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August 2, 20

Tug Jenny Lynn sinks in Duncan Bay, Cheboygan - Brent Michaels
1.jennylynn-7-31-10-jpm-a.jpg (56084 bytes)
2.jennylynn-7-31-10-jpm.b.jpg (57814 bytes) 3.jennylynn-8-1-10-jpm.c.jpg (60112 bytes)
Sunken Sunday
4.jennylynn-8-1-10-jpm-d.jpg (81819 bytes) 5.jennylynn-8-1-10-jpm-e.jpg (62255 bytes)

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-HCJackson-8-1-10-bv.jpg (69987 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson loading for Essar Algoma in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.
2-HCJackson-8-1-10-bv.jpg (66175 bytes)
 Forward deck housing
3-HCJackson-8-1-10-bv.jpg (85132 bytes)
another view
4-HCJackson-8-1-10-bv.jpg (104240 bytes)
Hatch crane
5-HCJackson-8-1-10-bv.jpg (92658 bytes)
6-HCjackson-8-1-10-bv.jpg (84337 bytes)
Mate checking aft draft while loading
7-HCJackson-8-1-10-bv.jpg (102309 bytes)
Just started loading a hatch
8-HCJackson-8-1-10-bv.jpg (84403 bytes)
another view of the loading

Holland, Michigan -
Jeff and Greg Barber
1-Maumee-7-31-10-GB.jpg (72693 bytes)
Maumee inbound Holland
2-Maumee-7-31-10-GB.jpg (69549 bytes) 3-Maumee-7-31-10-JB.jpg (42994 bytes)
Maumee finished unloading turning around
4-Maumee-7-31-10-GB.jpg (62711 bytes)
Maumee turned and heading for the lake
5-Calumet-8-1-10-JB.jpg (57966 bytes)
Calumet inbound Sunday morning

Holland, Mich. -
Bob VandeVusse
1-Calumet-8-1-10-bvv.jpg (51460 bytes)
 A calm Sunday morning on Lake Macatawa.
2-Calumet-8-1-10-bvv.jpg (83668 bytes)
Approaching the Verplank dock.
3-Calumet-8-1-10-bvv.jpg (95495 bytes)
Putting a crewman on the dock to set lines.

Harbor Springs, Petsokey, Charlevoix, Mich.
Roger LeLievre
Elizabeth-73110rl.jpg (79876 bytes)
Walstrom Marine tug Elizabeth at Harbor Springs.
Ottawa-73110rl.jpg (62145 bytes)
Ottawa, of unknown ownership, at Harbor Springs.
Ottawa-73110rl-2.jpg (61627 bytes)
Stern view of the Ottawa.
General-8110rl.jpg (45903 bytes)
Tug General and barge Kokosing 1 are working on a dredging project in Petoskey.
Emerald-Isle-8110rl.jpg (60782 bytes)
Emerald Isle loads passengers at Charlevoix.
Keweenaw-STar-8110rl.jpg (52820 bytes)
Charlevoix is the new home port of Keweenaw Star.

Saginaw River -
Todd Shorkey
1-algorail-7-31-10-ts-a.jpg (72104 bytes)
Algorail inbound on Wednesday at the Liberty Bridge
2-algorail-7-31-10-ts-b.jpg (93201 bytes)
Stern view passing the Hiawatha

Halifax, Nova Scotia -
Bruce Hurd
101_0244.jpg (63519 bytes)
Tsing Ma Bridge.
101_0247.jpg (75054 bytes)
Algoma Tanker Algoscotia
101_0249.jpg (68543 bytes)
Tanker Mare Di Ravenna
101_0291.jpg (111411 bytes)
 tug Theodore Too
101_0309.jpg (36156 bytes)
Atlantic Concert outbound
101_0311.jpg (97898 bytes)
Nirint Star
101_0314.jpg (76288 bytes)
Algoma Dartmouth

Sarah Desgagnes in Antwerp, Begium on Sunday -
Chris Rombouts
SarahDesg-Antw-1-8-2010-cr.jpg (60528 bytes)        

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