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July 19, 20

Welland Sunday - Bill Bird
1-Clelia2-07-18-10-a-bb.jpg (76655 bytes)
Passenger ship Clelia 2, registered in Malta, approaching Glendale Avenue bridge.
2-Cliela2-07-18-10-b-bb.jpg (71307 bytes)
Stern shot heading to Lock 4
3-RobertSPierson-07-18-10-a-bb.jpg (62199 bytes)
Robert S Pierson approaching Homer bridge.
4-RobertSPierson-07-18-10-b-bb.jpg (104171 bytes)
Stern shot exiting Lock 2
5-Ramira-07-18-10-a-bb.jpg (73980 bytes)
Swedish tanker Ramira clear of Lock 2
6-RamiraVictorious-07-18-10-bb.jpg (103048 bytes)
Passing entry above Lock 2 with Ramira meeting Tug Victorious and barge John J Carrick
7-Victorious&JohnCarrick-07-18-10-bb.jpg (74267 bytes)
Stern view of tug and barge
8-Orla-07-18-10-a-bb.jpg (76185 bytes)
Polish freighter Orla heading towards Lock 2
9-Orla-07-18-10-b-bb.jpg (73731 bytes)
Stern shot

Twin Ports traffic last week
- E. Holst
1-maplegl-7-14-10-eh.jpg (81044 bytes)
Mapleglen inbound to load coal for Belledune, NB
2-joeblock-7-14-10-eh.jpg (66571 bytes)
Joseph L. Block inbound with limestone for CN/Missabe
3-saginaw-7-16-10-eh.jpg (70925 bytes)
Saginaw clears Superior with taconite pellets
4-tadous-7-16-10-eh.jpg (80665 bytes)
CSL Tadoussac arrives to take Saginaw's place at BNSF

Welland canal traffic -
Michel Gosselin
3-alert-7-17-10-mg.jpg (66733 bytes)
Alert tied up in lock 7
4-alert-7-17-10-mg.jpg (63949 bytes)
stern view after leaving lock 7

Grand Haven Saturday -
Jeff Mast
1-Sykes-7-17-10-jtm.jpg (55199 bytes)
Sykes approaches prior to turning for back in as the crowds wait
2-Sykes-7-17-10-jtm.jpg (52073 bytes)
Backing in past lighthouses at dusk
3-Sykes-7-17-10-jtm.jpg (50333 bytes)
Backing through downtown area under the moon passing pleasure craft
4-Sykes-7-17-10-jtm.jpg (52422 bytes)
Spotlight casts a blue beam astern

Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder leaving Marquette after loading taconite -
Lee Rowe
DAnnPathfinderLR07171015.jpg (59930 bytes) DAnnPathfinderLR07171029.jpg (46470 bytes)      

Ramira -
Jack Zulerons
ramira-07-18-10-jz.jpg (84879 bytes)        

Eastern Ontario
- John McCreery
1-Roman-7-2-10-jm.jpg (123043 bytes)
Stephen B Roman at Picton
2-Glenora-7-2-10-jm.jpg (112600 bytes)
Ferry Glenora at Glenora
3-Glenora-7-7-10-jm.jpg (147833 bytes)
Full view leaving the Glenora Dock
4-Wolfe-IslanderIII-7-2-10-jm.jpg (124684 bytes)
Wolfe Islander III at Kingston
5-Cutty-Sark-7-2-10-jm.jpg (78746 bytes)
Model of the Tea Clipper Cutty Sark in the museum Gananoque
6-Thousand-IslanderIII-7-2-10-jm.jpg (82383 bytes)
Thousand Islander III at Gananoque
7-Thousand-IslanderII-7-2-10-jm.jpg (115431 bytes)
 Thousand Islander II
8-Algosoo-7-7-10-jm.jpg (80715 bytes)
Algosoo arriving at the cement plant in Bath
9-Algosoo-7-7-10-jm.jpg (66769 bytes)
At the dock with slag loaded at Hamilton
10-Husky-7-7-10-jm.jpg (75711 bytes)
Tug Husky at Picton
11-Ida-M-7-10-10-jm.jpg (98645 bytes)
 Ida M at Rockport
12-Edith-Gauthier-7-10-10-jm.jpg (110838 bytes)
Edith Gauthier at the east entrance to the Galop Canal
13-Edith-Gauthier-7-10-10-jm.jpg (91738 bytes)
Stern view showing her home port as Midland

Ferries and Fishtugs at Glenora, Picton and Le Revenante at Prescott
- Dave Bessant
1-GlenoraQuinteLoyalist-07-15-10-WDB.jpg (88945 bytes)
M.V.Glenora and M.V. Quinte Loyalist ferries at Glenora, Picton
2-Steelcraft-07-15-10-WDB.jpg (129865 bytes)
Fishtug Steelcraft of Owen Sound at the ferry crossing with another.
3-RevenanteFairJeanne-07-15-10-WDB.jpg (96132 bytes)
La Revenante docked at Prescott on Friday before heading over to Ogdensburg for Founder's Day and the re-enactment of the French and Indian wars on the weekend. Behind her is the Fair Jeanne of Ottawa.
4-Revenante-07-15-10-WDB.jpg (118365 bytes)
La Revenante Figurehead
5-Revenante-07-15-10-WDB.jpg (100326 bytes)
One of the cannons on board

Iroquois and Morrisburg Saturday -
Dave Bessant
1-JDLeitch-07-18-10-WDB.jpg (73786 bytes)
John D Leitch seen from the beach at Iroquois after leaving the lock downbound.
2-JDLeitch-07-18-10-WDB.jpg (112342 bytes)
John D Leitch seen behind the vegetation on her way to Morrisburg
5-JDLeitch-07-18-10-WDB.jpg (88327 bytes)
John D Leitch at Loyalist Park
6-JDLeitch-07-18-10-WDB.jpg (71740 bytes)
Heading to Morrisburg
7-JDLeitchTSDool-07-18-10-WDB.jpg (63352 bytes)
John D Leitch stern view with Tim S Dool upbound and approaching in the distance.
8-Police-07-18-10-WDB.jpg (107490 bytes)
Police boat racing by the park
9-JDLeitchPoliceTSDool-07-18-10-WDB.jpg (55670 bytes)
John D Leitch and the police boat and Tim S Dool.
10-TimSDool-07-18-10-WDB.jpg (68332 bytes)
Tim S Dool approaching Loyalist park, midway between Morrisburg and Iroquois, a good place for viewing the vessels.
11-TimSDool-07-18-10-WDB.jpg (68265 bytes) 12-TimSDool-07-18-10-WDB.jpg (112624 bytes)
Heading to the lock at Iroquois
13-TimSDool-07-18-10-WDB.jpg (93271 bytes)
Tim S Dool lining up to enter Iroquois lock with the Edith Gauthier tied up at the old canal.

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