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August 7, 20

Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-Almar-8-5-10-tc.jpg (83092 bytes)
 Algomarine unloading salt at Cutler-Magner
2-JWShel-8-5-10-tc.jpg (87313 bytes)
J.W. Shelley loading at Cenex Harvest States 2
3-Pride-8-5-10-tc.jpg (52492 bytes)
Pride of Baltimore and PRT off Duluth
4-Pride-8-5-10-tc.jpg (66137 bytes) 5-Algolake-8-5-10-tc.jpg (69772 bytes)
Algolake at Fraser Shipyards
6-Algolake-8-5-10-tc.jpg (72570 bytes)        

Friday in Marysville - Joe Cioletti
mapleglen31-8-6-10jc.jpg (57209 bytes)
Mapleglen passing the Algoma Guardian
mapleglen40-8-6-10jc.jpg (48952 bytes)
Mapleglen after light rain
mapleglen45-8-6-10jc.jpg (38790 bytes)
another view
cslassiniboine-0538-6-10.jpg (75984 bytes)
CSL Assiniboine following Mapleglen

Sidsel Knutsen -
Roger LeLievre
Knudsen2rl.jpg (66216 bytes) Knudsen-Munson-RL.jpg (42325 bytes) Knudsen1rl.jpg (54503 bytes)    

Herbert C. Jackson and a rainbow at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_hcj_8_3_10_rb.jpg (74094 bytes)
Loading ore under threatening skies
2_hcj_8_3_10_rb.jpg (63160 bytes)
Rainbow after the storm passed

Detroit River -
Mike Nicholls
TITANb03080510mn.jpg (54724 bytes)
Tug Titan at Nicholson's Ecorse Slip.
TITANs06080510mn.jpg (60704 bytes) CHAMPIONb09080510mn.jpg (48503 bytes)
Tug Champion upbound in the Ballard's Reef Chanel.
CHAMPIONs11080510mn.jpg (48978 bytes) PRESQUEISLEb05080610mn.jpg (74107 bytes)
Presque Isle at Zug Island.
PRESQUEISLEs03080610mn.jpg (69796 bytes)
BBCEMSb08080610mn.jpg (42649 bytes)
BBC Ems (Antigua) at Southwest Sales Dock in Windsor.
BBCEMSs12080610mn.jpg (50855 bytes) CHESTNUTs16080610mn.jpg (51067 bytes)
Chestnut (Cyprus) at Morterm.

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
3-Saginaw-8-5-10-bv.jpg (78046 bytes)
4-Saginaw-8-5-10-bv.jpg (123655 bytes)
Twelve foot center hatches
5-Saginaw-8-5-10-bv.jpg (99080 bytes)
another view
6-Saginaw-8-5-10-bv.jpg (95834 bytes)
Loading for Essar Algoma at Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Soo Thursday - Herm Phillips
IMG_2024.jpg (70140 bytes)
Upbound at Six mile point.
IMG_2039.jpg (62199 bytes)
At Mission point.
IMG_2042.jpg (52412 bytes)
Pilot house view.
IMG_2043.jpg (53396 bytes)
Stern profile.
IMG_2044.jpg (66273 bytes)
Heading for the locks.

Toledo Activity - Luke Archer
1-Algoway-8-6-10-la.jpg (62871 bytes)
Algoway as seen from the Willis B. Boyer.
2-Algoway-8-6-10-la.jpg (69248 bytes)
Another view
3-Algoway-8-6-10-la.jpg (68993 bytes)
Algoway close up
4-Algoway-8-6-10-la.jpg (129680 bytes)
Stern detail with the bridge.
5-Algoway-8-6-10-la.jpg (75761 bytes)
Algoway heading up river with the aid of two G-tugs.

Historical Perspectives -
Sewell Avery as a Dockface in the Soo in 1988 - Robert Hale
1-SAvery-6-4-88-RH.jpg (62321 bytes) 2-SAvery-6-11-88-RH.jpg (82852 bytes) 3-SAvery-6-11-88-RH.jpg (56414 bytes) 5-SAvery-6-4-88-RH.jpg (59469 bytes) 4-SAvery-6-4-88-RH.jpg (69080 bytes)
6-SAvery-6-11-88-RH.jpg (53182 bytes) 7-SAvery-6-11-88-RH.jpg (64038 bytes) 8-SAvery-6-4-88-RH.jpg (52582 bytes) 9-SAvery-6-11-88-RH.jpg (61090 bytes) 10-SAvery-6-4-88-RH.jpg (62531 bytes)
11-SAvery-6-11-88-RH.jpg (59918 bytes) 12-SAvery-6-11-88-RH.jpg (75844 bytes)      

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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