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August 3, 20

Soo Sunday - Herm Phillips
IMG_1947.jpg (69046 bytes)
 James R, Barker down past Sugar Isle.
IMG_1950.jpg (74678 bytes)
Stern shot
IMG_1953.jpg (56829 bytes)
Munson in the Soo harbor.
IMG_1962.jpg (110938 bytes)
Munson makes the locks as a storm approaches the Soo.
IMG_1963.jpg (65305 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader down at Mission point.
IMG_1965.jpg (42397 bytes)
John J. Boland down in the St Mary's river in the evening.
IMG_1966.jpg (51837 bytes)
Stern shot.
IMG_1967.jpg (59929 bytes)
 John J. Boland passes light 88 as the sun comes back out.

Kaye E. Barker at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_keb_7_26_10_rb_.jpg (101092 bytes)
Loading ore
2_keb_7_26_10_rb.jpg (72391 bytes)
Profile view
3_keb_7_26_10_rb.jpg (84430 bytes)
Bow view
4_keb_7_26_10_rb.jpg (58288 bytes)

Ste-Anne de Sorel on Monday
- Lorraine Morrill
Birchglen---Ste-Anne-de-Sorel-8-2-10ldm.jpg.jpg (60441 bytes)
Birchglen loaded with Windmill parts
Birchglen---Ste-Anne-de-Sorel-8-2-10ldm.jpg-(2).jpg (94752 bytes) Chestnut---Ste-Anne-de-Sorel-8-2-10ldm.jpg.jpg (62102 bytes)
Clipper-Mari---Ste-Anne-de-Sorel-8-2-10ldm.jpg.jpg (64970 bytes)
Clipper Mari
Saguenay---Sorel-8-2-10ldm.jpg.jpg (84127 bytes)
Saguenay at Sorel.

Detroit River -
 Mike Nicholls
INTEGRITYb02072910mn.jpg (48369 bytes)
Barge Integrity and tug G L Ostrander downbound off Nicholson's Ecorse 7/29.
ROYALISTEb05072910mn.jpg (104587 bytes)
Tall ship Royalist upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.
ROYALISTEs06072910mn.jpg (53006 bytes) AMERICANREPUBLICb01073010mn.jpg (37828 bytes)
American Republic upbound in the Amherstburg Channel 7/30.
AMERICANREPUBLICs02073010mn.jpg (31462 bytes)
CSLNIAGARAb07073010mn.jpg (33899 bytes)
CSL Niagara upbound off the Rouge Short-cut canal.
MCCARTHYWALTERJJRb08073010m.jpg (38133 bytes)
Walter J Mc Carthy Jr downbound off the RenCen.
GRANDEMARINERbb01073110mn.jpg (52487 bytes)
Grande Mariner at Bishop Park in Wyandotte 7/31.
PIERSONROBERTSb01080110mn.jpg (39017 bytes)
Robert S Pierson unloading at the Southwest Sales Dock in Windsor 8/1.
KNUTSENSIDSELb03080110mn.jpg (38588 bytes)
Sidsel Knutsen (Norway) upbound off Zug Island.
KNUTSENSIDSELs04080110mn.jpg (40685 bytes) autoboats07080110mn.jpg (95704 bytes)
autoboatb06080110mn.jpg (73511 bytes)    

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