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July 15, 20

South Chicago Wednesday morning - Lou Gerard
 CSC_0780_12085.jpg (99160 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger coming through 5 Bridge complex at 6 a.m.
CSC_0769_12078.jpg (143879 bytes)
Clear of 5 bridges. Good reflections this morning
DSC_0700_12011.jpg (102437 bytes)
Wheelhouse detail.
DSC_0714_12025.jpg (63456 bytes)
Approaching 92nd street bridge.
DSC_0723_12034.jpg (74530 bytes)
Passing through 92nd St.
DSC_0726_12037.jpg (122826 bytes)
Stern, stack and steam detail.
DSC_0729_12040.jpg (80535 bytes)
Challenger heading under CN bridge and out to Lake Michigan.
DSC_0760_12071.jpg (111767 bytes)
American Mariner loading at KCBX.

Joseph L. Block in Cedarville Monday -
Ben & Chanda McClain
JBlock-7-12-10-BCM-01.jpg (107611 bytes) JBlock-7-12-10-BCM-02.jpg (100780 bytes) JBlock-7-12-10-BCM-03.jpg (65823 bytes) JBlock-7-12-10-BCM-04.jpg (86345 bytes) JBlock-7-12-10-BCM-05.jpg (77980 bytes)
JBlock-7-12-10-BCM-06.jpg (69404 bytes)        

Monday in Rogers City - Joe Cioletti
rogers-city-081.jpg (135925 bytes)
Pathfinder pulling into the dock
rogers-city-083.jpg (108884 bytes) rogers-city-080.jpg (95063 bytes)
Putting a guy on the dock
rogers-city-085.jpg (90212 bytes) rogers-city-086.jpg (125094 bytes)
rogers-city-119.jpg (117178 bytes)
James L. Kuber pulling in next to the pathfinder
rogers-city-121.jpg (66143 bytes) rogers-city-130.jpg (101842 bytes)
Comparison of the tugs
Mississagi out in the lake later that night  

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-JDLeitch-7-13-10-bv.jpg (63253 bytes)
After unloading iron ore at Torco, John D. Leitch backing down river to the CSX coal dock
2-JDLeitch-7-13-10-bv.jpg (56390 bytes)
Aft deck housing at sunset
3-JDLeitch-7-13-10-bv.jpg (84759 bytes)
Under the coal machine
4-JDLeitch-7-13-10-bv.jpg (73646 bytes)
Another look
5-JDLeitch-7-13-10-bv.jpg (97999 bytes)
Leaving at sunrise
6-JDLeitch-7-13-10-bv.jpg (66483 bytes)
Heading for Hamilton, ON

Recent Detroit and Marblehead, Ohio
- Chuck Wagner
1-Algosoo-7-14-10-cw.jpg (83120 bytes)
Algosoo approaching Jefferson Ave. bridge.
2-Algosso-7-14-10-cw.jpg (59243 bytes)
Algosoo assisted by the tug Wyoming on the stern.
3-RebLyn-7-14-10-cw.jpg (96169 bytes)
Tug Rebecca Lynn pushing barge A-397 following the Algosoo down the Rouge.
 4-JLK-7-14-10-cw.jpg (59236 bytes)
Victory / James L. Kuber loading stone at Marblehead.
5-Mblhd-7-14-10-cw.jpg (103524 bytes)
Close up of the shiploader.
6-USCG-7-14-10-cw.jpg (82922 bytes)
USCG boat passing by ADM grain in Windsor.
  7-Path-7-14-10-cw.jpg (106483 bytes)
Dorothy Ann / Pathfinder after unloading at SeverStal.
9-MarTdr-7-14-10-cw.jpg (54881 bytes)
Maritime Trader downbound on the Detroit River.
8-MarTdr-7-14-10-cw.jpg (74166 bytes) 10-DTW-7-14-10-cw.jpg (95336 bytes)
 Detroit skyline.
11-Wgnbrg-7-14-10-cw.jpg (70130 bytes)
Medemborg unloading windmill parts in Windsor. (98296 bytes)
Algomarine downbound Detroit River.
 13-Front-7-14-10-cw.jpg (106068 bytes)
Frontenac unloading clinker at St. Mary's Cement on the Rouge.
14-Front-7-14-10-cw.jpg (87041 bytes)
Sun getting lower.

