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August 11, 20

Soo - Roger Lelievre
Algocape-81010rl.jpg (49637 bytes)
Algocape-Beeghly-81010rl.jpg (41140 bytes)
Algocape passes Charles M. Beeghly
Algocape-stern-81010rl.jpg (47465 bytes)
Algocape stern
Bouy.81010rl.jpg (62531 bytes)
Sunset over buoy 83
Clarke-PR-81010rl.jpg (41743 bytes)
Philip R. Clarke
Cort-wake-81010rl.jpg (74935 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort pours on the power
Cort,-SJ-81010rl.jpg (48161 bytes)
Stewart J. Cort, bow view
Michipicoten-81010rl.jpg (43999 bytes)
Mississagi-81010rl.jpg (47085 bytes)
Presque-Isle-81010rl.jpg (46691 bytes)
Presque Isle

Sidsel Knutsen downbound after leaving anchorage in Lake Huron
- Bruce Hurd
sidselknutsen81010-bh-(2).jpg (89598 bytes) sidselknutsen81010-bh-(1).jpg (69890 bytes)      

Port Huron August 7
- Ben & Chanda McClain
PtHuron-8-7-10-BCM-01.jpg (85017 bytes) PtHuron-8-7-10-BCM-02.jpg (95172 bytes) PtHuron-8-7-10-BCM-03.jpg (70056 bytes) PtHuron-8-7-10-BCM-04.jpg (73460 bytes) PtHuron-8-7-10-BCM-05.jpg (76096 bytes)
PtHuron-8-7-10-BCM-06.jpg (60348 bytes) PtHuron-8-7-10-BCM-07.jpg (129878 bytes) PtHuron-8-7-10-BCM-08.jpg (104715 bytes) PtHuron-8-7-10-BCM-09.jpg (76169 bytes) PtHuron-8-7-10-BCM-10.jpg (94315 bytes)
PtHuron-8-7-10-BCM-11.jpg (95186 bytes) PtHuron-8-7-10-BCM-12.jpg (121521 bytes) PtHuron-8-7-10-BCM-13.jpg (66640 bytes)    

Mapleglen and CSL Niagara on Monday -
Dave Bessant
1-Mapleglen-08-08-10-WDB.jpg (96251 bytes)
Mapleglen downbound at Prescott
2-CSLNiagara-08-08-10-WDB.jpg (97203 bytes)
CSL Niagara entering the lock at Iroquois
3-CSLNiagara-08-08-10-WDB.jpg (100438 bytes)
Long view
4-CSLNiagara-08-08-10-WDB.jpg (85067 bytes)
Pushing into the lock
5-CSLNiagara-08-08-10-WDB.jpg (166721 bytes)
The business end of the unloader with the flags of the Seaway and Canada
6-CSLNiagara-08-08-10-WDB.jpg (66947 bytes)
7-CSLNiagara-08-08-10-WDB.jpg (78747 bytes)
Heading out
8-CSLNiagara-08-08-10-WDB.jpg (86279 bytes)
Stern view

Recent Upper Harbor Activity in Marquette
- Rod Burdick
1_keb_8_5_10_rb.jpg (122481 bytes)
Kaye E. Barker loading ore
2_jrb_8_7_10_rb.jpg (99200 bytes)
James R. Barker unloading coal

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