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August 10, 20

Soo - Roger LeLievre
Amudsen-Jackson-8910rl-1.jpg (55676 bytes)
Roald Amundsen bow view
Amudsen-Jackson-8910rl.jpg (482527 bytes)
Amundsen stern, with Herbert C. Jackson ahead
Barker,Kaye-8810rl-1.jpg (46130 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker, upbound Sunday night
Barker,Kaye-8810rl-2.jpg (55138 bytes) Barker,Kaye-8810rl-3.jpg (24602 bytes)
Europa-8910rl.jpg (66530 bytes)
Jackson-HC-8910rl.jpg (46379 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson
McCarthy-WJ-8910rl-1.jpg (59083 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr.
McCarthy-WJ-8910rl-2.jpg (56005 bytes)
McCarthy, stern view
Pride-of-Baltimore-8910rl.jpg (61572 bytes)
Pride of Baltimore
Sullivan,-Dennis-8910rl.jpg (64498 bytes)
Dennis Sullivan

Freeing of the Sidsel Knutsen -
Bruce Hurd
sidselknutsen8-9-10-bh-(12).jpg (53116 bytes) sidselknutsen8-9-10-bh-(11).jpg (78526 bytes) sidselknutsen8-9-10-bh-(6).jpg (63880 bytes) sidselknutsen8-9-10-bh-(7).jpg (69703 bytes) sidselknutsen8-9-10-bh-(9).jpg (65314 bytes)
sidselknutsen8-9-10-bh-(10).jpg (48282 bytes) sidselknutsen8-9-10-bh-(8).jpg (67357 bytes) sidselknutsen8-9-10-bh-(4).jpg (60541 bytes) sidselknutsen8-9-10-bh-(3).jpg (54033 bytes) sidselknutsen8-9-10-bh-(5).jpg (63638 bytes)
sidselknutsen8-9-10-bh-(2).jpg (61746 bytes) sidselknutsen8-9-10-bh-(1).jpg (53983 bytes)      

Sidsel Knutsen -
Tim Hines
GEDC0637.jpg (59347 bytes)        

Saginaw River
- Todd Shorkey
1-pm41-8-9-10-ts-a.jpg (63805 bytes)
Undaunted - Pere Marquette 41 inbound nearing Cheboyganing Creek
2-pm41-8-9-10-ts-b.jpg (88523 bytes)
Undaunted close up
3-pm41-8-9-10-ts-c.jpg (60692 bytes)
Stern view

Recent St. Clair River
- Jay Williams
1-Saganaw.jpg (39841 bytes) 2-Algoma-Creator.jpg (43696 bytes) 3-Algosteel.jpg (26338 bytes) 4-Algosteel-&-Spruceglen.jpg (38548 bytes) 5-Algosoo.jpg (59901 bytes)
6-Spruceglen.jpg (40646 bytes) 7-Missisagwa.jpg (49920 bytes)      

South Chicago -
Lou Gerard
DSC_0728_13642.jpg (98941 bytes)
Atlantic Erie being led by G tug Massachusetts approaches 100th St. at 6:15 am Monday.
DSC_0743_13657.jpg (174869 bytes)
G tug Colorado handles the bow.
DSC_0749_13663.jpg (75156 bytes)
Makiing the bend south of 100th st. preparing to dock at KCBX.
DSC_0755_13669.jpg (85580 bytes)
The G tugs docking Atlantic Erie at KCBX.

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-Capt.HJackmand-8-9-10-bv.jpg (77855 bytes)
Capt. Henry Jackman unloading stone at Midwest Terminal Stone Dock
2-Capt.HJackman-8-9-10-bv.jpg (310932 bytes)
another view
3-Cuyahoga-8-9-10-bv.jpg (70835 bytes)
Cuyahoga waiting for the loading crew
4-Cuyahoga-8-9-10-bv.jpg (80054 bytes)
Waiting for repairs on the coal machine

Conneaut Sunday
- Al Endelmann
1-Callaway-8-8-10AE.jpg (65870 bytes)
Cason Callaway preparing to depart at 5:30
2-Callaway8-8-10AE.jpg (89428 bytes)
3-Callaway-8-8-10AE.jpg (65829 bytes)
4-Callaway--Speer8-8-10AE.jpg (69238 bytes)
Callaway meeting Speer after Master salute
5-Speer8-8-10AE.jpg (93801 bytes)
Edgar Speer entering harbor
6-Speer8-8-10AE.jpg (60065 bytes)
7-Speer8-8-10AE.jpg (73231 bytes)
In the harbor
8-Speer8-8-10AE.jpg (67809 bytes)
9-Speer8-8-10AE.jpg (64528 bytes)
10-Speer8-8-10AE.jpg (72261 bytes)
Backing to the dock.

Brockville Saturday -
Dave Bessant
1-PineglenJDLeitch-08-07-10-WDB.jpg (54590 bytes)
Pineglen and John D Leitch in the distance Westbound ( upbound )
2-PineglenJDLeitch-08-07-10-WDB.jpg (50814 bytes)
Clearer now near Maitland
3-CanadianEmpress-08-07-10-WDB.jpg (87293 bytes)
Canadian Empress tied up at The Executive apartments during the Poker Run
4-PineglenJDLeitch-08-07-10-WDB.jpg (75566 bytes)
Pineglen with John D Leitch quite evident now
5-Pineglen-08-07-10-WDB.jpg (77553 bytes)
Pineglen with a fresh painted bow
6-JohnDLeitch-08-07-10-WDB.jpg (41250 bytes)
John D Leitch approaching Blockhouse Island bow on
7-JohnDLeitch-08-07-10-WDB.jpg (68377 bytes)
John D Leitch at Blockhouse
8-JohnDLeitch-08-07-10-WDB.jpg (88586 bytes)

Malcolm Marine
- Ben & Chanda McClain
MalcM-8-7-10-BCM-01.jpg (137256 bytes) MalcM-8-7-10-BCM-02.jpg (113009 bytes) MalcM-8-7-10-BCM-03.jpg (60001 bytes) MalcM-8-7-10-BCM-04.jpg (128580 bytes) MalcM-8-7-10-BCM-05.jpg (116295 bytes)

Port Stanley Saturday -
Monty Young
JRD-and-SM.jpg (71768 bytes)
JR Rouble and Susan Michelle
07Aug2010-Port-Run-(19).jpg (65796 bytes)
JR Rouble
07Aug2010-Port-Run-(34).jpg (95333 bytes)
Susan Michelle

Alpena entering Lake St. Clair Aug. 2
- George Horn
alpena.jpg (17858 bytes)        

Scrapping of the Rueben Johnson, Fraser Shipyard, Superior, Wisconsin - Tom Caine
1-Buffalo-8-9-10-tc.jpg (169835 bytes)
Engine house gone
2-Buffalo-8-9-10-tc.jpg (84788 bytes)
Pilot house
3-Buffalo-8-9-10-tc.jpg (140776 bytes)
Pilot house gone
4-Buffalo-8-9-10-tc.jpg (138609 bytes)
Gutted engine room
5-Buffalo-8-9-10-tc.jpg (155748 bytes)
6-Buffalo-8-9-10-tc.jpg (149666 bytes)
Heavy over-plating by Fraser
7-Buffalo-8-9-10-tc.jpg (82294 bytes)
Still afloat
 8-Buffalo-8-9-10-tc.jpg (124139 bytes)
Lifted onto dock
9-Buffalo-8-9-10-tc.jpg (115091 bytes)
Scrapping continues
10-Buffalo-8-9-10-tc.jpg (163116 bytes)
Classic City-Class lines

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