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July 27 - 28, 20

Cedarglen in Lorain - Jim Bobel
1-Cedarglen-7-26-10-jcb.jpg (42815 bytes)
The Cedarglen passes the Lorain Lighthouse with tug Iowa on the stern.
2-Cedarglen-7-26-10-jcb.jpg (45908 bytes)
Some of the crew enjoys the evening has the freighter enters the Black River.
3-Cedarglen-7-26-10-jcb.jpg (67556 bytes)
Another member of the crew enjoys the ride up the river from the front of the pilot house.
4-Cedarglen-7-26-10-jcb.jpg (62258 bytes)
The Great Lakes tug Iowa helps the Cedarglen navigate the Black River.
5-Cedarglen-7-26-10-jcb.jpg (80983 bytes)
Close up of the tug Iowa
6-Cedarglen-7-26-10-jcb.jpg (76322 bytes) 
Pushing to line up the freighter for the raised bascule bridge.
7-Cedarglen-7-26-10-jcb.jpg (81305 bytes)
The tug Iowa changing sides to make the turn after passing under the Charles Berry Bascule Bridge.
8-Cedarglen-7-26-10-jcb.jpg (79914 bytes)
Pushing hard to make the turn in the river south of the bridge.
9-Cedarglen-7-26-10-jcb.jpg (105205 bytes)
Pushing hard to make the turn in the river south of the bridge.
1-Cedarglen-7-27-10-jcb.jpg (88622 bytes)
With the Great Lakes Tug Rhode Island leading the way, the Cedarglen makes it way under the Norfolk Southern Railroad Bridge.
2-Cedarglen-7-27-10-jcb.jpg (72797 bytes)
The tug Iowa pulls on the the stern as the Railroad bridge starts to close.
3-Cedarglen-7-27-10-jcb.jpg (65116 bytes)
The Rhode Island and the Cedarglen pass under the Charles Berry Bascule Bridge.
4-Cedarglen-7-27-10-jcb.jpg (78659 bytes)
The bow of the Cedarglen passes the docked Coast Guard boats at the Lorain station.
5-Cedarglen-7-27-10-jcb.jpg (64747 bytes)
The crew of the Rhode Island release the line at the mouth of the Black River.
6-Cedarglen-7-27-10-jcb.jpg (126142 bytes)
Jordan Regler of Elyria does a back flip into the Black River as the crew from the Great Lakes tug Iowa watches in the backgound.
7-Cedarglen-7-27-10-jcb.jpg (44802 bytes)
The tug Iowa passes the Cedarglen on the way to the open waters of Lake Erie.

South Chicago Tuesday
- Lou Gerard
DSC_0001_12933.jpg (79341 bytes)
Canadian Enterprise with G Tug Massachusetts leading the way clearing 5 bridges.
DSC_0006_12938.jpg (121921 bytes)
Another view of Canadian Enterprise approaching 95th St.
DSC_0021_12953.jpg (103466 bytes)
G tug Colorado works the stern.
DSC_0030_12962.jpg (79475 bytes)
Colorado and Canadian Enterprise heading for bend at 92nd.St.
DSC_0040_12972.jpg (92680 bytes)
Massachusetts works hard pulling Canadian Enterprise around 92nd bend.
DSC_0053_12985.jpg (112503 bytes)
Going under CN bridge and out to Lake Michigan.

Saginaw River -
 Todd Shorkey
1-mani-7-26-10-ts-a.jpg (51688 bytes)
Manitowoc inbound at Cass Avenue
2-mani-7-26-10-ts-b.jpg (85842 bytes)
Stern view

Nordic Stockholm in Cheboygan -
Ben &  Chanda McClain
NordStok-7-26-10-BCM-01.jpg (93949 bytes) NordStok-7-26-10-BCM-02.jpg (62355 bytes) NordStok-7-26-10-BCM-03.jpg (88930 bytes) NordStok-7-26-10-BCM-04.jpg (80135 bytes)  

Nordic Stockholm in Cheboygan
- Fred Stone
DSCN2232.jpg (101533 bytes) DSCN2234_2.jpg (82838 bytes) DSCN2235.jpg (73151 bytes) DSCN2237.jpg (88720 bytes) DSCN2238.jpg (77007 bytes)

Cheboygan, Mich. -
Dianne Donati
Nordic-Stockholm-2-7-26-10-dd.jpg (137681 bytes) Cason-Calloway-7-27-10-dd.jpg (97396 bytes)
Cason Calloway
Mississaga-7-27-10-dd.jpg (99954 bytes)
Westbound Mississagi
Canadian-Transport-7-27-10-dd.jpg (96150 bytes)
Eastbound Canadian Transport

Straits of Mackinac July 26 -
Michael Straus
mesabiminer7-26-(6).jpg (92662 bytes)
The Mesabi Minor Westbound through round Island passage with sailboats
mesabiminer7-26-(5).jpg (66161 bytes) mesabiminer7-26-(3).jpg (69133 bytes) mesabiminer7-26-(2).jpg (90702 bytes) mesabiminer7-26-(1).jpg (86596 bytes)
thewelcome.jpg (86906 bytes)
The Welcome under the Bridge

