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July 30 - 31, 20

Welland Canal 7/29 - Michel Gosselin
1-tha-7-29-10-mg.jpg (80027 bytes)
Thalassa Desgagnes is approaching lock 1
2-tha-7-29-10-mg.jpg (69750 bytes) 3-kroo-7-29-10-mg.jpg (77195 bytes)
Kroonborg just left lock 1
4-rthon-7-29-10-mg.jpg (70163 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin is heading toward lock 1
5-kroo-7-29-10-mg.jpg (68311 bytes)
6-rthon-7-29-10-mg.jpg (59215 bytes)
Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin is about to enter lock 1

Lake Huron 7/26 -
Justin Heidtman
1-Dool-7-26-10-JH.jpg (48937 bytes) 2-blough-7-26-10-JH.jpg (127310 bytes) 3-IHarbor-7-26-10-JH.jpg (91440 bytes) 4-IHarbor-7-26-10-JH.jpg (71470 bytes) 5-IHarbir-7-26-10-JH.jpg (60744 bytes)
6-IHarbor-7-26-10-JH.jpg (73484 bytes) 7-IHarbor-7-26-10-JH.jpg (65173 bytes)      

Morrisbough -
Murray Blancher
1-Timm-S-Dool-07-28-10-mb-.jpg (75111 bytes)
Tim S Dool down bound at Morrisbough
2-Tim-S-dool-07-28-10-mb-.jpg (111638 bytes) 3-Sea-Fox-II-07-28-10-mb-.jpg (86380 bytes)
Sea Fox II secured at Morrisbourgh Public Dock preparing for cruises on the river, just one of the events for Old Home Week celebrations
4-Diezeborg-07-28-10-mb-.jpg (105459 bytes)
 Diezeborgh entering Iroquois Lock
5-Diezeborg-07-28-10-mb-.jpg (81426 bytes)

Cedarglen and BBC Mississippi at Iroquois Thursday night -
 Dave Bessant
1-BBCMississippi-07-29-10-WDB.jpg (105641 bytes)
BBC Mississippi waiting to enter Iroquois lock upbound with wind turbine tower sections.
2-Cedarglen-07-29-10-WDB.jpg (116771 bytes)
Cedarglen in the lock
3-CedarglenBBCMississippi-07-29-10-WDB.jpg (125461 bytes)
Cedarglen exiting the lock with BBC Mississippi lockside
4-CedarglenBBCMississippi-07-29-10-WDB.jpg (99334 bytes)
Cedarglen around the green buoy heading downstream to Morrisburg while BBC Mississippi still waits
5-BBCMississippi-07-29-10-WDB.jpg (111158 bytes)
Lining up to enter the lock
6-BBCMississippi-07-29-10-WDB.jpg (125332 bytes)
Entering the lock
7-BBCMississippi-07-29-10-WDB.jpg (87155 bytes)
The Coat of Arms of the town of Leer, Germany, where the headquarters of Briese Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG are located.
8-BBCMississippi-07-29-10-WDB.jpg (63643 bytes)
Crew up by the bridge
9-BBCMississippi-07-29-10-WDB.jpg (58041 bytes)
Stack with the logo of the ship owners, and a little puff as she moves through the lock
10-BBCMississippi-07-29-10-WDB.jpg (92840 bytes)
Heading out of the lock

Michiganborg and Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin in Hamilton, Ont. seen from Hamilton Mountain -
John van der Doe
Michiganborg-280710-Hamilton.jpg (108527 bytes) 
Both ships left the port same afternoon for Port Weller and Welland Canal.
Rt.Hon.-Paul-Martin-(1)-280710-Hamilton.jpg (100814 bytes)      

Clelia II and the Ostrander and barge Integrity in the Detroit River -
July, 29 - Ken Borg
IMG_7039.jpg (64791 bytes) IMG_7042.jpg (63029 bytes) IMG_7048.jpg (54957 bytes)    

Salties at Hamilton
- John McCreery
1-Michiganborg-7-29-10-jm.jpg (95030 bytes)
Michiganborg bow view
2-Michiganborg-7-29-10-jm.jpg (88129 bytes)
Profile shortly before her departure for Chicago
3-Michiganborg-7-29-10-jm.jpg (88000 bytes)
Stern view
4-Flinterstream-7-29-10-jm.jpg (102245 bytes)
Flinterstream loading grain at pier 25

American Mariner unloading coal at the Lower Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_amar_7_28_10_rb.jpg (72871 bytes)
Profile view
2_amar_7_28_10_rb.jpg (115971 bytes)
Sharing the harbor with sailboats

Green Bay
- Scott Best
1-Calumet-07-30-10-sb.jpg (67619 bytes)
Calumet assisted out of the slip at GP by the Tug Texas.
1-texas-07-30-10-sb.jpg (78421 bytes)
Texas pours on the power as they pull hard against the current in the Fox River.
2-Calumet-07-30-10-sb.jpg (80607 bytes)
Stern view of the Calumet and Texas passing downtown Green Bay between Mason St and Walnut St Bridges.
3-Calumet-07-30-10-sb.jpg (74955 bytes)
 Approaching final RR Bridge on the Fox River.
2-Texas-07-30-10-sb.jpg (128377 bytes)
Texas heads back to the tug Dock.

Brockville -
Murray Blancher
1-Cederglen-07-29-10-.jpg (65665 bytes)
 Cederglen downbound at Prescott
3-Karen-Andrie-&-Algo-Soo-07-30-10-.jpg (78306 bytes)
Karen Andrie & Algosoo upbound at Brockville
5-Karen-Andrie-&-Endeadour-07-30-10-.jpg (62658 bytes) 6-Algo-Soo-07-30-10-mb-.jpg (56447 bytes)
Algosoo upbound at Brockville
7-Algo-Soo-07-30-10-mb.jpg (79141 bytes)
8-Kroonborg-07-30-10-mb-.jpg (59778 bytes)
Kroonborg downbound at Brockville
9-Kroonborg-07-30-10-mb-.jpg (72911 bytes) 10-Kroonborg-07-30-10-mb-.jpg (79117 bytes)    

Edwin H. Gott as she passes Port Huron on her way to Nanticoke, Ontario with a load of iron ore, July 30 -
Larry Mobbs
EHGott-7-30-10-lm.jpg (65281 bytes)        

Goderich, Ontario Thursday - Bruce Douglas
1-Navigator-7-29-10-bjd.jpg (86693 bytes)
Canadian Navigator loading salt.
2-Navigator-7-29-10-bjd.jpg (75931 bytes)
View from south pier.
3-Navigator-7-29-10-bjd.jpg (174757 bytes)
View from lighthouse.
4-Navigator-7-29-10-bjd.jpg (96619 bytes)
View from castle.
5-Amarine-7-29-10-bjd.jpg (91405 bytes)
Algomarine backing-in with MacDonalds three tugs.
6-Amarine-7-29-10-bjd.jpg (95265 bytes)
Arriving at the salt dock.
7-Grain-7-29-10-bjd.jpg (164908 bytes)
Country harvest - grain surge in harbour.

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