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August 1, 20

Saturday at the Welland - Bill Bird
1-SongaEmerald-07-31-10-a-bb.jpg (56636 bytes)
Tanker Songa Emerald approaching Lock 1
2-SongaEmerald-07-31-10-b-bb.jpg (98161 bytes)
Stern shot-ship in lock, not quite on her marks.
3-Cuyahoga-07-31-10-a-bb.jpg (77328 bytes)
Cuyahoga downbound at Thorold
4-CuyahogaCatherineDesgagnes-07-31-10-bb.jpg (83946 bytes)
Cuyahoa exiting Lock 3 with Catherine Desgagnes waiting on the wall.
5-CatherineDesgagnes-07-31-10-a-bb.jpg (58917 bytes)
Catherine Desgagnes closeup
7-Algosoo-07-31-10-a-bb.jpg (61460 bytes)
Algosoo clear of Lock 7- Note the many coloured flags on her foremast, perhaps in tribute to this weekend's Canal Days in Port Colborne
8-Algosoo-07-31-10-b-bb.jpg (72239 bytes)
Algosoo heading to Port Colborne.
9-Spruceglen-07-31-10-a-bb.jpg (47530 bytes)
Spruceglen at Port Robinson.  Still no sign of CSL red
10-Spruceglen-07-31-10-b-bb.jpg (62812 bytes) 11-SidselKnutsen-07-31-10-a-bb.jpg (49539 bytes)
Tanker Sidsel Knutsen hugging west wall as she departs Lock 7
12-SidselKnutsen-07-31-10-b-bb.jpg (58330 bytes)
Stern shot

Maumee delivered a load of trap rock to the Verplank dock at Holland Saturday afternoon
- Bob VandeVusse
1-maumee-7-31-10-bvv.jpg (80647 bytes)
The Maumee draws a crowd entering Holland harbor.
2-maumee-7-31-10-bvv.jpg (66225 bytes)
Passing Big Red.
3-maumee-7-31-10-bvv.jpg (85891 bytes)
Tying up at the Verplank dock.

Algocananda downbound at Brockville Ont. -
Murray Blancher
1-Algocanada-07-31-10-mb-.jpg (69365 bytes) 2-Algocanada-07-31-10-mb-.jpg (67325 bytes)      

PM41 and Undaunted anchored along the pier at Chicago's 31st Street Beach - Dan Vandenberg
1_PM41-Undaunted_2010-07-31_DJV.jpg (48533 bytes) 2_PM41-Undaunted_2010-07-31_DJV.jpg (84232 bytes) 3_PM41-Undaunted_2010-07-31_DJV.jpg (75544 bytes) 4_PM41-Undaunted_2010-07-31_DJV.jpg (81691 bytes) 5_PM41-Undaunted_2010-07-31_DJV.jpg (68660 bytes)

Badger on Friday and Saturday
- Lou Gerard
CSC_0352_13279.jpg (58458 bytes)
 Badger entering Manitowoc Harbor passing North Breakwater lighthouse Friday morning.
DSC_0222_13153.jpg (67941 bytes)
Another view in Mantowioc Harbor.
DSC_0235_13166.jpg (64018 bytes)
People fishing on Manitowoc pier and watching Badger back into her slip.
DSC_0263_13192.jpg (113192 bytes)
Steaming across Lake Michigan.
DSC_0266_13195.jpg (86226 bytes)
Greeting party at Ludington North Pier Lighthouse.
DSC_0270_13199.jpg (94303 bytes)
USCG Hollyhock in Ludington Inner Harbor.
DSC_0289_13217.jpg (69439 bytes)
Badger leaving Ludington Friday evening.
DSC_0298_13226.jpg (68195 bytes)
Passing her many fans who are always present on the North Pier.
DSC_0323_13251.jpg (202619 bytes)
Badger leaving Ludington and the Spartan behind on Saturday morning.  
DSC_0336_13264.jpg (55234 bytes)
Passengers enjoy riding on the bow in not so great weather.
DSC_0353_13280.jpg (52431 bytes)
Good old fashion coal smoke on Lake Michigan.
DSC_0366_13293.jpg (298117 bytes)
Backing into slip at Manitowoc on Saturday. Another great trip!

Friday Morning in Prescott
- Dave Bessant
1-AlgosooKarenAndrie-07-30-10-WDB.jpg (65793 bytes)
Algosoo and Karen Andrie in the bright morning sun, upboound
2-Algosoo-07-30-10-WDB.jpg (90838 bytes)
Algosoo seen behind the old prescott piers
3-KarenAndrieEndeavour-07-30-10-WDB.jpg (101169 bytes)
Karen Andrie pushing the barge Endeavour
4-KarenAndrieAlgosoo-07-30-10-WDB.jpg (98415 bytes)
Algosoo saluting as she passes Karen Andrie
5-KarenAndrieEndeavour-07-30-10-WDB.jpg (92794 bytes)
Karen Andrie and her barge passed
6-Algosoo-07-30-10-WDB.jpg (88195 bytes)
Algosoo heading towards Brockville
8-FairJeanne-07-30-10-WDB.jpg (126074 bytes)
Fair Jeanne ( Ottawa )
9-SCSGrayfox-07-30-10-WDB.jpg (81897 bytes)
SCS Grayfox
10-Griffon-07-30-10-WDB.jpg (82034 bytes)
Stern view of the Griffon tied up at the station
11-SCSGrayfox-07-330-10-WDB.jpg (31032 bytes)
At the bow of the Grayfox
12-Griffon-07-30-10-WDB.jpg (76606 bytes)
Griffon Bow
13-Kroonborg-07-30-10-WDB.jpg (56689 bytes)
Kroonborg downbound at Dupont

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