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July 21, 20


Recent Welland Canal Photos
-  Paul Beesley
1-bay-7-20-10-pb.jpg (86255 bytes)
Algobay in the drydock in Port Weller.
2-ris-7-20-10-pb.jpg (71097 bytes)
CCGS Samuel Risley after leaving the drydock in Port Weller.
3-ris-7-20-10-pb.jpg (87337 bytes)
The Risley approaches the fit-out wall while the Algobay continues to be worked on.
4-fedpio-7-20-10-pb.jpg (68860 bytes)
Federal Pioneer inbound toward Lock 1.
5-grayfox-7-20-10-pb.jpg (76892 bytes)
SCS Grayfox below Lock 2.  I think the guy on the bulwarks is in a Canadian uniform.
6-grayfox-7-20-10-pb.jpg (85315 bytes)
SCS Grayfox approaching Lock 1.
7-grayfox-7-20-10-pb.jpg (56678 bytes)
She is flying the Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps ensign.
8-grayfox-7-20-10-pb.jpg (81007 bytes)
Approaching Lock 1.
1-steel-7-14-10-pb.jpg (75482 bytes)
Algosteel clear of Lock 1.
2-cuyah-7-17-10-pb.jpg (78178 bytes)
Cuyahoga below Lock 2.
3-cuyah-7-17-10-pb.jpg (62376 bytes)
 Cuyahoga approaching Lock 1.
4-estad-7-17-10-pb.jpg (84977 bytes)
Esta Desgagnes waiting in Lock 7 for a downbounder.
5-estad-7-17-10-pb.jpg (59818 bytes)
Esta Desgagnes, ex-Emerald Star, clear of the lock.
6-estad-7-17-10-pb.jpg (147230 bytes)
Esta's bow.
7-estad-7-17-10-pb.jpg (83410 bytes)
Company insignia on a placard on the stack.
8-sagin-7-19-10-pb.jpg (75821 bytes)
Saginaw sliding the wall toward Lock 7.
9-sagin-7-19-10-pb.jpg (34905 bytes)
Looking through the Engine Room of the Saginaw.  Most Lakers now have some sort of barrier at these openings.

Algoway downbound above Fighting Island North Light - Mike Nicholls
ALGOWAYb09072010mn.jpg (31347 bytes) ALGOWAYs10072010mn.jpg (35759 bytes)      

Marquette -
Luke Archer
1-JRBarker-7-20-10-la.jpg (64921 bytes)
James R. Barker unloading coal in the early morning
2-JRBarker-7-20-10-la.jpg (96739 bytes)
Another view
3-KEBarker-7-20-10-la.jpg (53948 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker arriving at the ore dock as the rain moves in.
4-KEBarker-7-20-10-la.jpg (103085 bytes)
Head on as the Kaye E. Barker ties up.

Bronte, Ont.
- Eric Holmes
1-Glen-07-20-10-eh.jpg (66284 bytes)
Glen docked at the Petro Canada Piers in Bronte Ontario.
2-Glen-07-20-10-eh.jpg (68940 bytes)
Another view.

Soo Tuesday -
Greg Barber
1-LATregurtha-7-20-10-GB.jpg (54631 bytes)
Lee A. Tregurtha downbound in little rapids cut
2-SJCort-7-20-10-GB.jpg (62046 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort downbound in west neebish channel

Alpena was in Cleveland -
Bill Kloss
1-Alpena-bk-7-19-10.jpg (84181 bytes) 2-Alpenabow-bk-7-19-10.jpg (62594 bytes) 3-Alpenastern-bk-7-19-10.jpg (74109 bytes)    

Both Barkers were in Marquette on Tuesday. 
James R. delivering coal, Kaye E. taking on taconite - Lee Rowe
KEBarkerLR07201007.jpg (89679 bytes) JRBarkerLR07201006.jpg (103336 bytes)

Seaway -
Ron Beaupre
1-alder-18-07-10-rb.jpg (79751 bytes)
 USCG Alder above Iroquois Lock.
2-alder-18-07-10-rb.jpg (87154 bytes)
Entering the lock. She is heading for the sea.
3-glen-18-07-10-rb.jpg (71130 bytes)
 The Glen sliding the approach wall entering Iroquois Lock.
4-black-20-07-10-rb.jpg (69508 bytes)
CCGS Martha L Black passing Mariatown and heading for the drydock at Port Weller.
5-pass-20-07-10-rb.jpg (39508 bytes)
 J W Shelley salutes Ojibway as they pass at Mariatown.

Fish tugs -
Garrett LaFrance
mrminor.jpg (31386 bytes)
 Mr. Minor at Port Stanley Ontario
mrminor2.jpg (31815 bytes) cosley-bros..jpg (46332 bytes)
Cosely tied up at Port Stanley Ontario

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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