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July 26, 20

Soo - Jeff, Greg & Amanda Barber
1-AMAnderson-7-25-10-GB.jpg (51618 bytes)
Arthur M. Anderson downbound just after sun rise
2-RBlough-7-25-10-GB.jpg (63732 bytes)
Roger Blough downbound below Big Point
3-TSDool-7-25-10-GB.jpg (80928 bytes)
Tim S. Dool downbound below Big Point
4-PRTregurtha-7-25-10-GB.jpg (52668 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha downbound
5-RBlough-7-25-10-GB.jpg (69218 bytes)
Roger Blough downbound below mission Point

Georgian Bay Tug Fest in Owen Sound -
Paul Beesley
1-owensnd-7-23-10-pb.jpg (110349 bytes)
Cambrian ready for the Parade of Lights.  She was originally a fish-tug.
2-owensnd-7-23-10-pb.jpg (124432 bytes)
Grand Banks II moves alongside the Mink Isle.
3-owensnd-7-23-10-pb.jpg (97004 bytes)
Ancaster on display in front of the museum.  The museum features both marine and rail memorabilia.
4-owensnd-7-23-10-pb.jpg (110158 bytes)
Hope Isle leaves Owen Sound for the Parade of Lights.
5-owensnd-7-23-10-pb.jpg (57230 bytes)
This bell & horn is on board the Pankhurst M.
6-owensnd-7-23-10-pb.jpg (120191 bytes)
Electrically driven Puddle Tug tours the harbor.
7-owensnd-7-24-10-pb.jpg (115753 bytes)
Maggie heading out for the Tug Races.
8-owensnd-7-24-10-pb.jpg (108259 bytes)
 Mink Isle & Pankhurst M waiting to start their part of the race.
9-owensnd-7-24-10-pb.jpg (155506 bytes)
Ariel Motorcycles on display at the museum.  They also had an old car gathering.
10-owensnd-7-24-10-pb.jpg (77060 bytes)
 Northsea warming up for the races.
11-owensnd-7-24-10-pb.jpg (94671 bytes)
Sir Hiss also waiting for the races to start.
12-owensnd-7-24-10-pb.jpg (147765 bytes)
Admiral Owen.  Never said a word all weekend.
13-owensnd-7-24-10-pb.jpg (135786 bytes)
Patches heading out into the Sound for the big race.
14-owensnd-7-24-10-pb.jpg (97127 bytes)
Pankhurst M & Mink Isle still waiting.
15-owensnd-7-24-10-pb.jpg (114425 bytes)
 John-Boy got a new truck for the weekend.
16-owensnd-7-24-10-pb.jpg (89062 bytes)
E J Groves neck & neck with the Gull Isle at 10+ knots. 
17-owensnd-7-24-10-pb.jpg (118620 bytes)
Mink Isle does her best.
18-owensnd-7-24-10-pb.jpg (131400 bytes)
Prescotont approaching her dock in Owen Sound after finishing dead last.

Sunday at Welland Canal -
Bill Bird
1-BBCElbe-07-25-10-a-bb.jpg (62863 bytes)
BBC Elbe riding high and clear of Lock 8
2-BBCElbe-07025-10-b-bb.jpg (64026 bytes)
Stern shot heading towards Welland bypass
3-Limnos-07-25-10-a-bb.jpg (63963 bytes)
Research Vessel Limnos awaiting crew change in Port Colborne harbour.  Responsible for keeping tabs on water quality on the Great Lakes.
4-Limnosapparatus-07-25-10-a-bb.jpg (107349 bytes)
Apparatus used to collect water samples from various depths.
5-Limnosdevice-07-25-10-a-bb.jpg (74300 bytes)
Device to bring up sediment from lake bottom
6-Limnoslab-07-25-10-a-bb.jpg (74437 bytes)
Part of on board lab
7-Limnospilothouse-07-25-10-a-bb.jpg (90265 bytes)
Compact pilot house-notice there's no wheel.  Azipods are used for propulsion.  
8-JohnDLeitch-07-25-10-a-bb-jpg.jpg (64820 bytes)
John D Leitch entering Port Colborne harbour.
9-JohnDLeitch-07-25-10-b-bb.jpg (64088 bytes)
Stern shot clear of Clarence St bridge heading to Lock 8
10-Algowood-07-25-10-a-bb.jpg (69065 bytes)
Algowood heading towards Lock 3
11-AlgowoodThalassaDesgagnes-07-25-10-a-bb.jpg (82503 bytes)
Passing entry below the lock as Algowood makes the wall and Thalassa Desgagnes heads downbound
12-ThalassaDesgagnes-07-25-10-a-bb.jpg (99283 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes closeup approaching Homer Bridge
13-ThalassaDesgagnes-07-25-10-b-bb.jpg (98307 bytes)
Stern shot under Garden City Skyway 

Welland Canal -
Eric Holmes
1-Kamin-25-07-10-eh.jpg (45582 bytes)
Kaministiqua downbound below Lock 2
2-KaminAlgowood-25-07-10-eh.jpg (65182 bytes)
Kaministiqua and Algowood passing below Lock 2
3-Algowood-25-07-10-eh.jpg (67342 bytes)
Algowood upbound below Lock 2
4-Thaldesgan-25-07-10-eh.jpg (74529 bytes)
Thalassa Desganges downbound below Lock 4
5-Thaldesgan-25-07-10-eh.jpg (84676 bytes)
Thalassa Desganges stern view

Beauharnois Canal July 20
- Michel St-Denis 
1-JW-Shelley100720msd.jpg (40529 bytes)
J.W. Shelly at Valleyfield Bridge
2-JW-Shelley100720msd.jpg (37788 bytes) 3-JW-Shelley100720msd.jpg (36006 bytes) 4-JW-Shelley100720msd.jpg (41102 bytes) 5-Spruceglen100720msd.jpg (32252 bytes)
Spruceglen at Valleyfield Bridge
6-Spruceglen100720msd.jpg (41983 bytes) 7-Spruceglen100720msd.jpg (43967 bytes) 8-Melissa-Desgagnes100720msd.jpg (56164 bytes)
Melissa Desgagnes leaving Beauharnois lock 3 downbound
9-Melissa-Desgagnes100720msd.jpg (57037 bytes)  

L&R downbound on the St Clair July 17
- Monty Young
P7162463.jpg (102939 bytes)        

Tall ships in Houghton, Mich. -
Danielle Adams
1-SDC13452-725-10-DA.jpg (153613 bytes) 2-SDC13455-7-25-10-DA.jpg (183632 bytes) 3-SDC13461-7-25-10-DA.jpg (121624 bytes)    

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