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July 14, 20

 Recent Duluth / Superior - Mike Sipper
1-AmSpirit-7-10-10-MS.jpg (89136 bytes)
American Spirit arriving Duluth.
2-AmSpirit-7-10-10-MS.jpg (112571 bytes)
American Spirit inside Duluth Harbor.
3-GLT-7-11-10-MS.jpg.jpg (62253 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader departing Duluth.
4-CSLAssiniboine-7-11-10-MS.jpg (74531 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine loading at BN Superior.
5-CanOly-7-11-10-MS.jpg (69529 bytes)
Canadian Olympic departing Duluth.
6-AtlHuron-7-11-10-MS.jpg (94868 bytes)
Atlantic Huron departing Duluth.
7-AtlHuron-7-11-10-MS.jpg (85624 bytes)
Atlantic Huron departing Duluth.
8-SJCort-7-12-10-MS.jpg (63434 bytes)
Stweart J. Cort arriving early morning at BN Superior.
9-SJCort-7-12-10-MS.jpg (76503 bytes)
Shuttles extending out to load the Cort.
10-AMA-7-10-10-MS.jpg (103483 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson unloading stone at CN Duluth.   

Duluth/Superior area over the weekend
- Andy Hansen
1-AMA-7.10.10-AH.jpg (164723 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson unloading Saturday afternoon at Cutler Stone Dock.
2-GLT-7.10.10-AH.jpg (74508 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader out at Duluth Piers, about 10 minutes before a severe thunderstorm hit the area
3-GLT-7.10.10-AH.jpg (54015 bytes)
GLT stern view into better weather
4-Clelia-II-7.10.10-AH.jpg (87213 bytes)
Clelia II at Duluth Convention Center
5-AV-7.10.10-AH.jpg (73428 bytes)
American Victory at Superior
6-AV-7.10.10-AH.jpg (69089 bytes)
American Victory stern
7-Acorn-7.10.10-AH.jpg (46823 bytes)
Adam E. Cornelius at Superior
8-ELR-7.10.10-AH.jpg (71619 bytes)
 Ryerson at Superior
9-ELR-7.10.10-AH.jpg (105249 bytes)
Bow close up of Ryerson

Marquette -
Luke Archer
1-Michipicoten-7-13-10-la.jpg (80121 bytes)
Michipicoten arrives at the LS&I ore dock.
2-Michipicoten-7-13-10-la.jpg (69295 bytes)
Michipicoten using her bow thruster to help stay close to the dock wall.
3-Michipicoten-7-13-10-la.jpg (53904 bytes)
Two ducks get a close look.
4-Michipicoten-7-13-10-la.jpg (96411 bytes)
Tied up and secure at the dock.
5-Michipicoten-7-13-10-la.jpg (74202 bytes)
The boom goes up and the locomotives bring loaded ore cars to the dock.
6-Michipicoten-7-13-10-la.jpg (82109 bytes)
 Loading begins on the Michipicoten.

Green Bay -
Scott Best
1-Mississagi-07-13-10-sb.jpg (75128 bytes)
Mississagi inbound Green Bay.
2-Mississagi-07-13-10-sb.jpg (88874 bytes)
Close up passing the Pulliman Power Plant.
3-Mississagi-07-13-10-sb.jpg (79939 bytes)
Stern view making the turn into the FRD Slip.

Celila III departing Soo Harbor downbound Tuesday - 
Jerry Masson
Celila_1.jpg (81233 bytes)        
Recent Photos - Paul Beesley
1-opp-07-03-10-pb.jpg (75918 bytes)
Ontario Provincial Police helicopter lands at Parry Sound Coast Guard base.
2-gull-07-04-10-pb.jpg (232978 bytes)
Replacing a daymark in the South Channel of Georgian Bay. 
3-anti-07-09-10-pb.jpg (68943 bytes)
Antikeri at Homer bridge, Welland canal.
4-rsp-07-09-10-pb.jpg (86336 bytes)
Robert S Pierson below Lock 4.
5-nad-07-10-10-pb.jpg (83060 bytes)
Nadro tugs waiting to move the Algobay into the drydock.
6-bay-07-11-10-pb.jpg (105415 bytes)
Algobay in the drydock.
7-bay-07-11-10-pb.jpg (118452 bytes)
Algobay & CCGS Samuel Risley.  Sisters in misery.
8-jws-07-11-10-pb.jpg (61591 bytes)
J W Shelley at the Homer bridge.
9-jwc-07-11-10-pb.jpg (77507 bytes)
Mrs C below Lock 1.
10-sten-07-11-10-pb.jpg (58618 bytes)
Sten Aurora upbound toward Lock 1.

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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