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July 29, 20

Muskegon 7-24 - Rick Strevel
Lake-Express-7-24-10-RS.jpg (91559 bytes)
Lake Express departing for Milwaukee
Lake-Express2-7-24-10-RS.jpg (89968 bytes) Lake-Express3-7-24-10-RS.jpg (85336 bytes) Spartan-7-24-10-RS.jpg (121887 bytes)
Tug Spartan
Spartan2-7-24-10-RS.jpg (86706 bytes)
Susan-Hannah-7-24-10-RS.jpg (72346 bytes)
Tug Susan W. Hannah s
Susan-Hannah2-7-24-10-RS.jpg (85309 bytes) Townsend-7-24-10-RS.jpg (61085 bytes)
Townsend in long term lay-up
Townsend2-7-24-10-RS.jpg (101216 bytes) Treste-7-24-10-RS.jpg (115926 bytes)
 Treste docked next to the Townsend

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent 
1-JBAird-7-27-10-bv.jpg (89497 bytes)
Loading John B. Aird
2-JBAird-7-27-10-bv.jpg (66736 bytes)
another view
3-JBAird-7-27-10-bv.jpg (69901 bytes)
Forward draft marks
4-JBAird-7-27-10-bv.jpg (101475 bytes)
Deck view
5-JBAird-7-27-10-bv.jpg (126243 bytes)
another view
6-JBAird-7-27-10-bv.jpg (128850 bytes)
Hatch crane
7-JBAird-7-27-10-bv.jpg (71074 bytes)
Starboard windlass
8-JBAird-7-27-10-bv.jpg (90353 bytes)
another view
9-JBAird-7-27-10-bv.jpg (70806 bytes)
anchor buoy marker
10-JBAird-7-27-10-bv.jpg (86195 bytes)
11-JBAaird-7-27-10-bv.jpg (114339 bytes)
another view
12-JBAird-7-27-10-bv.jpg (116336 bytes)
Stern mooring winches 
13-JBAird-7-27-10-bv.jpg (121219 bytes)
Stern mooring wires
14-JBAird-7-27-10-bv.jpg (87609 bytes)
Boat loaded for Hamilton, putting the apron away
15-BessieB-7-27-10-bv.jpg (73165 bytes)
 Tug Bessie B

Douglas, Mich. July 26 - Roger LeLievre 
Keewatin-72610rl.jpg (112896 bytes)
Passenger liner-turned-museum Keewatin
Reiss-72610rl.jpg (97423 bytes)
Steam tug Reiss at anchor in the harbor

Robert S. Pierson loading ore at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_rsp_7_24_10_rb.jpg (106995 bytes)
View from the breakwall
2_rsp_7_24_10_rb.jpg (112330 bytes)
Stern view

Algocape at Iroquois -
Dave Bessant
1-Algocape-07-27-10-WDB.jpg (123862 bytes)
Algocape exiting the Iroquois lock downbound Tuesday morning.
2-Algocape-07-27-10-WDB.jpg (68981 bytes)
Turning towards Morrisburg
3-BBCRioGrande-07-27-10-WDB.jpg (62631 bytes)
BBC Rio Grande approaching Loyalist Park just west of Mariatown.
4-SeaFoxBBCRioGrande-07-27-10-WDB.jpg (97169 bytes)
Sea Fox II, normally at Brockville, doing tours from Morrisburg and meeting BBC Rio Grande at Loyalist Park
5-BBCRioGrande-07-27-10-WDB.jpg (45455 bytes)
BBC Rio Grande side view
6-BBCRioGrande-07-27-10-WDB.jpg (56556 bytes)
Just past the park
7-BBCRioGrande-07-27-10-WDB.jpg (48852 bytes)
Stern view

American Mariner loading ore in Marquette -
Lee Rowe
AmMarinerLR07281003.jpg (97552 bytes) AmMarinerLR07281005.jpg (100931 bytes)      

Glen off Bronte -
Grad Dewar
DSC_0643.jpg (84927 bytes)
Departing Petro Canada pier July 27 at 6:45 p.m.

T-ARS 51, Grasp at Veracruz, Mexico
.  Built at Sturgeon Bay by Peterson Builders in 1984. Rich Nicholls
1-USNS-Grasp-7-27-10-rn.jpg (77429 bytes)        

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