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August 8, 20

Soo - Herm Phillips
IMG_2049.jpg (60257 bytes)
Algosoo down below Mission.
IMG_2060.jpg (56260 bytes)
Gott in the Little Rapids Cut.
IMG_2053.jpg (63007 bytes)
Beluga Fidelity lower St Mary's River.
IMG_2063.jpg (73730 bytes)
Cason J. Callaway down at Six Mile Point.
IMG_2074.jpg (54828 bytes)
Buffalo up at Six Mile Point.
IMG_2079.jpg (53781 bytes)
Stern view.

Goderich, Ontario Friday - Bruce Douglas
1-Algosteel-8-6-10-bjd.jpg (66952 bytes)
 Algosteel loading more of that white mineral - salt.
2-Algosteel-8-6-10-bjd.jpg (92771 bytes)
View from the south pier.
3-Algosteel-8-6-10-bjd.jpg (164459 bytes)
View from the lighthouse.
4-Algosteel-8-6-10-bjd.jpg (128330 bytes)
View from the castle.

Duluth-Superior -
Tom Caine
1-Miborg-8-7-10-tc.jpg (84410 bytes)
 Michiganborg at General Mills "A"
2-Quebec-8-7-10-tc.jpg (75081 bytes)
Quebecois, American Mariner and American Century
3-Ammar-8-7-10-tc.jpg (80925 bytes)
American Mariner backing toward Murphy Fuel Dock
4-LAT-MI-8-7-10-tc.jpg (102723 bytes)
Lee A Tregurtha arriving, Michiganborg departing
5-Miborg-8-7-10-tc.jpg (99483 bytes)
Michiganborg at Aerial Bridge
6-Ojib-8-7-10-tc.jpg (77110 bytes)
Ojibway at Cenex Harvest States

Grand Haven, Mich. -
Greg & Amanda Barber
1-Algorail-8-7-10-GB.jpg (58522 bytes)
Algorail inbound Grand Haven
2-Algorail-8-7-10-GB.jpg (50739 bytes)
Another shot

Boatnerd Detroit River Cruise -
 Roger LeLievre
Alpena-8710rl..jpg (54549 bytes)
Alpena finishing unloading at the Lafarge dock in Detroit.
Alpena-8710rl.-2.jpg (49096 bytes)
Alpena underway
BBC-Ems-8710rl.jpg (55146 bytes)
BBC Ems in Windsor.
Beluga-Fidelity--8710rl-2.jpg (37193 bytes)
Beluga Fidelity downbound.
Beluga-Fidelity--8710rl.jpg (56804 bytes)
BobLo--8710rl.jpg (76680 bytes)
Former Bob Lo boats.
Chesnut-8710rl.jpg (57718 bytes)
Saltie Chestnut at Morterm in Windsor.
Diamond-Jack--8710rl.jpg (105288 bytes)
Diamond Jack at Grassy Island.
Dool,-Tim-S.-8710rl.jpg (32220 bytes)
Tim S. Dool upbound.
Federal-Oshima--8710rl.jpg (64249 bytes)
Federal Oshima under the Ambassador Bridge.
Federal-Oshima-Manistee--8710rl.jpg (55751 bytes)
Federal Oshima and Manistee.
Jane-ANne-IV--8710rl.jpg (63213 bytes)
Laid up tug Jane Ann IV.
Manistee-8710rl-1.jpg (43221 bytes)
Manistee with Federal Oshimo astern.
Manistee-JWW--8710rl.jpg (54621 bytes)
J.W. Westcott II completes a delivery to Manistee.
Marine-Trader--8710rl.jpg (96357 bytes)
Former Duluth bumboat Marine Trader laid up.
Michipicoten-8710rl-2.jpg (43661 bytes)
Michipicoten, stern view.
Michipicoten-8710rl..jpg (44537 bytes)
Michipicoten meets Alpena.
Nerds-8710rl-2.jpg (66607 bytes)
Enjoying a break in the action.
Nerds-8710rl.jpg (82801 bytes)
Cameras were everywhere.
People-2-8710rl..jpg (48446 bytes)
Taking more photos.
Pizza--8710rl.jpg (87510 bytes)
Pizza arrives.
Sam--8710rl.jpg (50341 bytes)
Friendship Capt. Sam Buchannan and son.

Specner,-Sarah-8710rl..jpg (53477 bytes)
Laid up Sarah Spencer.
Stormont-8710rl..jpg (82367 bytes)
Tug Stormont on the Windsor side.
Vermont--8710rl.jpg (118822 bytes)
Tug Vermont
Vermont-Idaho--8710rl.jpg (105430 bytes)
G tugs Vermont and Idaho.

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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