Welland Canal -
Michel Gosselin
1-can-7-27-10-mg.jpg (64888 bytes)
Canadian Navigator is approaching bridge 4
2-sid-7-27-10-mg.jpg (64952 bytes)
 Sidsel Knutsen is approaching bridge 4
3-sid-7-27-10-mg.jpg (61123 bytes) 4-pal-7-27-10-mg.jpg (71209 bytes)
Palabora is approaching bridge 4
5-pal-7-27-10-mg.jpg (106555 bytes)
cargo on Palabora
6-pal-7-27-10-mg.jpg (72591 bytes)
stern view
7-vic-7-27-10-mg.jpg (62635 bytes)
Victorious/John J Carrick is approaching bridge 4
8-vic-7-27-10-mg.jpg (68410 bytes)
stern view

Clelia II departs Soo, Ontario -
David Bull
1-Clelia-7-27-10-db.jpg (78946 bytes)
Just about all lines are cast off.
2-Clelia-7-27-10-db.jpg (75446 bytes)
Backing from the dock while using the bowthruster.
3-Clelia-7-27-10-db.jpg (75473 bytes)
Reversing downstream towards the shipping channel.
4-Clelia-7-27-10-db.jpg (79495 bytes)
Turning in the river off the power plant.
5-Clelia-7-27-10-db.jpg (94214 bytes)
Heading down the St. Mary's River

Algomarine up the Rouge River July 25
- Ken Borg
algomarine710-kb-(2).jpg (74861 bytes) algomarine710-kb-(4).jpg (82641 bytes) algomarine710-kb-(3).jpg (72089 bytes) algomarine710-kb-(1).jpg (90445 bytes)  

Iroquois Lock -
Ron Beaupre
1-palabora-26-07-10-rb.jpg (81949 bytes)
Palabora slides the wall approaching Iroquois Lock.
2-palabora-26-07-10-rb.jpg (126156 bytes)
She is heading for Burns Harbor with her deck load of refinery components.
3-palabora-26-07-10-rb.jpg (90111 bytes)
Palabora in Iroquois Lock.

Goderich Ontario Monday - Bruce Douglas
1-Misagi-7-26-10-bjd.jpg (86722 bytes)
Mississagi loading salt 6 p.m.
2-Misagi-7-26-10-bjd.jpg (86378 bytes)
View from South Pier.
3-Misagi-7-26-10-bjd.jpg (148126 bytes)
View from the Lighthouse.
4-Misagi-7-26-10-bjd.jpg (132933 bytes)
View from the castle.

Detroit -
Mike Nicholls
FEDERALPIONEERb03072510mn.jpg (50549 bytes)
Federal Pioneer (Cyprus) at DMT Nicholson's.
FEDERALPIONEERs04072510mn.jpg (55323 bytes) CUYAHOGAb06072510mn.jpg (43967 bytes)
Cuyahoga upbound off the Rouge Short cut canal.
CUYAHOGAs09072510mn.jpg (61833 bytes) ALGOEASTb03072710mn.jpg (51885 bytes)
Algoeast upbound off Great Lakes Works in Ecorse.
ALGOEASTs04072710mn.jpg (49847 bytes) JOANVb07072710mn.jpg (64198 bytes)
Tug Joan V and barge behind Fighting Island.
JOANVbargeb06072710mn.jpg (42449 bytes) JOANVbarges08072710mn.jpg (50047 bytes)  

Loading Ore in Marquette at Sunset
- Rod Burdick
1_keb_7_20_10_rb.jpg (113437 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker
2_rsp_7_22_10_rbb.jpg (77046 bytes)
Robert S. Pierson

Toledo -
Bob Vincent
1-Alpena-7-23-10-bv.jpg (80830 bytes)
Alpena in front of Toledo Shipyard
2-McKeeSons-7-24-10-bv.jpg (58324 bytes)
McKee Sons coming in
3-McKeeSons-7-24-10-bv.jpg (63214 bytes)
4-McKeeSons-7-24-10-bv.jpg (82246 bytes)
At Sunset
5-Mississagi-7-24-10-bv.jpg (57287 bytes)
Mississagi leaving Toledo
6-Lynx-7-24-10-bv.jpg (73540 bytes)
Schooner Lynx
7-Lynx-7-24-10-bv.jpg (128376 bytes)
another view
8-Lynx-7-24-10-bv.jpg (109157 bytes) 9-Paddleboat-7-25-10-bv.jpg (64009 bytes)
 Looks like a Cedar Point paddle boat out in front of Marblehead Lighthouse
1-JDLeitch-7-24-10-bv.jpg (81963 bytes)
John D. Leitch loading for Hamilton Ontario
2-JDLeitch-7-24-10-bv.jpg (90512 bytes) 3-JDLeitch-7-24-10-bv.jpg (112671 bytes)
Looking forward
4-JDLeitch-7-24-10-bv.jpg (88339 bytes)
Aft deck housing
5-JDLeitch-7-24-10-bv.jpg (123228 bytes)
Hatch crane
6-JDLeitch-7-24-10-bv.jpg (96723 bytes)
Forward deck housing with boom
7-JDLeitch-7-24-10-bv.jpg (140393 bytes)
Filled hatches
8-JDLeitch-7-24-10-bv.jpg (118761 bytes)
Start loading a hatch 
9-JDLeitch-724-10-bv.jpg (128518 bytes)
Hatch crane at work

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