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July 18, 20

Goderich Ontario - Bruce Douglas
1-Algomarine-7-16-10-bjd.jpg (71352 bytes)
Algomarine clearing soon.
2-Algomarine-7-16-10-bjd.jpg (98154 bytes)
View from the castle.
3-Algomarine-7-16-10-bjd.jpg (83017 bytes)
View from the South Pier.
4-Algomarine-7-16-10-bjd.jpg (82030 bytes)
Clearing fully-loaded at 3 p.m.
5-Sifto-7-16-10-bjd.jpg (85214 bytes)
New Sifto Storage - nears completion.

Saturday at the Soo -
Jeff & Greg Barber
1-CNavigator-7-17-10-GB.jpg (69148 bytes)
Canadian Navigator downbound in the early morning
2-BLegislation-7-17-10-GB.jpg (63976 bytes)
Beluga Legislation upbound.
3-CTranportation-7-17-10-GB.jpg (68826 bytes)
Canadian Transport downbound below mission point.
4-KEBarker-7-17-10-GB.jpg (70402 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker downbound.
5-ARepiblic-7-17-10-GB.jpg (61246 bytes)
American Republic tying up at the carbide dock.
6-BHarbor-7-17-10-GB.jpg (43359 bytes)
Burns Harbor downbound.
7-ARepublic-7-17-10-GB.jpg (52984 bytes)
American Republic underway
8-LETregurtha-7-17-10-GB.jpg (47291 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha upbound in the evening.
9-Medemborg-7-17-10-GB.jpg (60253 bytes)
Medemborg downbound.

Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_lat_7_14_10_rb.jpg (113761 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha at the ore dock and Tug Bee Jay
2_mich_7_16_10_rb.jpg (88327 bytes)
Michipicoten backing away from the ore dock

St. Clair River July 15 & 16 -
Dawn C. Roberts
1-Buff-7-15-20-dr.jpg (30317 bytes)
Buffalo under storm clouds off Lexington, MI
2-Buff-7-15-10-dr.jpg (69013 bytes)
Buffalo at the Bluewater Bridges
3-Hlwhite-7-16-10-dr.jpg (65227 bytes)
H. Lee White at Roberts Landing
4-Cslniag-7-16-10-dr.jpg (46842 bytes)
CSL Niagara at Roberts Landing
5-Saltie-7-16-10-dr.jpg (43519 bytes)
Saltie passing Algonac State Park
6-Griffon-7-16-10-dr.jpg (65427 bytes)
7-Aleast-7-16-10-dr.jpg (54212 bytes)
8-Anglad-7-16-10-dr.jpg (56328 bytes)
Anglian Lady & barge
9-Aminteg-7-16-10-dr.jpg (57003 bytes)
American Integrity
10-Vic-7-16-10-dr.jpg (44813 bytes)
Tug Victory & barge James L. Kuber

St. Lawrence Morrisbourg park -
Murray Blancher
1-Canadian-Emporess-07-15-10-mb-.jpg (40230 bytes)
Canadian Empress downbound
2-BBC-Rio-Grande-07-16-10-mb-.jpg (73771 bytes)
BBC Rio Grande downbound
3--Orsula-07-17-10-mb-.jpg (79449 bytes)
Orsula downbound
4-Orsula-07-17-10-mb-.jpg (58939 bytes) 5-Federal-Pioneer-07-17-10-mb-.jpg (79527 bytes)
Federal Pioneer upbound

Seaway at
Kahnawake - Kent Malo
OceanHercule7-17-10-km-b.jpg (70635 bytes)
Ocean Georgie Bains Under the Mercier Bridge at Kahnawake above the Cote lock acting as steering for Camilla Desgagnes, down bound in the St Lawrence Seaway
CamillaDesgagnes7-17-10-km-b.jpg (51522 bytes)
Dead ship Camilla  Desgagnes  down the Seaway at Kahnawake to Cote Ste Catherine long wharf.
GeorgieBains7-17-10-km-c.jpg (74504 bytes)
Ocean Georgie Bains acting as steering for
Camilla Desgagnes, down bound in the St Lawrence Seaway

American Republic at the Carbide Dock in the Soo Saturday for unspecified repairs - Roger LeLievre
AmRepublic-71710rl.jpg (85905 bytes) AmRepublic-71710rl-2.jpg (71834 bytes)      

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