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July 12 - 13, 20


Twin Ports traffic Monday - E. Holst
1-alpenab-7-12-10.jpg (68136 bytes)
Alpena inbound off the Duluth Piers
2-alpenast-7-12-10.jpg (75423 bytes)
Alpena blows a salute on her way in
3-alpenaigle-7-12-10.jpg (58260 bytes)
Alpena ties up to the J. A. W. Iglehart
4-vistaking-7-12-10.jpg (96750 bytes)
Harbor tour workhorse Vista King in layup after 32 seasons of service, all in the Duluth-Superior harbor
5-olympspirit-7-12-10.jpg (63953 bytes)
American Spirit passes Canadian Olympic
6-jgmunson-7-12-10.jpg (81833 bytes)
John G. Munson steams out of Duluth for Two Harbors
7-medemborgb-7-12-10.jpg (87960 bytes)
Medemborg approaches Duluth
8-medemborgs-7-12-10.jpg (111746 bytes)
Former name and port of registry are visible on Medemborg's stern
9-edwardhmdm-7-12-10.jpg (111837 bytes)
Heritage tug Edward H. on the assist as Medemborg makes CHS 2
10-cort-7-12-10.jpg (59002 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort clears Superior

Detroit - Mike Nicholls
GRAYFOXsdd01070910mn.jpg (64019 bytes)
Grayfox in Nicholson's Drydock.
ALGOSTEELb03070910mn.jpg (40861 bytes)
Algosteel downbound in the Fighting Island Channel.
ALGOSTEELs04070910mn.jpg (33641 bytes) ALGOCAPEs05070910mn.jpg (40711 bytes)
Algocape downbound in the Fighting Island Channel.

Palembang at Brockville Sunday evening - Dave Bessant
1-Palembang-07-11-10-WDB.jpg (67545 bytes) 2-Palembang-07-11-10-WDB.jpg (95375 bytes) 3-Palembang-07-11-10-WDB.jpg (77065 bytes) 4-Palembang-07-11-10-WDB.jpg (70341 bytes) 5-Palembang-07-11-10-WDB.jpg (63025 bytes)

John J. Boland at the Upper Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette - Rod Burdick
1_jjb_7_10_10_rb.jpg (99846 bytes)
Shifting with a list
2_jjb_7_10_10_rb.jpg (95769 bytes)
Stern view, loading ore

Welland Canal -
Bill Bird
1-Ojibway-07-11-10-a-bb.jpg (66086 bytes)
 Ojibway upbound at Port Robinson
2-Ojibway-07-11-10-b-bb.jpg (67295 bytes)
Stern view entering Welland bypass
3-Victorious&JohnCarrick-07-11-10-a-bb.jpg (76861 bytes)
 Tug Victorious and barge John J Carrick clear of Lock 3
4-Victorious-07-11-10-bb.jpg (59401 bytes)
Tug closeup
5-Victorious&JohnCarrick=07-11-10-b-bb.jpg (60788 bytes)
Stern view heading to the flight locks.
6-Playfair-07-11-10-bb.jpg (101646 bytes)
 Tall ship Playfair awaiting passage in Port Weller harbour
7-JWShelley-07-11-10-a-bb.jpg (57956 bytes)
J.W. Shelley departing Lock 1
8-JWShelley-07-11-10-b-bb.jpg (57290 bytes)
Stern shot preparing to leave Port Weller harbour
9-StenAurora-07-11-10-a-bb.jpg (81087 bytes)
Norwegian tanker Sten Aurora passing through Homer Bridge
10-StenAurora-07-11-10-b-bb.jpg (83334 bytes)
Another view as tanker approaches Lock 3
11-StenAurora-07-11-10-c-bb.jpg (75782 bytes)
Stern view entering the lock

 Manitowoc, Wis. -
Scott Best
1-Badger-07-11-10-sb.jpg (70851 bytes)
The Badger arrives and backs into her dock, note anchor chain from anchor used to steady the bow as she backs up.
1-GJB-07-11-10-sb.jpg (77449 bytes)
Tug Gregory J Bush and barge load stone.
1-PBSMC-07-11-10-sb.jpg (60005 bytes)
A Stern view of the Prentiss Brown and St Marys Conquest rafted to the St Mary's Challenger at the dock.
2-PBSMC-07-11-10-sb.jpg (104199 bytes)
Bow view of the two Port City vessels at Manitowoc.

Songa Ruby moored in the Cheboygan River Sunday -
Dianne Donati
Songa-Ruby-7-11-10-dd.jpg (87900 bytes)        

Last week at St Ignace and the Soo  -
SUGAR-ISLAND-1.jpg (65985 bytes) SUGAR-ILSAND.jpg (72419 bytes) CALLAWAY.jpg (94965 bytes)
Callaway West at the bridge from Point Le Barbe yacht club.
SOO-LOCKS.jpg (117441 bytes)  

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