Cote Lock -
Kent Malo
Richelieu7-13-10-km.jpg (57254 bytes)
Richelieu at the upper wall of the Cote lock, after after her anchor punctured a hole in the reserve fuel tank, on Monday evening.
JW-Shelley7-13-10-km.jpg (49938 bytes)
J W Shelley waiting toe Seaway to reopen

Michipicoten at the Upper Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_mich_7_12_10_rb.jpg (67389 bytes)
Sunrise arrival
2_mich_7_12_10_rb.jpg (105091 bytes)
Loading ore

Recent Photos from the Welland Canal -
Paul Beesley
1-vict-07-11-10-pb.jpg (104313 bytes)
Victorious and John J Carrick disappear into Lock 2.
2-belleg-07-12-10-pb.jpg (56317 bytes)
Beluga Legislation, ex-Morgenstond II, above Lock 1.
3-belleg-07-12-10-pb.jpg (72476 bytes)
Beluga Legislation approaching Lock 2.
4-csllau-07-12-10-pb.jpg (55348 bytes)
CSL Laurentien below Lock 3 approaching the Homer bridge.
5-isolda-07-12-10-pb.jpg (47703 bytes)
Isolda below the Flight locks.
6-kroon-07-12-10-pb.jpg (67939 bytes)
Kroonborg above Lock 7.
7-kroon-07-12-10-pb.jpg (101388 bytes) 8-palem-07-12-10-pb.jpg (68706 bytes)
Palembang upbound toward Lock 2.
9-palem-07-12-10-pb.jpg (82829 bytes)
450 tonnes.  Heavy by any standard of measurement.
10-palem-07-12-10-pb.jpg (77158 bytes)
Palembang slides the wall into Lock 2.

Salties in the Seaway
- John McCreery
1-Antikeri-7-10-10-jm.jpg (108737 bytes)
Antikeri entering the lock at Iroquois
2-Antikeri-7-10-10-jm.jpg (113621 bytes)
Passage through - No need to tie up as there is no change in the water levels
3-Antikeri-7-10-10-jm.jpg (108680 bytes)
Close up
4-Antikeri-7-10-10-jm.jpg (112961 bytes)
Departing the lock
5-Antikeri-7-10-10-jm.jpg (92091 bytes)
Continuing downbound
6-Sten-Suomi-7-10-10-jm.jpg (89067 bytes)
Sten Suomi downbound
8-Sten-Suomi-7-10-10-jm.jpg (99615 bytes)
9-Sten-Suomi-7-10-10-jm.jpg (77074 bytes)
Stern view

Photos from around the Lakes
- Paul Beesley
1-gull-06-04-10-pb.jpg (106354 bytes)
CCGS Gull Isle Secured in Midland, Ontario.
2-mismid-06-04-10-pb.jpg (98248 bytes)
Miss Midland at her berth.
3-presc-06-04-10-pb.jpg (103141 bytes)
Prescotont in Midland with the decorated grain elevator in the background.
4-presc-06-04-10-pb.jpg (56211 bytes)
Prescotont grow-op.
5-gull-05-27-10-pb.jpg (70108 bytes)
CCGS Gull Isle in Britt, Georgian Bay.
6-eljag-06-16-10-pb.jpg (83058 bytes)
El Jaguar approaching Lock 1, Welland canal.
7-eljag-06-16-10-pb.jpg (139277 bytes)
El Jaguar and barge on their way into Lock 1.
8-gull-06-27-10-pb.jpg (174017 bytes)
How to change a daymark.  Verrrry carefully bring the ship toward the rock until it touches.  Keep engines slow ahead.  Auto pilot on.  Crew ashore to loosen the old tower.  Sling it and lift it off the concrete base.
9-gull-06-27-10-pb.jpg (97468 bytes)
 Install the new tower using the ship's crane.  Secure it.  Sling the old one and lift it on board.  Back away verrrrry carefully.  Tadaaa!
10-gull-05-29-10-pb.jpg (98557 bytes)
 CCGS Gull Isle secured to the rocks for the night.  Sometimes there is not a dock within steaming distance, and with only one navigator on board an anchor watch is not recommended.

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