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August 9, 20

Cleveland Sunday - Dave Beach
1-alpena-8-8-10-db.jpg (97828 bytes)
Alpena was unloading cement at Lafarge
2-alpena-8-8-10.jpg (101491 bytes)
 Alpena view from above
3-celeb-08-08-10-db.jpg (207894 bytes)
Fireboat Anthony J. Celebreeze was checking all 6 deck guns.
4-maumee-08-08-10-db.jpg (286372 bytes)
The Maumee and Mississagi were both unloading stone at W 3rd St.

Duluth - Superior -
Tom Caine
1-Buffalo-8-8-10-tc.jpg (64679 bytes)
 Buffalo rounding turning buoy
2-Buffalo-8-8-10-tc.jpg (62777 bytes)
Buffalo entering Duluth Piers outbound
3-Algolake-8-8-10-tc.jpg (80008 bytes)
Algolake departing Duluth
4-Sag-8-8-10-tc.jpg (71726 bytes)
 Saginaw turning from East Gate Basin
5-Sag-8-8-10-tc.jpg (69325 bytes)
Saginaw in West Gate Basin
6-Sag-8-8-10-tc.jpg (56530 bytes)
Saginaw at Hallet 5
7-Kam-8-8-10-tc.jpg (56827 bytes)
Ojibway backing to West Gate Basin
8-Ojib-8-8-10-tc.jpg (57078 bytes)
Ojibway at Rice's Point
9-Ojib-8-8-10-tc.jpg (70070 bytes)  

Sidsel Knutsen and traffic Saturday -
Clayton Sharrard
CS-Freighters-Sidsel-Knutsen-grounded-in-town-MR.jpg (123945 bytes) CS-Freighter-Federal-Oshima-2-MR.jpg (78556 bytes) CS-Freighter-Sidsel-Knutsen-4-MR.jpg (68181 bytes) CS-Freighter-Sidsel-Knutsen-5-MR.jpg (61845 bytes) CS-Freighter-Chestnut-2-MR.jpg (64672 bytes)
CS-Freighter-Chestnut-.jpg (69236 bytes) CS-Freighter-Wagenborg-MR.jpg (55042 bytes) Sidsel-Knutsen-and-freighter.jpg (67022 bytes) Sidsel-Knutsen-and-John-Munson-freighters.jpg (73929 bytes)  

Iroquois Lock -
Murray Blancher
1-Federal-Power-08-08-10-mb-.jpg (94532 bytes)
Federal Power approaching Iroquois Lock
2-Federal-Power-08-08-10-mb-.jpg (80266 bytes)
On the wall at Iroquois
3-Fedwral-Power-08-08-10-mb.jpg (96044 bytes)
Federal Power exiting Iroquois
4-Federal-Power-08-08-10-mb-.jpg (78378 bytes)
Upbound at the Galop Canal

Detroit River -
Violet Bostwick
DSC_0600.jpg (70465 bytes)
U.S. Mail Boat J.W. Westcott II
DSC_0605.jpg (61164 bytes)
Kaye E Barker being serviced by the Westcott
DSC_0614.jpg (152959 bytes) DSC_0617.jpg (65526 bytes) DSC_0625.jpg (69203 bytes)
Algosoo downbound
DSC_0631.jpg (73148 bytes) DSC_0639.jpg (82787 bytes) DSC_0650.jpg (88312 bytes)
Diamond Belle
DSC_0657.jpg (52377 bytes)
Catharine Desgagnes
DSC_0664.jpg (56903 bytes)

Welland Canal Sunday -
 Brian W.
1-Morgan-Reinauer-8-8-10-BW.jpg (62728 bytes)
East Coast based tug-barge Morgan Reinauer - RTC-101 as they head into Lock 3 downbound on the Welland Canal at 11:30 AM Sunday.
2-Morgan-Reinauer-8-8-10-BW.jpg (116186 bytes)
Tug in the notch as they begin to transit out of the lock. This unit uses a pin and ladder type articulation system and the tug rarely comes out of the notch to tow.
3-Morgan-Reinauer-8-8-10-BW.jpg (75588 bytes)
Pair heading down to lock 2.

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock - Bob Vincent
1-CDesgagnes-8-8-10-bv.jpg (84190 bytes)
Loading Catherine Desgagnes
2-CDesgagnes-8-8-10-bv.jpg (122167 bytes) 3-CDesgagnes-8-8-10-bv.jpg (83704 bytes) 4-CDesgagnes-8-8-10-bv.jpg (101791 bytes)  

Sidsel Knutsen and passing traffic Saturday -
Dan Vernier
DSC_0003.jpg (56684 bytes) DSC_0005.jpg (62563 bytes) DSC_0012.jpg (63201 bytes) DSC_0030.jpg (54237 bytes) DSC_0048.jpg (66290 bytes)
DSC_0051.jpg (59920 bytes) DSC_0060.jpg (61079 bytes) DSC_0072.jpg (51230 bytes) DSC_0085.jpg (58038 bytes)  

Joseph H. Thompson at the Upper Harbor in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_jht_8_7_10_rb.jpg (92964 bytes)
Arriving during the late evening
2_jht_8_8_10_rb.jpg (92061 bytes)
Unloading stone into the hopper the next afternoon

Steven B. Roman bulk cement carrier unloading at Essroc dock on the Genesee River, Rochester New York -
 Dick Cooper
Sreven-Roman-A-Panorama.jpg (65408 bytes)        

Detroit River Panoramic -
Matt Miner
Detroit-River.jpg (79265 bytes)        

Fish tug Mr Minor out of Port Dover
- Monty Young
Mr-Minor-Port-Stanley-07Aug10.jpg (107735 bytes)
Taken at Port Stanley August 7
Mr-Minor-Port-Stanley-07Aug10-(3).jpg (124598 bytes)      

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