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July 17, 20

Soo - Greg Barber
1-RBlough-7-16-10-GB.jpg (49143 bytes)
Roger Blough upbound above 6 mile point
2-RBlough-7-16-10-GB.jpg (45611 bytes)
Roger Blough stern shot
3-SClair-7-16-10-GB.jpg (42372 bytes)
 St. Clair downbound.
4-SClairmeeting-blough-7-16-10-GB.jpg (42248 bytes)
St. Clair meeting the Blough.
5-SClair-7-16-10-GB.jpg (53882 bytes)
St. Clair stern shot.
6-MSons-7-16-10-GB.jpg (64732 bytes)
McKee Sons downbound.
7-MSons-7-16-10-GB.jpg (70021 bytes)
McKee Sons with rainbow.
8-SLaud-7-16-10-GB.jpg (64379 bytes)
Sam Laud downbound.
9-SLaud-7-16-10-GB.jpg (46327 bytes)
Sam Laud stem shot.

Kaye E. Barker in Marquette -
Luke Archer
1-KEBarker-7-16-10-la.jpg (62149 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker unloading stone at Shiras in the late morning.
2-KEBarker-7-16-10-la.jpg (72130 bytes)
Close up of stern and unloading boom
3-KEBarker-7-16-10-la.jpg (116523 bytes)
 Kaye Barker on her way from the lower harbor after unloading stone to the upper harbor for LS&I, as seen from Washington   Street downtown.
4-KEBarker-7-16-10-la.jpg (70172 bytes)
The Kaye E. Barker making her way into position at the ore dock.
5-KEBarker-7-16-10-la.jpg (173400 bytes)
Tied up at the dock.
6-KEBarker-7-16-10-la.jpg (75362 bytes)
 Ore dust fills the air as the loading process begins.
7-KEBarker-7-16-10-la.jpg (31297 bytes)
A view from Presque Isle as loading continues. 

Alert passing Mariatown on her way to Goderich -
Ron Beaupre
1-alert-16-07-10-rb.jpg (63512 bytes)
She will load grain for overseas.
2-alert-16-07-10-rb.jpg (66787 bytes)      

James L. Kuber in Cleveland Thursday to unload at Cleveland Bulk Terminal
- Bill Kloss
1-JLKuber-bk-7-15-10.jpg (57243 bytes)
Arriving at the west harbor entrance.
2-Kuber-bk-7-15-10.jpg (95951 bytes)
Heading to the Bulk Terminal.

On Friday the Kaye E Barker brought stone to Marquette's Shiras dock, then moved to the upper harbor for a load of taconite -
Lee Rowe
KEBarkerLR07161012.jpg (97251 bytes) KEBarkerLR07161001.jpg (90007 bytes) KEBarkerLR07161030.jpg (67466 bytes)    

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-roseway-7-15-10-ts-a.jpg (67482 bytes)
2-dsullivan-7-15-10-ts-a.jpg (73244 bytes)
Denis Sullivan
3-europa-7-15-10-ts-a.jpg (86594 bytes)
4-bounty-7-15-10-ts-a.jpg (64487 bytes)
HMS Bounty
5-lynx-7-15-10-ts-a.jpg (66882 bytes)
6-playfair-7-15-10-ts-a.jpg (85160 bytes)
7-baltimore-7-15-10-ts-a.jpg (80376 bytes)
Pride of Baltimore II
8-amundsen-7-15-10-ts-a.jpg (58834 bytes)
Roald Amundsen
9-pathfinder-7-15-10-ts-a.jpg (87056 bytes)
10-appledore-7-15-10-ts-a.jpg (63203 bytes)
Appledore IV
11-madeline-7-15-10-ts-a.jpg (79104 bytes)
1-algoway-7-15-10-ts-a.jpg (74609 bytes)
Algoway outbound at Lake State Railway Bridge passing a lot of traffic
2-algoway-7-15-10-ts-b.jpg (70111 bytes)
Algoway Close up
3-algoway-7-15-10-ts-c.jpg (60173 bytes)
Stern view
4-zeus-7-15-10-ts-a.jpg (61663 bytes)
Tug Zeus and barge Robert F Deegan inbound just past the Front Range
5-zeus-7-15-10-ts-b.jpg (64777 bytes)
Stern view

Tall Ship Parade in Bay City Thursday-
Galen Witham
This was the view from USCG CG25615, a 25 foot RSB, from Station Tawas, with BM1 Joe Komjathy. His crew took me on patrol leading the second group of Tall Ships into Wennona Park.
1.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (122036 bytes)
 Leaving Station Saginaw, and heading out into Saginaw Bay on CG 25615
2.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (113150 bytes)
"Old" Station Saginaw.
3.+bs+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (82833 bytes)
BUSL CG 49422, heading into the bay as Patrol Commander.
4.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (84766 bytes)
CG49422, meeting a Saginaw USCG Auxilary Boat, which is a restored 44 foot Motor Lifeboat.
5.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (53651 bytes)
The Aux 44 laying to, near Station Saginaw's 41 foot Patrol boat, as a storm approaches in the bay.
6.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (78536 bytes)
The Sailing Vessel Europa, heading towards it's "rally" point near light 12.
7.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (71783 bytes)
The Eurpoa, through our windows, as it passes in the channel.
8.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (67594 bytes)
The "Bounty", with a "Bone in her Teeth", near light 12, Saginaw Bay.
9.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (120724 bytes)
The Bounty, overtaking the Ronald Amundsen.
10.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (102582 bytes)
Another view of the overtaking process.
11.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (82027 bytes)
A "Recreation Tug", cuts ahead of the inbound parade.
12.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (173571 bytes)
 The Bounty, meeting the Roseway, off of Essexville.
13.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (100279 bytes)
Onboard CG25615, making the approach to the Lake State Railway Bridge.
14.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (216292 bytes)
The Bounty, making her approach through the Lake State Railway Bridge.
15.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (79372 bytes)
Another view of the Bounty at the bridge.
16.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (136595 bytes)
The Bounty, with the Lynx close behind at the Huron Eastern Bridge.
17.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (101280 bytes)
The Algoway, with a storn hot on her stern approaches the draw at Wennoa Park.
18.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (150496 bytes)
CG49422, as patrol commander off Wennoa Park, as the Tall Ships Dock.
19.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (89051 bytes)
The Algoway eases through the draw, with exacting precision, into the Tall Ships docking area.
20.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (77274 bytes)
Another view of the Algoway.
21.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (113701 bytes)
The Algoway, "bow to bow" with the Bounty.
22.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (104179 bytes)
And with "many salutes" to the crowds, the Algoway makes her way out the river. 
23.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (82525 bytes)
Patrol vessel, CG41466, out of Station Saginaw.
24.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (65305 bytes)
Heading outbound on the Saginaw River, CG25615 heads down to the area were the Algoway will meet the last section of the parade.
25.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (65444 bytes)
A view after overtaking the Algoway.
26.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (88663 bytes)
Another view as we overtake the Algoway.
27.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (78225 bytes)
The Algoway, making her approach on the Lake State Bridge.
28.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (72832 bytes)
 A close up of the Algoway, approaching the draw.
29.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (125092 bytes)
Station Saginaw's CG25510 on patrol.
30.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (117220 bytes)
 The Algoway, meeting the Pride of Baltimore II.
31.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (166475 bytes)
On the CG25615, patrolling the safety zone around the Tall Ships.
32.+bc+sail+7-15-10+grw.jpg (145198 bytes)
BM1 Komjathy on the left, and myself OS1 Witham on the right. In between is the fine crew of Station Tawas' CG25615.

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