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July 23, 20

Welland canal traffic Thursday - Michel Gosselin
1-pale-7-22-10-mg.jpg (90745 bytes)
Palembang leaving Lock 1
2-pale-7-22-10-mg.jpg (83084 bytes) 3-sam-7-22-10-mg.jpg (67485 bytes)
Samuel Risley tied up below Lock 1
4-sam-7-22-10-mg.jpg (90773 bytes) 5-flin-7-22-10-mg.jpg (66379 bytes)
Flinterstream departing Lock 7
6-flin-7-22-10-mg.jpg (58354 bytes) 7-allie-7-22-10-mg.jpg (64165 bytes)
Allie B, JMC 2511 and Ecosse.
8-allie-7-22-10-mg.jpg (130974 bytes)
Allie B. is about to enter Lock 3.
9-jmc-7-22-10-mg.jpg (133278 bytes)
JMC 2511
10-eco-7-22-10-mg.jpg (112835 bytes)

Alpena moored at the Toledo Shipyard while Privateer Schooner Lynx arrives in Toledo -
Paul C. LaMarre III
IMG_5362.jpg (59656 bytes) IMG_5366.jpg (113515 bytes) IMG_5380.jpg (53248 bytes)    

Mariatown and Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-arcticsea-22-07-10-rb.jpg (48450 bytes)
Arctic Sea passing Canada Island below Mariatown.
2-arcticsea-22-07-10-rb.jpg (53568 bytes)
Arctic Sea stack and accommodations.
3-arcticsea-22-07-10-rb.jpg (62828 bytes)
Arctic Sea taking Iroquois Lock on-the-fly.
4-arcticsea-22-07-10-rb.jpg (60167 bytes)
Stern view.

Brockville Thursday evening - 
Dave Bessant
1-Cuyahoga-07-22-10-WDB.jpg (68146 bytes)
Cuyahoga with Arctic Sea behind her approaching Brockville upbound
2-Cuyahoga-07-22-10-WDB.jpg (94367 bytes)
Cuyahoga saluting
3-Cuyahoga-07-22-10-WDB.jpg (106292 bytes) 4-Cuyahoga-07-22-10-WDB.jpg (94750 bytes) 5-Cuyahoga-07-22-10-WDB.jpg (98751 bytes)
Cuyahoga stern, heading into the Narrows
6-ArcticSea-07-22-10-WDB.jpg (74767 bytes)
Arctic Sea (Bridgetown) approaching Blockhouse Island
7-ArcticSea-07-22-10-WDB.jpg (100905 bytes) 8-ArcticSea-07-22-10-WDB.jpg (71028 bytes) 9-ArcticSea-07-22-10-WDB.jpg (71204 bytes)  

Ludington Sunday
1-Zeus-and-Robert-F-Deegan.jpg (76488 bytes)
Tug Zeus and its barge Robert F Deegan in Ludington Harbor headed for the OxyChem (formerly Dow Chemical) dock.
2-LambertSpiritNSalvor.jpg (50788 bytes)
Salvor and Lambert Spirit
3-SalvorInTheNotch.jpg (61196 bytes)
4-SpiritNSalvor.jpg (71737 bytes) 5-DeeganZeusLambertSpirit.jpg (76775 bytes)
6-LambertSpiritNZeus.jpg (86273 bytes)        

Detroit River Traffic
- J. Bantau
Beeghley-Jackson-07-2010.jb.jpg (92897 bytes)
Beeghly and Jackson pass each other at the mouth of the Rouge River.
Beluga-Legislation-07-14-10jb.jpg (66812 bytes)
Beluga Legislation in Windsor, Ontario
Clelia-II-7-19-10jb.jpg (65817 bytes)
Clelia II upbound Detroit River.
EstaDesgagnes-07-2010-jb.jpg (73268 bytes)
Esta Desgagnes docked in Windsor, Ontario.
John-Munson-07-2010.jb.jpg (85286 bytes)
John Munson backs out of the Rouge River

Tall ship Bounty in Soo, Ont. -
Jerry Masson
Bounty_1.jpg (60688 bytes) figurehead_1.jpg (60979 bytes)      

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