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July 24, 20

St. Marys Challenger at South Chicago Friday Morning - Lou Gerard
DSC_0246_12557.jpg (42184 bytes)
St. Marys Challenger in Calumet Harbor at sunrise.
CSC_0486_12791.jpg (138634 bytes)
Another view in Calumet Harbor.
DSC_0345_12656.jpg (94593 bytes)
Challenger passing KCBX
DSC_0371_12682.jpg (84884 bytes)
Approaching 106th St.
DSC_0392_12703.jpg (94499 bytes)
Tug Bonnie Selvick follows close behind at 106th St.
DSC_0428_12739.jpg (64808 bytes)
Taking the bend at 126th St.
DSC_0456_12765.jpg (73179 bytes)
Challenger clearing NS and Torrence Ave bridges.
DSC_0463_12772.jpg (54458 bytes)
Entering Lake Calumet and almost to the "Sheds" for temporary layup.

Robert S. Pierson waiting to load at Marquette -
Lee Rowe
RSPiersonLR07221001.jpg (108839 bytes) RSPiersonLR07221008.jpg (76833 bytes)      

St. Lambert Lock
- Michel Saint-Denis
1-Algosar100716msd.jpg (64771 bytes)
Algosar was downbound
2-Algosar100716msd.jpg (58188 bytes) 3-North-Fighter100716msd.jpg (66811 bytes)
North Fighter was downbound
4-North-Fighter100716msd.jpg (62022 bytes) 5-BBC-Mississipi100716msd.jpg (52882 bytes)
BBC Mississippi was upbound
6-BBC-Mississipi100716msd.jpg (51309 bytes) 7-Songa-Ruby100716msd.jpg (53511 bytes)
Songa Ruby was downbound
8-Songa-Ruby100716msd.jpg (48548 bytes) 9-Songa-Ruby100716msd.jpg (43779 bytes) 10-Vega-Desgagnes100716msd.jpg (43244 bytes)
Vega Desgagnes was upbound
11-Vega-Desgagnes100716msd.jpg (49854 bytes) 12-John-B-Aird100716msd.jpg (52725 bytes)
John B. Aird downbound
13-John-B-Aird100716msd.jpg (49429 bytes) 14-Melissa-Desgagnes100716msd.jpg (67791 bytes)
Melissa Desgagnes (former Ontadoc) upbound
15-Melissa-Desgagnes100716msd.jpg (54256 bytes)
16-Cedarglen100716msd.jpg (58880 bytes)
Cedarglen was downbound
17-Cedarglen100716msd.jpg (57175 bytes) 18-Algocape100716msd.jpg (52285 bytes)
Algocape was upbound
19-Algocape100716msd.jpg (60479 bytes) 20-Algocape100716msd.jpg (61471 bytes)
21-Rebecca-Lynn100716msd.jpg (67621 bytes)
Rebecca Lynn downbound
22-Federal-Pioneer100716msd.jpg (49369 bytes)
Federal Pioneer upbound
23-Federal-Pioneer-stack100716msd.jpg (59857 bytes) 24-Federal-Pioneer100716msd.jpg (65763 bytes) 25-Algosteel100716msd.jpg (56545 bytes)
Algosteel was downbound.
26-Algosteel100716msd.jpg (85364 bytes)        

Port Huron Thursday -
Galen Witham 
1.-victory-7-22-10-grw.jpg (121424 bytes)
Tug Victory, with the bare James Kuber, upbound at Port Huron
2.-mississ-7-22-10-grw.jpg (87783 bytes)
Mississagi, underway from the Sarnia Government Dock.
3.-mississ-7-22-10-grw.jpg (115072 bytes)
Mississagi, upbound, under the bridge, enroute to Goderich, Ont.
4.-sag-7-22-10-grw.jpg (85779 bytes)
Saginaw, above the Black River.
5.-sag-7-22-10-grw.jpg (130932 bytes)
Saginaw, moving under the Bluewater Bridge.
6.-fed-sag-7-22-10-grw.jpg (97816 bytes)
Federal Saguenay, following close behind the Saginaw.
7.-fed-sag-7-22-10-grw.jpg (133867 bytes)
Federal Saguenay, upbound, with the Pilot Boat Huron Belle, ahead, ready for the pilot exchange.
8.-fed-sag-7-22-10-grw.jpg (83140 bytes)
The Huron Belle, alongside the Federal Saguenay, exchanging pilots for her upbound transit of Lake Huron.
9.-manitowoc-7-22-10-grw.jpg (91714 bytes)
Close behind the Federal Saguenay, the Manitowoc follows upbound for the lake.
10.-pilot-7-22-10-grw.jpg (127521 bytes)
The Huron Belle, returning from the pilot exchange, passes the Manitowoc.
11.-manitowoc-7-22-10-grw.jpg (99064 bytes)
Manitowoc heads out into the Lake.
12.-kaye-bark-7-22-10-grw.jpg (79011 bytes)
Downbound, the Kaye E. Barker, makes her turn under the bridge.
13.-kaye-barker-7-22-10.jpg (86729 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker, downbound for the Black River.
14.-am-rep-7-22-10-grw.jpg (88825 bytes)
After waiting for the Barker, was the American Republic, shown upbound for the bridge.
15.-am-rep-7-22-10-grw.jpg (83773 bytes)
American Republic heads out into Lake Huron.
16.-niagara-7-22-10-grw.jpg (81181 bytes)
The Brig Niagara, alongside the Pilot Boat, below the bridge.
17.-niagara-7-22-10-grw.jpg (108034 bytes)
The Brig Niagara, upbound at the bridge.
18.-bbc-rio-7-22-10-grw.jpg (91742 bytes)
The Huron Belle, proceeding upbound for the pilot exchange with the BBC Rio Grande, which is following close behind.
19.-bbc-rio-7-22-10-grw.jpg (86047 bytes)
The BBC Rio Grande, with windmill part on her deck.
20.-bbc-rio-7-22-10-grw.jpg (65375 bytes)
The exchanging of pilots has begun, as the BBC Rio Grande heads out into the lake.  If you look closely, you can see the pilot, heading up the ladder on the port side of the Grande.

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