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August 12, 20

St. Marys River - Roger LeLievre
Chestnut-31110rl.jpg (48537 bytes)
Chestnut-Leitch-31110rl.jpg (51449 bytes)
Chestnut meets John D. Leitch
Cuyahoga-31110rl-1.jpg (39661 bytes)
Cuyahoga, bow and stern
Cuyahoga-31110rl-2.jpg (39101 bytes) Leitch,-John-D--31110rl.jpg (51861 bytes)
John D. Leitch
Mississagi-31110rl-1.jpg (44923 bytes)
Mississagi, bow and stern
Mississagi-31110rl-2.jpg (32289 bytes) Yankcanuck-31110rl.jpg (75220 bytes)
Yankcanuck laid up at Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

Jenny Lynn as she sits on the bottom of Duncan Bay, about 1/2 mile East of the Cheboygan River -
Brent Michaels & Jon Paul Michaels
2.jennylynn-8-10-10-b.jpm-jpeg.jpg (81616 bytes)
3.jennylynn-8-10-10-c.jpm-jpeg.jpg (120164 bytes) 4.jennylynn-8-10-10-jpm-d.jpg (95491 bytes) 5.williamhoey-8-10-10-jpm-d.jpg (76898 bytes)
  Former tug William Hoey moored at Durocher's Boat yard on the Cheboygan River

Canadian Navigator backing into Goderich to load salt Tuesday -
John Moffat
IMG_1244.jpg (48729 bytes) IMG_1243.jpg (92913 bytes)      

Freshly painted boom on the Manistee
manisteeboom810-(1).jpg (120079 bytes) manisteeboom810-(2).jpg (109382 bytes)      

Tall ships downbound on the St. Marys River at DeTour -
Jill Vander Meulen.
HMS_Bounty_08072010.jpg (162028 bytes) Roseway_08082010.jpg (61708 bytes) Denis_Sullivan_08092010.jpg (64472 bytes) Europa_08092010.jpg (75922 bytes) Pride_of_Baltimore_II_08092010.jpg (65530 bytes)
Roald_Amundsen_08092010.jpg (62124 bytes) Niagara_08082010.jpg (55477 bytes)      

Duluth-Superior - Tom Caine
1-WJMcthy-8-11-10-tc.jpg (56452 bytes)
Walter J. McCarthy Jr. at CN Missabe
2-TimDool-8-11-10-tc.jpg (70384 bytes)
Tim S. Dool at Cenex Harvest States 1
3-PRT-8-11-10-tc.jpg (80237 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha inbound under the Aerial Bridge
4-PRT-8-11-10-tc.jpg (77915 bytes)
Paul R. Tregurtha at SMET
5-NelsJ-8-11-10-tc.jpg (111115 bytes)
Nels J gets new steel

Soo -
Herm Phillips
IMG_2200.jpg (67428 bytes)
Loading  slag at Essar export dock on Monday.
IMG_2294.jpg (58130 bytes)
American Integrity Tuesday
IMG_23031.jpg (82845 bytes)

CSX Presque Isle Coal Dock
- Bob Vincent
1-Algosoo-8-10-10-bv.jpg (79406 bytes)
Algosoo loading for Arcelor Mittal Dofasco in Hamilton
2-Algosoo-8-10-10-bv.jpg (78453 bytes)
Another view
3-Algosoo-8-10-10-bv.jpg (108651 bytes)
Forward winches
4-Algosoo-8-10-10-bv.jpg (79088 bytes)
Starboard side Life Raft Station
5-Algosoo-8-10-10-bv.jpg (102068 bytes)
Loading #23 hatch next to the boom
6-Algosoo-8-10-10-bv.jpg (86603 bytes)
Hatch crane
7-Algosoo-8-10-10-bv.jpg (129276 bytes)
Cargo Hold
8-Algosoo-8-10-10-bv.jpg (134633 bytes)
Deck view
9-DorothyAnn-8-11-10-bv.jpg (74606 bytes)
Tug Dorothy Ann and barge Pathfinder backing in
10-Pathfinder-8-10-10-bv.jpg (62048 bytes)
Split load for Harbor Beach and Monroe
11-DorothyAnn-8-10-10-bv.jpg (90343 bytes)
Another view

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