-wb.jpg (109304 bytes)
Mississagi loading in Goderich on Friday.
2-Griff-7-9-10-wb.jpg (130929 bytes)
CCGC Griffon departing Goderich at sunset on Friday.

South Chicago Friday -
Lou Gerard
DSC_0459_11770.jpg (67115 bytes)
|Wilfred Sykes departing KCBX at 8:45 am Friday.
DSC_0474_11785.jpg (83892 bytes)
Sykes approaching 100th St. 
DSC_0480_11791.jpg (64732 bytes)
Pilot House detail
DSC_0503_11814.jpg (91113 bytes)
Stern view clear of 100th and then being delayed by rail traffic on NS. 
DSC_0507_11818.jpg (137121 bytes)
Tug Edward E. Gillen III approaching 95th Bridge
DSC_0516_11827.jpg (229794 bytes)
Sykes passing through 5 Bridges.
DSC_0541_11852.jpg (104427 bytes)
Sykes approaching 95th St. Bridge

DSC_0576_11887.jpg (132826 bytes)
Coming up on 92nd St. bridge pilings.
DSC_0585_11896.jpg (86594 bytes)
 Passing under CN bridge.
DSC_0595_11906.jpg (62098 bytes)
In Calumet Harbor with Capt. Henry Jackman at anchor.

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