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August 4, 20

Sidsel Knutsen grounded off St. Clair, Mich. Tuesday - Julie M.
sidselknutsen8-3-10-(1).jpg (36550 bytes) sidselknutsen8-3-10-(7).jpg (49721 bytes) sidselknutsen8-3-10-(6).jpg (72017 bytes) sidselknutsen8-3-10-(4).jpg (90833 bytes) sidselknutsen8-3-10-(2).jpg (79358 bytes)

Sidsel Knutsen -
Bruce Hurd
sidselknutsen-bh.jpg (45245 bytes)        

Sidsel Knutsen -
Matt Lemon
sidselknutsen-ml-(1).jpg (56534 bytes) sidselknutsen-ml-(2).jpg (70669 bytes)      

Point Edward/Sarnia - Marc Dease
1-rail-7-06-10-md.jpg (62679 bytes)
Algorail and Canadian Transfer spend some time in the north slip.
2-acan-7-21-10-md.jpg (63748 bytes)
Algocanada down at 1 & 2.
3-sag-7-22-10-a-md.jpg (72822 bytes)
 Saginaw upbound at Black River.
4-sag-7-22-10-b-md.jpg (73049 bytes)
Heading into Lake Huron.
5-will-7-22-10-md.jpg (104747 bytes)
William J heading back to Purdy's Fisheries.
6-mani-7-23-10-md.jpg (56630 bytes)
Manistee down bound at 1 & 2.
7-spru-7-30-10-md.jpg (50029 bytes)
Spruceglen down bound at 1 & 2.
8-amcen-7-30-10-md.jpg (66706 bytes)
American Century heads into Lake Huron.
9-gott-7-30-10-md.jpg (62360 bytes)
Edwin H. Gott down bound at 1 & 2.

Detroit -
J. Bantau
Algoway-8-3-10.jb.jpg (89610 bytes)
Algoway upbound with assistance - Rouge River
Blough--Algosea-8-2-10.jpg (18494 bytes)
 Blough and Algosea pass near Ambassador
Blough--Algosea1-8-2-10.jpg (30346 bytes) CasonCallaway-8-1-10.jb.jpg (80192 bytes)
Callaway unloading Rouge River
Flintstream1-7-24-10.jb.jpg (54042 bytes)
Flintstream unloading in Windsor
Flinter-7-24-10.jb.jpg (68009 bytes)
Flintstream anchored Detroit River
Palabora1-7-28-10.jb.jpg (63902 bytes)
Palabora loaded for Burns Harbor, Indiana
Palabora-7-28-10.jb.jpg (48090 bytes) Tadoussac-7-28-10.jb.jpg (65614 bytes)
Tadoussac downbound Detroit River

Point Edward -
Dave Noordhoff
1-GLTrader-8-2-10-dn.jpg (117268 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader and tug Joyce L. Van Enkevort 
2-GLTrader-8-2-10-dn.jpg (132671 bytes)
Entering St. Clair River
3-GLTrader-8-2-10-dn.jpg (114076 bytes) 4-WJ-McCarthy-8-2-10-dn.jpg (57187 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy's towering aft superstructure
5-WJ-McCarthy-8-2-10-dn.jpg (82798 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy makes the turn into Lake Huron
6-WJ-McCarthy-8-2-10-dn.jpg (83239 bytes)        

Hamilton on Monday
- John McCreery
1-AlgomaGuardian-8-2-10-jm.jpg (96353 bytes)
Algoma Guardian shows up at the piers just before sunrise
2-AlgomaGuardian-8-2-10-jm.jpg (82070 bytes)
Passing under the bridges
3-AlgomaGuardian-8-2-10-jm.jpg (73753 bytes)
Stern view with St. Catharines registration
4-AlgomaGuardian-8-2-10-jm.jpg (47903 bytes)
 Crossing the harbour
5-AlgomaGuardian-8-2-10-jm.jpg (84804 bytes)
Approaching Dofasco with a load of ore
6-AlgomaGuardian-8-2-10-jm.jpg (74428 bytes)
Passing Dofasco to moor at pier 26 where she said she would wait until Tuesday to unload
7-Flinterstream-8-2-10-jm.jpg (105785 bytes)
Flinterstream still in port but no longer at the grain spout
8-Leader-Trader-8-2-10-jm.jpg (75126 bytes)
Canadian Leader and Maritime Trader, both in layup
9-Quebecois-8-2-10-jm.jpg (78765 bytes)
Quebecois deep in the Dofasco slip and sitting high and empty
10-Quebecois-8-2-10-jm.jpg (86522 bytes)
Finally underway
11-Quebecois-8-2-10-jm.jpg (73450 bytes)
Heading toward the ship canal
12-Quebecois-8-2-10-jm.jpg (63134 bytes)
Another view as she exits the harbour and heads for Clarkson

Birchglen upbound in the 1000 Islands on Tuesday evening with windmill parts -
Fritz Hager 
02-Birchglen-Windmills-M-080310.jpg (57811 bytes)
Birchglen heading up the river, 1000 Islands Bridge ahead 1/2 mile.
01-Birchglen-Windmills-M-080310.jpg (96412 bytes)
Stern view.

Duluth - Tom Caine
1-Niagara-7-29-10-tc.jpg (157261 bytes)
Brig Niagara approaching Duluth
2-Alcanpro-8-3-10-tc.jpg (86104 bytes)
Algolake transferring coal cargo to Canadian Progress at Port Terminal
3-Alcanpro-8-3-10-tc.jpg (82477 bytes) 4-Alcanpro-8-3-10-tc.jpg (81602 bytes)  

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-RHPJMartin-8-3-10-bv.jpg (102570 bytes)
 Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin
2-RHPJMartin-8-3-10-bv.jpg (78208 bytes)
Looking Forward
3-RHPJMartin-8-3-10-bv.jpg (117054 bytes)
Loading a hatch
4-RHPJMartin-8-3-10-bv.jpg (84422 bytes)
Looking inside a hatch (Port side)
5-RHPJMartin-8-3-10-bv.jpg (57245 bytes)
Trim Lights
6-RHPJMartin-8-3-01-bv.jpg (79956 bytes)
Waiting on transit coal
7-GLT-JLVanEnkevort-8-3-10-bv.jpg (70137 bytes)
Great Lakes Trader/Joyce L. VanEnkevort backing out of Torco ore dock
8-BB-GLT,JLVnaEnkevort-8-3-10-bv.jpg (61401 bytes)
Bessie B and Great Lakes Trader heading out

Lake Superior in Thunder Bay, Ont. -
Donna Price
IMGP2218.jpg (73374 bytes) IMGP2219.jpg (64878 bytes) IMGP2220.jpg (84963 bytes) IMGP2226.jpg (75219 bytes) IMGP2231.jpg (58533 bytes)
IMGP2234.jpg (89808 bytes) IMGP2248.jpg (49508 bytes)      

Sidsel Knutsen video from WXYZ



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