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July 25, 20

Hamilton Friday - John McCreery
1-Trader-Shelley-7-23-10-jm.jpg (95350 bytes)
J W Shelley tops up her grain cargo while Maritime Trader sits idle
2-Shelley-7-23-10-jm.jpg (71674 bytes)
The Shelley backed away from pier 25 and now makes her turn
3-Shelley-7-23-10-jm.jpg (77554 bytes)
Turned for her approach to the Burlington Canal
4-Shelley-7-23-10-jm.jpg (123332 bytes)
Under the Bridges
5-Shelley-7-23-10-jm.jpg (89014 bytes)
Out onto the lake - destination Port Cartier
6-Energy-7-23-10-jm.jpg (109005 bytes)
Hamilton Energy returning from Port Weller
7-Spence-7-23-10-jm.jpg (130289 bytes)
Tug John Spence
8-ArcticSea-7-23-10-jm.jpg (91431 bytes)
Arctic Sea makes port with steel coils from Spain
9-Arctic-Sea-7-23-10-jm.jpg (84095 bytes)
10-Arctic-Sea-7-23-10-jm.jpg (115994 bytes)
Stern view at the Bridges - after unloading her destination is Westport, Maine
11-Montrealais-7-23-10-jm.jpg (62373 bytes)
Montrealais arriving with ore for Dofasco
12-Montrealais-7-23-10jm.jpg (68566 bytes)
Closeup from the north pier - the south pier towards the lake now closed to the public while reconstruction occurs. A sign indicates the work will take 6 months

Robert S. Pierson at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_rsp_7_22_10_rb.jpg (97007 bytes)
Arriving at the ore dock
2_rsp_7_22_10_rb.jpg (117754 bytes)
Stern view

Detroit Traffic -
Mike Nicholls
JMC2511ALLIEBb02072410mn.jpg (57461 bytes)
Barge JMC 2511 and tug Allie B at the old Detroit Lime Dock in the Rouge River 7/24.
JMC2511ALLIEBs04072410mn.jpg (52022 bytes) KUBERJAMESLVICTORYb05072410.jpg (49694 bytes)
Tug Victory and barge James L. Kuber
KUBERJAMESLVICTORYs06072410.jpg (43694 bytes) BBCMISSISSIPPIb01072310mn.jpg (27524 bytes)
BBC Mississippi downbound in the Ballards Reef Channel 7/23.
BBCMISSISSIPPIs02072310mn.jpg (40360 bytes) BELGALEGISLATIONb12072310mn.jpg (26466 bytes)
Beluga Legislation downbound in the Fighting Island Channel.
ISLEROUGEb03072310mn.jpg (79848 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Isle Rouge at the Amherstburg Coast Guard Station.
RISLEYSAMELb07072310mn.jpg (37573 bytes)
C.C.G.S. Samuel Risley at the Livingstone Channel Crossing.
RISLEYSAMELs10072310mn.jpg (45140 bytes)
FLINTERSTREAMb15072310mn.jpg (44220 bytes)
Flinterstream in Ojibway Anchorage.
CANADIANNAVIGATORb05072210m.jpg (38985 bytes)
Canadian Navigator upbound at Fighting Island South Light 7/22.
CANADIANNAVIGATORs06072210m.jpg (35469 bytes)    

Tall ship Europa arrived in Marquette Saturday evening to the delight of a large crowd -
Lee Rowe
EuropaLR07241001.jpg (88314 bytes) EuropaLR07241014.jpg (109488 bytes) EuropaLR07241026.jpg (76626 bytes)    

Halifax -
Mac Mackay
1-Al-guard-7-23-10-mm.jpg (80763 bytes)
Algoma Guardian, now  flying the Canadian flag and registered in St. Catharines.
2-Alder-7-24-10-mm.jpg (82549 bytes)
USCG Alder arriving in Halifax for a courtesy call.

Tugs lined up at the Owen Sound elevator for a group picture - J. Mackay
O-S--Tugs-2010-023.jpg (89360 bytes)        

Algoway in Alpena -
Ben & Chanda McClain
algwy-7-24-10-BCM-01.jpg (58621 bytes)
Algoway out in the bay
algwy-7-24-10-BCM-02.jpg (54168 bytes)
Egret near breakwall
algwy-7-24-10-BCM-03.jpg (87368 bytes)
algwy-7-24-10-BCM-04.jpg (71492 bytes)
Coming into Lafarge
algwy-7-24-10-BCM-05.jpg (86942 bytes)
Unloading bauxite into the hopper

Welland Canal traffic -
Michel Gosselin
1-ram-7-23-10-mg.jpg (40077 bytes)
Ramira in lock 1
2-bel-7-24-10-mg.jpg (84457 bytes)
Beluga Legislation just left Lock 1
3-bel-7-24-10-mg.jpg (73247 bytes)
Stern view
4-bel-7-24-10-mg.jpg (59783 bytes)
Beluga Fidelity approaching Bridge 5
5-bel-7-24-10-mg.jpg (68738 bytes)
6-mon-7-24-10-mg.jpg (51338 bytes)
Montrealais about to enter Lock 2

Lewis J. Kuber brought a load of stone to the Brewer dock in Holland Saturday evening -
Paul Dalman
1-Lewis-Kuber-7-24-10-pd.jpg (92725 bytes)
Lewis J. Kuber inbound at the Holland channel.
2-Lewis-Kuber-7-24-10-pd.jpg (55460 bytes)
Unloading at the Brewer dock.

Soo Saturday -
Amanda Barber
1-Frontenac-7-24-10-AB.jpg (44742 bytes)
Frontenac downbound
2-CMBeeghly-7-24-10-AB.jpg (58835 bytes)
Charles M. Beeghly downbound
3-Algocape-7-24-10-AB.jpg (64659 bytes)
Algocape downbound
4-Algomarine-7-24-10-AB.jpg (51226 bytes)
Algomarine downbound
1-ASpirit-7-24-10-AB.jpg (61822 bytes)
American Spirit upbound Mission Point Saturday

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