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August 14, 20

Calumet in Grand Haven Aug. 9 - Ellen P. Johnson
thru-8-13-2010-270.jpg (87156 bytes) thru-8-13-2010-197.jpg (81802 bytes) thru-8-13-2010-201.jpg (73448 bytes) thru-8-13-2010-143.jpg (65300 bytes) thru-8-13-2010-156.jpg (49239 bytes)

Alpena in Cleveland, Ohio -
Thomas Seiler
ALPENA-08-12-10-TS.jpg (55683 bytes)
Arrives just before sunset on Thursday.
ALPENA-08-12-10-TS1.jpg (105447 bytes)
Unloading at its destination cement facility.
ALPENA-08-13-10-TS.jpg (79383 bytes)
Departing Friday Willow Street bridge in the background

Port of Montreal & St Lawrence Seaway -
Kent Malo
DestFoxArberToo8-13-10-km1.jpg (82359 bytes)
165 ft Yacht Destination Fox Arbe'r Too up bound in the St Lawrence Seaway at the Cote St Catherine wharf, Cate St Catherine, Quebec.
Jarrette-M-8-12-10-km.jpg (82517 bytes)
Tug Jarrette M going to secure to the barge at sec M 5 Port of Pilot.
Kent-Sunrise-and-Bota-Bota8-12-10-km.jpg (64034 bytes)
Kent Sunrise B sec Port of Montreal

Canadian Navigator at Brockville Friday night-
Dave Bessant
1-CanadianNavigator-08-13-10-WDB.jpg (32550 bytes)
Canadian Navigator saluting as she comes through the Brockville Narrows
2-CanadianNavigator-08-13-10-WDB.jpg (63887 bytes)
Passing Blockhouse Island
3-CanadianNavigator-08-13-10-WDB.jpg (39454 bytes)
Heading down towards Prescott
4-CanadianNavigator-08-13-10-WDB.jpg (43797 bytes)

Tanker Algosea in Philadelphia, Pa.
- Brian M. Henesey
Algosea1-8-13-10-BH.jpg (42513 bytes)
 Tanker Algosea alongside Plains Products Terminal on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia Pa.
Algosea2-8-13-10-BH.jpg (41542 bytes)      

Soo -
Roger LeLievre
Am-Century-81310rl.jpg (41748 bytes)
American Century at Six Mile, stern view
Jackson-Century-81310rl.jpg (40830 bytes)
American Century meets the Herbert C. Jackson
Jackson-HC-81310rl.jpg (39088 bytes)
Herbert C. Jackson at dusk
Jackson-HC-stern-81310rl.jpg (37585 bytes)
Jackson, stern

Soo - Herm Phillips
IMG_2355.jpg (64973 bytes)
Down in the Little Rapids Cut.
IMG_2363.jpg (54275 bytes)
Upbound at Mission Point.

- Bob Vincent
1-Michipicoten-8-12-10-bv.jpg (61762 bytes)
Michipicoten unloading stone from Bruce Mines
2-Michipicoten-8-12-10-bv.jpg (91831 bytes)
boom view
3-Michipicoten-8-12-10-bv.jpg (68099 bytes)
another view
4-Michipicoten-8-12-10-bv.jpg (75246 bytes)
Shifted over to CSX Coal Dock after unloading stone
5-Michipicoten-8-12-10-bv.jpg (76685 bytes)
Loading for Essar Algoma
6-McKeeSons-8-13-10-bv.jpg (100193 bytes)
McKee Sons under the coal machine
7-McKeeSons-8-13-10-bv.jpg (240266 bytes)
From the machine looking aft
8-Invincibie-8-13-10-bv.jpg (110419 bytes)
Tug Invincible
9-Invincibie-8-13-10-bv.jpg (122306 bytes)
Tug Invincible in the notch
10-Invincibie-8-13-10-bv.jpg (81020 bytes)
Cargo Hold
11-McKeeSons-8-13-10-bv.jpg (96270 bytes)
Looking at the boom winch behind the A-frame of the boom
12-McKeeSons-8-13-10-bv.jpg (99160 bytes)
 Loading for Marysville, Michigan
13-AmericanValor-8-13-10-bv.jpg (91975 bytes)
American Valor in lay-up

Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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